New Fleshlight Freaks and Romi Rain Fleshlight

Written by HeresJohnny on October 17th, 2016

New Fleshlight Freaks and Romi Rain Fleshlight Image

Freaks are back! Fleshlight decided to discontinue the Fleshlight Freaks line a few months ago, but with Halloween coming up soon, have decided to re-release them as well as add three brand new Sleeves to the Freaks line!


Fleshlight Predator

Let's get one thing straight. This is both horrifying and amazing at the same time! Schwarzenegger isn't here to save you, so you better finish the job yourself. Take control of the beast before it draws you in with its tantalizing glare and the hunter becomes the hunted.


Fleshlight Reaper

Have you ever had a nightmare where you were attacked by a beautiful swamp monster? Me neither! This is the closest you'll come to that experience if you dare to enter the pointed tentacle-fangs that look as though they were designed to wrap around you with the force of a sharks bite. Good thing it actually feels like pure bliss. Absolute heaven is usually found in the places you least expect.

Zombie Mouth

Fleshlight Zombie Mouth Freaks

Contrary to popular belief, most zombies don't want to eat your brain. But they do want to make-out! Perhaps a little lip-biting. Gentle neck kisses too? Doubtful. This mouth appears to be in worse shape than your ex who was addicted to meth. The one difference? Pure pleasure awaits you inside.

Apart from these additions, old Freaks such as the Zombie Lady, Drac, Frankenstein, Cyborg, and the all-time favorite Alien have been re-continued again! So if you were ever interested in buying a Freak Fleshlight, now would be the time to do so. Who knows how long they will be around for this time.

New Fleshlight Girl: Romi Rain

Romi Rain Fleshlight Girl

Along the Freaks additions, this month brings a new Fleshlight Girl to the Fleshlight Girls team: Romi Rain.
Boston born and hailing from a very proud Sicilian family, Romi Rain left home at the age of 18 seeking adventures in the sunshine out west and began her adult entertainment career as an exotic dancer at the tender age of 19. Addicted to the feeling of empowerment she got from her uncanny ability of making men and women sexually aroused, Romi set her sights on an even more provocative adventure - porn - and once she started, she never looked back. In less than four years as an actress in the adult business, Romi has earned several nominations and accolades for her uncensored performances. A two time nominee for the coveted Performer of the Year Award at both the AVN and XBIZ Awards, from sloppy oral sex scenes to wild double penetration extravaganzas, this girl has proven she's got what it takes and the charisma and passion to make her fans' toes curl time and time again.
In 2016 she won Performer of the Year at the Alt and Inked Awards and is the very first winner of Brazzers House. Romi attributes much of her success to her fans who have helped build her mega-profile as one of the most followed active performers on social media. This voluptuous exotic beauty loves having wild sexual escapades in front of the camera and her scenes prove it. Her carnal desire is innate within her. Behind the camera, she is a true lady who enjoys the simple things in life: good food, good people, good laughs...and dirty unabashed sex! Becoming a Fleshlight Girl is one more way she gets to connect with her diverse fan base and deliver you fantasy after fantasy for many, many years to come.
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