Eva Lovia New Updated Textures

Written by HeresJohnny on February 10th, 2018

Eva Lovia New Updated Textures Image

So I was checking my Email and found I had gotten a newsletter from Fleshlight, titled "Fall in Lovia with the New and Improved Eva Lovia!", I thought, wow, new textures?!

Fleshlight Girl Eva Lovia Updated Textures

Awesome, those textures look amazing. But.. hold on a second.. they seem familiar..
Well, it turns out, while comparing the "old" textures to the "new" ones, it's simply the old texture flipped around:

Eva Lovia Texture Comparison New vs Old

So, I am not sure what has happened here? Maybe the designer of the newsletter messed up and used the wrong texture images? Maybe they didn't have an "inside" view of the new textures yet? Maybe all they did do was flip the texture around? I personally don't know.

The strange thing is, Eva Lovia is not listed on the US Fleshlight site at the time of publishing this post, while she is available on the EU page (with her old/normal textures).

I guess it's just a matter of waiting, and seeing what the textures look like when she is added onto the Fleshlight US site again.

This post will be updated once things have been explained, stay tuned!

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