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I am also in the smaller than average length department (5.5 length and 5.5 to 6.0 girth) like fellow FleshAssist member mrbean, so In the past I was collecting all of the smaller Fleshlights like the Flight and Go series. I'm also now dealing with ED and there isn't always as much lead in the pencil as I would like at time. This also means that my insertable length will vary from 5.5 on a good day to around 4.0 on average days. So for the most part, when I am looking at a texture, I am assuming that I'll hit the 4.0 mark and not much past that. My girth goes from around 5.5 at the head to 6.0 at the base (Wider).

I only recently discovered the FleshAssist website when I received a Legend sleeve as a mystery sleeve. This website has been wonderful for figuring out what I wanted to purchase for Black Friday 2019. If I had known that the deals were not going to be that great, I probably would have gotten more girls in the leadup to Black Friday while the buy one get a mystery sleeve deal was still in effect.

Due to the ED, I have been trying to find some looser opening sleeves like the Legend that do not require a full erection in order to penetrate the sleeve, and I modified my wish list to add things like Dragon and Caliente to the list.

Now that I have my Black Friday dozen, I'm going to try and get motivated to add my reviews to the site.

I have been using sex toys since I started traveling for work back in the 90's. My wife calls them my girlfriends, or 'The Harem' :-)

In the past, most of my Fleshlight usage was in combination with the Venus 2000. I would attach the receiver from the Venus to a Fleshlight case using a 4" length of 2" diameter rubber tubing to make the air seal between the Venus receiver and the Fleshlight. you do not get as much air flow/movement as using the Venus alone, but when you turn up the dial, you get a good vibration going, and that is mainly how I used the Fleshlights in the past. Due to this, there is/was a lot of vibration damage to the sleeve around the case opening. I had actually purchased some duplicate sleeves (Mini Lotus and Heavenly) to replace the well worn ones before I figured out this last summer how to make repairs to the Fleshlight sleeves using Xylene. (repairs done in the detached garage due to ventilation issues inside.)

This last year, I also picked up the Fleshlight Launch, and that hands free of the Launch in combination with the Venus can make for some very interesting sensations. I find that a low level setting on the Venus pump works better when using in combination with the Launch.

Note: I normally lay down on the bed in order to use my combination of devices.

Reviews Introduction

For reference purposes, I'm about 4.0" in length by 5.5 in girth on the average day. On a really good day it's 5.5 x 6.0, but age does that to you. :-)

I'm skipping any mention of Noise, cleanup time and drying time. We have an air cleaner and fans running in the bedroom (white noise), so I would not notice any noise from the sleeve. I use the run water thru the sleeve method of cleaning and then set them on the bookshelf for drying.

Found 8 reviews in total

Beyond Review

December 30th, 2019 (Beyond Texture)

I recently got Beyond in my Black Friday Purchase of 2019. I added this sleeve to my wish list based on other reviews here that talked about the "Lips that gripped". I thought that I knew what they meant by that phrase as far as I felt the lips gripping me when I fully inserted. But it wasn't until today when I hit that sweet spot with the lube that I really caught on to what they meant by "Lips that Grip" When I was pulling out of the sleeve, the lips were gripping me and tugging on my shaft as I withdrew. I had not experienced this in my previous uses of Beyond because of too much lube. I was also able to feel much more of the texture as well that I was missing with too much lube.

So on to the review.

Orifice: This is one of those sleeves that has protruding labia on it. The lips appear to be somewhat delicate, and they curve around the top of the vaginal opening. I find that this is good for teasing the head of your penis with the lips if that is what you like. In addition, because of this curvature, they can also grip your shaft when your pulling out if you hit that sweet spot on the lube. If you are over lubed, they still grip the base of your shaft when your are fully inserted. You want to have some lube on the lips, or you risk tearing them and ruining that great feature to this sleeve.

Penetration: This sleeve actually had two penetration points for me. First entering between the protruding lips, then penetration into the vaginal opening itself. With the lips curling around the head of your penis, this first penetration is a great feeling that I find myself playing with before moving on to penetration of the vaginal opening . If I start out semi-flacid and play with the lips, I eventually get stiff enough to make that vaginal penetration that reminds me of my wife opening up and accepting the girth of my penis. I've done a similar foreplay of playing with the lips/clitoris when having sex with the wife in the past

Tightness: This felt like a medium tightness sleeve to me with my girth. Not too tight, and not too loose. I really didn't have any problems with moving inside the sleeve. It was a pleasant hugging feeling that combined with the suction seemed just about right. I can only expect that this will loosen up just a bit with time like my other sleeves have.

Suction: I was getting great suction on the sleeve this afternoon. Combined with the lips gripping my shaft, it was a great experience that I felt I needed to write about without delaying longer on this review.

Realism: Due to the foreplay with the lips, and the smoothness combined with the suction as I stroked in and out of the sleeve. (I had the top closed today) I find this to be a very realistic sleeve to me. I'm still breaking in the sleeve so I am not noticing much of the internal texture in the sleeve yet. This may change my opinion on the realism with the sleeve when it gets more broken in and I can feel more of the texture.

Variation: I'm not yet noticing much of any variation in the sleeve. I expect that with age, the section from 1.5" to 2.5" will stand out more.

Smoothness: Beyond is still a very smooth sleeve to me. I expect this to change with age as I feel more of the sleeve texture.

Orgasm rating: This is one of those sleeves that for me was good right out of the box without any need for break in. I don't recall how long I took with the sleeve each time, but I have not had a bad experience with it yet. Because of the smoothness and mildness of the sleeve texture right now, I am able to take it slower for a longer edging session.

This is a sleeve that I am very happy with considering my short length (4.0) and only reaching half way into the sleeve. If you like to play with the labia, then its a no brainer on getting this sleeve. The lips are why I bought this sleeve. I see Beyond as being one of my favorite sleeves long term.

If your past high intensity sleeves and looking for something else, then I strongly recommend that you add Beyond to your collection. I'd put Beyond up there with Destroya as a must have for any collection.


Destroya Review

December 30th, 2019 (Destroya Texture)

I actually have both the Stoya and the Pink Lady versions of the Destroya texture. (and the Flight Pilot version)

Stoya was my one and only FLG sleeve for several years. Stoya is my current definition of tight. I had the chance to try both sleeves at the same time today in preparation for writing this review.

Orifices: Stoya and Pink Lady. Stoya I call a unique and distinct orifice when compared to the other FLG orifices. The Pink lady is the Original Generic orifice.
Stoya is a tight entry point, and if I do not have a full erection, I cant get into it, its that tight to me.
Pink Lady Orifice is much looser of an entry, I can usually slide into it with just a little difficulty if i am semi-erect.

Penetration/tightness: Stoya is tight and its a smooth/soft tightness that hugs/grips you as you move.
Pink Lady is more of a donut tightness at the entry point, I dont feel it extending any length like Stoya does. Overall its looser/less tight sleeve than Stoya is to me. Stoya is broken in, and I can feel the walls of the Stoya sleeve as I enter the sleeve, so the perceived tightness difference between the two isn't a breaking in issue of Stoya.

Intensity/variation: Stoya I feel the points in the texture as more pronounced/larger than in the Pink Lady version. I slide past a longer gripping section, and then I hit the large points of the texture. I may have the old Stoya texture pre-change and a post change Pink Lady version which would explain the difference in the feel of the points in the two sleeves. In the pink lady version the points are less apparent and feel somewhat smaller. Overall the pink lady feels looser to me than the Stoya version. There is a short tightness as I enter the pink lady version, but then there is a bit of looser sleeve until I hit the points that are noticeably softer/smaller than my Stoya. I think the size difference makes them feel softer in my mind in comparison.
Due to my shorter length, I dont get past the points in feeling the texture.

Suction: Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to this.

Destroya in all versions is a nice intense texture. I have the Flight Pilot version as well. I would say that this is one of the must have intense textures to add to your collection. If you are girthier, you might consider the Pink Lady version over the Stoya version as the Pink Lady orifice is easier to enter than the Stoya is.


Mini-Lotus Review

December 27th, 2019 (Mini-Lotus Texture)

The mini lotus is one of my older sleeves in the collection. I got the full sized sleeve after having the SIAC version. I actually have 2 of these sleeves, I got a replacement for my original mini-lotus after the vibrations from using this with the Venus wore a ring around the sleeve where the o-ring touches the sleeve. I figured out this last year how to repair that damage and I now have the two sleeves to compare.

Orifice: The Classic Pink lady orifice. A fairly easy orifice to enter.

Texture: I compared my 2 sleeves, the newer sleeve is very smooth and I only notice the pressure points of the texture. The older well broken in sleeve, I can feel the walls of the sleeve as I move into the sleeve as well as the pressure points of the texture. In all honesty, I do not notice when I pop thru the lotus node. I've tried both sleeves in an attempt to see if I can tell when I pass the lotus node, and unfortunately, I do not. It's just another pressure point that I pass in the sleeve.

This is a very smooth sleeve without the rough parts of a texture that other sleeves have. Because of this, this adds to the feeling of the sleeve/texture that makes me say that the mini-lotus is a very realistic feeling sleeve to me. Not all sleeves need to be intense!

Suction: With the cap on, this has good suction to it.

One of my long time favorites that I felt the need to replace it when the first one was damaged to the point of not being as usable as I liked. I'd recommend this as a first sleeve for those who really do not know what they want in a sleeve.


Caliente Review

December 27th, 2019 (Caliente Texture)

After getting Legend, I went looking for other open/loose sleeves that you do not need a full erection to enter. That led me to Caliente among other sleeves. The lips on the orifice like Legend help to guide you right into the sleeve. The lips are basically wide open and I can slide right in without needing a full erection.

I was able to spend 2 hours today using this sleeve. It didn't matter if I was semi-flaccid or fully erect, I was still able to continue using the sleeve because of the open and loose texture of the sleeve. This is exactly the kind of sleeve that I was looking for.

Orifice: A nice open pair of lips that are firm enough that they help guide you into the sleeve. No noticeable tightness to the entry point, rather a nice smooth penetration of the entry point.

Texture: I don't really notice the texture of this sleeve yet. Its more that I feel the walls, its that meaty hugging feeling that I like. When I get fully erect, the pressure of the walls is more noticeable and there seems to be something at about 3" in that I feel that I am passing when I push all the way in. I do not see anything in the texture that I can say that is it, but I feel it when I'm using the sleeve.

Suction: With the cap fully closed, there is some noticeable suction to this sleeve.

Tightness: I'd put Caliente in with the looser sleeves, which still means that there is some tightness to me due to girth. It's more of a pleasant hugging than a gripping tightness. I'd almost compare it to what I think of as an anal sleeve.

For the older guy that does not have that rock solid erection, this is a good easy to enter sleeve. If your looking for a mellow sleeve to edge with for longer sessions, I'd say that Caliente fits that bill to a T.


Vortex Review

December 23rd, 2019 (Vortex Texture)

The Vortex was one of my first fleshlights purchased several years ago. I think I even got it in one of the tin cans. I used this in combination with the Venus 2000 to basically make this a vibrating sleeve. Since the Vortex is overall an intense sleeve with basically the same texture thru out the sleeve. It seemed to me to be a perfect sleeve to make into a vibrating sleeve. The long term affect of the vibrations on the sleeve is that it tears the sleeve around the o-ring that is holding the sleeve into the case. This made me retire the sleeve until I found a post online about how to fix tears in a fleshlight using Xylene and some material from elsewhere on the sleeve. So this gave my old Vortex some new life when I was able to repair the damage around the o-ring.

I got my vortex with the Classic Pink Lady orifice.
Orifice: Classic Pink Lady - What else can you say about it?
Penetration: This one is easy to enter. There isn't anything too tight around the entry to prevent you from entering without a full erection.
Tightness: I'd put this on the looser side of things, but that may be also from years of use.
Suction: Nothing that I really remember when used by itself and not in combo with the Venus.
Smoothness: This sleeve just kinda grabs you all over. Tugging on you as you move. I don't really notice the swirl of the texture that others talk about.
Intensity: I'd put this on the higher end of the intensity scale as this is an all around/over texture that stimulates thru the entire texture, and not just in certain points.

This was my first full size sleeve that I got probably 10 years ago. It saw a lot of use at the time as I only had a handful of sleeves back then, and this was a regular in the rotation. The loose opening makes it a good candidate for use with the Launch as I find the tighter openings not to work as well when combined with the Launch.


Legend Review

December 23rd, 2019 (Legend Texture)

I got my Legend as a free mystery sleeve when I bought Tease and Utopia. Trying to figure out what the Legend texture looked like lead me to FleshAssist****.

This was one of the sleeves that was great right out of the box with it's first use. No break in was needed in order to be able to feel parts of this sleeve. I think the larger texture features of big bumps and no noticeable points in the first half of the sleeve have a lot to do with this.

Orifice/Lips: The lips on Legend are kind of firm, and this firmness help to guide me past the initial opening and right into the sleeve. I do not notice any tightness/resistance to insertion until about the 2.0" mark i'm guessing if I do not have a full erection. In addition to helping to guide me in, the lips also grasp the base of my shaft when I'm fully inserted. A definite + to me.
Penetration: With the lips guiding me into the sleeve, this was an easy texture to penetrate. I still feel that penetration, but there isn't the resistance to penetration that I feel with other sleeves like Stoya. I have been trying to find other sleeves that have this same easy to enter opening when not fully erect.
Tightness: I would classify this as a medium tightness. It can grasp me, but its not a too tight of a grip. It's more of a gentle massage.
Suction: With the end cap screwed on, this sleeve has really good suction.
Variation/Smoothness: The entry for me is smooth, then I hit the large bumps, and just past that is about all that I get. The glans gets past the bumps and into what feels like an open section of the sleeve, so that I feel the large bumps again when I withdraw.

I was using the sleeve this morning to prepare for writing this review. When I was first using the sleeve with a full erection, I was noticing the texture more, and the feel of the lips grasping the base of my shaft while the glans was hitting an open area. After a while of using it, and no longer having a full erection, the sleeve has more of what I think as a "meatier" feel to it that I have seen other reviewers describe. It's grabbing you all around and your not really noticing the texture, but more the grasping of your shaft as the sleeve seems to move with you as you move.
Later when I switched to using the launch, I was laying in bed letting the launch do the work for me. I was not noticing any texture, rather it was a very smooth feeling overall as I neared orgasm. Note: This session was probably around 2 hours long. Stamina isn't an issue for me. Getting the proper stimulation for completion is.

I have used the legend sleeve in combination with Utopia and other sleeves, I will start off with the legend when I'm semi-erect, then switch to the tighter sleeve after I have gotten the full erection that is needed to enter the tighter sleeve.

This is a really good sleeve for me when I do not have a full erection, and I am grateful to whoever included this as my mystery sleeve as Legend is no longer available on the US site. It made me realize that the looser sleeves are out there and that they can be a good thing too!


Honey Review

December 8th, 2019 (Honey Texture)

LIPS that Grip! So does the sleeve! This sleeve was one of a dozen that I picked up for Black Friday 2019, and am I glad that I chose this sleeve to be part of that purchase. I was trying out the various sleeve, and when I tried Honey, it became my favorite of the group. I had purchased the Riley Reed Utopia sleeve and Lena the Plug looked to be similar to it. Based on reviews from other members, and the similarity of the orifice to Utopia, I thought that this might be a good sleeve for me.

Fresh out of the box, Honey not only had Lips that gripped me, but the entire sleeve gripped and hugged my shaft. Hopefully I can update this review after I get the sleeve broken in see if it still retains that grip, but I really wanted to share my initial impression of this sleeve.

My new favorite sleeve! I'm glad that I decided to add this to the list and give it a try.


Surge Review

December 8th, 2019 (Surge Texture)

I got the Go Surge when it first became available. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of the Flight and Go products, this was one of those sleeves that did not work for me. When I first tried to use the Go Surge, it was painful due to all of the cross hatching of the texture that seemed to just dig into me. In hind site, I think some of this was due to lack of enough lubricant in the sleeve, the sleeve was new and not broken in, and also my girth was probably making the texture tighter. I have since tried to see if I can break in the texture a bit and see if I can make the sleeve work for me. With some manual massaging of the sleeve to help break it in, and using plenty of Lube, I can use it without the same pain that I remember my initial tries to be, but no success with this sleeve so far.

If your a shorter length guy without a lot of girth, then this should be a great sleeve.


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