Popped Angela Whites cherry

Written by satchking on January 28th, 2019

Popped Angela Whites cherry Image

Well, January 28th was the first time I typed info. Cherry popping actually took place on 12/14/2018 but no journal was made. Also, 12/17/18 was the second time I flew with her. So this entry on 1/28 is the first time a journal was made. For this entry, the classic white cream (Sensuva) was used, and then the cooling gel (Fleshlight brand) midstream. I swear, once things start heating up with the lube it is practically perfect and I have a hard time holding out. I don’t think it matters which girl. Angela‘s pussy seems fairly consistent, and I’m not sure I can tell the difference. She is not too tight, And not too loose either. Also, not hardly any suction although at the end I was in the And that eased up things a little bit and I could last a little bit longer but not really that much more. No sucky sounds though, I like those sounds. Pretty average for the most part it’d say.

Update on the 28th February 2019 - Angela is one of the best: This time I used the free slide lube packets you get when you buy a Fleshlight which I’ve had good experiences with before when using it. I could really feel Angela’s pussy quite well it had a lot of nice nubs. The more I think about this she could be one of the best!

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