Popped Riley Jensens cherry

Written by satchking on May 5th, 2019

Popped Riley Jensens cherry Image

I started off using the Stamina Training Unit (was my first time) and It felt alright (more like just ok) and I think I used to much lube, so I stopped midstream and called on Ms. Jensen to help me out. Let me tell you, the difference was night and day… Riley’s vagina felt AMAZING! I think it’s the opening that was the best the way those ridges go against the grain really make it intense. Maybe she was a little to intense, but it felt so good. I went missionary because that always takes things up a level but then I didn’t last more than a minute probably and I came. I have a hard time edging when I feel it I can’t wait to explode even though I know it’s going to be the end, ugh. Maybe next time try a little more lube or open the cap so it’s not as intense. But since the STU was so mild I could resist because Riley really grabs your dick very nicely.

Update on the 23rd May 2019 - Riley Jensen IS a wild ride for sure!: I searched for Riley on Redtube premium but couldn’t find her (although I didn’t look that hard) but found a girl named Peta Jensen and this girl was amazing to watch! She had me going so good and Riley was taking care of my dick at the same time just fine so I was having a wild ride for sure! Flight two here with Riley Jensen was just as good as I reported in the first log. The level of intensity is just fine. I opened the cap part of the time, and I also tightened it as well to change things up. You can really feel the ridges and there is a lot of variation going on. I might have to try her next time with Stoya so I can compare at the same time, because I really do think she’s at a similar level of greatness! I also used gun oil and a little bit really goes a long way for sure. I am putting Riley up there as one of my top girls.

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