Popped Nicole Anistons cranberry

Written by satchking on May 17th, 2019

Popped Nicole Anistons cranberry Image

First time riding with Flex and it was probably the most unnatural Fleshlight feeling I think I’ve ever experienced. The first chamber feels really unusual in how it each one sort of yanks at you as you pull out. I mean, it’s not a horrible feeling… I still enjoyed it. But it just felt a little unusual to me. Also, my first impression is flex is....it's damn tight! I couldn’t get over how tight it was… maybe the tightest I’ve ever experienced so far. Again, I don’t mean to diminish the experience because it was amazing, but it was just a little different is all. I edged by keeping Fit right there with me and once I jumped in her pussy it was a night and day difference. Fit is just about perfect and feels much more realistic. It almost felt like Flex was a fake pocket pussy (yes I know its a butt lol), and then once I get into Fit it was like I was fucking a real pussy. I kinda liked the experience overall tho. Her ass is just a little rougher I’d say overall. Because of the somewhat stiff feeling I got with flex, the name just doesn’t make any sense either lol. But again… overall, I really love them both and glad I can fuck her in her pussy and ass anytime I want! :)))) I also watched her video for the first time… god damn she’s so sweet I love her so much now!!!!

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