Popped Misty Stones cherry

Written by satchking on June 18th, 2019

Popped Misty Stones cherry Image

Since I won Misty Stone from a flesh assist contest I felt the need to fly with her sooner rather than later in order to get a review going. First impressions of Misty are very strong. You can really feel her textures quite nicely... almost sort of reminded me of the go surge texture feeling, but maybe not quite as intense. I don't know, I haven't used Go Surge in awhile because it's not a FLG, but I think it really reminded me of that. My flight was very enjoyable but I did start feeling a little frustrated for not being able to cum right away, but I think it was the video I was watching. The one I started with was called GIRL WITH BRAIDS WANTS TO BE TOUCHED! And I did enjoy it, but it wasn't getting me off for some reason. Next, I looked at the same video of Athena Faris that I flew with on 5/28/19 and that must have given me an adrenaline surge because after that it was fine and I could take care of business fairly soon after that. I'm unsure why Athena Faris was able to take care of it... might have been just coincidence I'm not sure. Overall my impression of Misty is quite high. Also, when cleaning her I could feel the quality of the sleeve is very well made... it feels stronger for some reason, and more solid. Kinda like if you wanted to put it inside out (I've never done that) you might have a difficult time doing that because it's so solid. I really like that high quality feeling. You can really feel the textures when cleaning too with you fingers in her... very nice sleeve I'd say and would highly recommend!

Update on the 25th June 2019 - Misty Stone leaning towards favorite: Early morning insomnia flight with Misty... I was looking at Reddit and an image I ran across on there turned me on so much I had to take care of business. Well, previous rounds with Misty and the fact that she's really accessible right now to me (not hidden deep in the home) I decided to pick her. Well, I actually have a handful of really accessible girls but she's the one that was on my mind that's giving me a really good impression. I believe I said this before, but I really like the quality of this sleeve and it feels really really good because the textures are very stimulating for sure. I feel like I can keep going and let loose when I want to as well. Not to tight, not to loose... she's perfect.

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