Popped Jenna Hazes cherry

Written by satchking on January 21st, 2019

Popped Jenna Hazes cherry Image

Jenna’s pussy is absolutely amazing and possibly one of the tightest and one of the best (for section 2). I swear, after the warming lube kicks in (Sensuva lube) and the Fleshlight cooling gel at the same time is just absolutely amazing. I probably need to try without the warming lube because once everything is in motion after about five minutes I don’t last too long. I really tried to hold this one out and I actually did but I wanted to go even longer but I just had to let myself go.

Update on January 25th, 2019: Feels really good not too loose not too tight not too much noise. I used the classic Fleshlight water lube (including the white Sensuva lube and then at the end I used the sample glide lube which lasted a long time and was very good actually (seems really slick!). I couldn’t really sense much suction either and I left a cap on tight the whole time. I wouldn’t say she’s overly intense, but rather it’s a good level of just about everything.

Update on February 2nd, 2019: I felt like Jenna’s pussy was very mild, not much suction, but still felt very good. This was day two for me (flight streak) and I felt like I kept a pretty good stamina going. I started with Fleshlight water lube, and then used the white (Sensuva lube) in the end. Of course once things warm up it’s perfect and feels so real... no complaints at all!

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