Popped Janice Griffiths cherry

Written by satchking on May 12th, 2019

Popped Janice Griffiths cherry Image

Now, for today’s journal... Finally flew with Janice and watched one of her vids for the first time and I was highly impressed with both… she is such a sweet girl. Her pussy is just the same, so sweet and mostly gentle… but felt very, very, very good! I think the tiny numbs on in the front make it a little more gentle and as you go deeper she really grabs on to ya… which is also very nice. I wouldn’t say this is a favorite sleeve, but it still gets the job done. For this flight I could keep going for awhile and yet it wasn’t a “I can’t cum and feeling frustrated”. I could just keep a good momentum. Her pussy isn’t to intense so I can fly that much longer. That said I really love Janice allot! The video of her she has a loving/caring type of lovemaking too... which I really adored.

Update on 25th May 2019 - Janice... one of my favs: After a flight I try to figure out if I can rate the entire sleeve in regards to suction, realizm and how it compares to my other girls etc. Once I get a few flights under the radar for any particular girl I plan to do this. But I don't want to just rush things and say she's a 5 for realizm, etc. THIS flight is what I'd call almost perfect, and maybe it's her textures on the inside that is responsible for that. I was able to keep a good momentum without feeling like I had to cum to early... it was steady as she goes the entire flight. I think these are the best sleeves because, we as flight pilots... DON'T want to land/crash to early... but keep going. For this session with Janice I was able to achieve this, so that was wonderful. Her inside texture's offer allot of variation and I just love the tiny nubs near the entrance. Turning her around every way makes it feel incredible. Sometime I kept the cap on fully (although it's not overly sucky --somewhere in the middle I'd say), and sometimes I opened it up for more air flow (still, not to loose when I did this either). I can feel allot going on in this sleeve and never felt bored once with her.... therefore I'm bumping Janice up to one of my favs (at least right now). This could change of course, but that's where my mind is today.

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