FleshAssist v2 is here

Written by HeresJohnny on April 29th, 2019

FleshAssist v2 is here Image

It gives me huge pleasure to announce the release of the complete rework and redesign of FleshAssist!

After many many months and hard effort it is finally here. There were a lot of bumps last year preventing me from working on this, and I won't go into much detail but basically I initially started working on the rewrite early 2018, but due to family complications I spent the entire day after day doing freelance work to cover the bills and had no time at all to work on FA. Things had thankfully gotten a lot better by the end of the year and in January I started working on the rewrite again.

Fleshassist Stars

I've said this a few times in the past, but FleshAssist started out as a hobby site for me. I was interested in seeing if I could make a custom website from scratch. Years back, I could have never imagined FA to get so big. And as in any profession or skill, the longer you mess around with it the more you learn, and these last few years I learned a lot. Looking back, FleshAssist's original design was pretty bad. It worked but had a ton of issues when it came to UX and general website structure.

Fleshlight Textures

Version 2 is a complete rewrite of all the code. I have rewritten the entire site, every function on every page, it was tedious and took a long time but the site is much more efficient now, and not only that, but load times are more than 70% faster (although the typical user would never notice a different as we are talking milliseconds in difference, but still I don't care, it matters to me that it is faster and uses less resources per page render). The design is now responsive, so it'll (hopefully) look great on all devices. Much more elegant and easier to navigate design compared to the hot mess the old site was.

Some of the other features that are new include:

  1. A much more specific filtering system for textures and stars
  2. An orifices page
  3. The advisor algorithm/calculation has been improved including a new helper tool
  4. All textures details and stars' pages have been completely revamped and look miles better now
  5. A videos section
  6. Texture animations to see how far you reach
  7. Sleeve Usage Tracker with statistics
  8. Thousands (yes, really) of new images including an upcoming "archive" section showing the past history of Fleshlight products, sales, events
  9. Price Tracking, shows you the price of a sleeve in all regions, with an upcoming price alert function
  10. Revamped reviews with the ability to like other users' reviews
  11. Top textures calculations have been improved/revised and included more sections as well
  12. Search function that finds any Textures, Stars, News, Photos, Videos...
  13. Offers and Sales page
  14. Weekly Polls
  15. User ranking system
  16. A new logo :)

Fleshlight Advisor

What's to come:

  1. A giveaway to celebrate the new design.
  2. Translations into more languages as I want to spread the love of Fleshies all around the world!
  3. More videos, including all the internal texture videos I can make of my collection.
  4. A forum, seeing the official fleshlight forums are not that active anymore, I'd like to start a new one.
  5. A "Texture Exchange", where people can interact and swap sleeves they have duplicates of, etc..

I also just want to take a moment to thank the users who helped me beta test the site and fix all the initial errors!


Alehin199's Avatar
July 30th, 2019, 6:36 pm

This site its amazing

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