Brandi is a bit mild compared to others

Written by satchking on January 24th, 2019

Brandi is a bit mild compared to others Image

Brandy probably has the most mild pussy of all my girls. I skipped a day, and this was in the morning, yet I still had a little bit of a hard time taking care of business. I used classic white lube (Sensuva), and after a bit I used the Fleshlight cooling gel which is a great combination. And even though it was really amazing I still had a difficult time. I also use a vibrator (a tiny one I stick in the sleeve). I don’t think there’s much suction affect with Brandy, and she’s not very tight. Although, there was some farting noises when I really moved her around (I love those sounds). I sort of pumped in and at the same time moved her in the opposite direction to get more of a sensation. Overall, I think Brandy has a mild sleeve and should be used accordingly.

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