Stuck on Madison

Written by satchking on June 22nd, 2019

Stuck on Madison Image

I'm trying to figure out a good review for Madison... I think I would say overall she's a mild to medium sleeve, not over-stimulating but not under-stimulating either. Once she's warmed up and the perfect lube combo is present (after stroking a bit) she feels so amazing. I think it's that second entry after the first canal where she really grabs you and the textures there really come to life. I really love her vulva I can't get over how beautiful it is I could sit and worship it. The only problem I have with Madison is... although it's not difficult to douche her pussy, it's the drying that feels longer than usual. I had a fan blowing on her full blast and 8 hours later I went to put her away and the canal was shut so water remained near the back. The only good way to dry her is get a paper towel and put it over your finger like a condom and make sure you dry her good inside. Otherwise, that doesn't bother me really because overall flight with her is great which is all that matter. Overall... 3.5 stars out of 5. Maybe I could say 4 or 5 stars (closer to 4) but I don't want to say she's perfect, but I really do enjoy flying with her for sure!

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