Popped Madison Ivys cherry

Written by satchking on April 13th, 2019

Popped Madison Ivys cherry Image

Picked out for me by the cute sales girl at Hustler. WOW... Madison is amazing. She has this multi chamber thing going that just feels really good. I can really feel her pussy grab my dick nice and going deep and barely pulling out just a little bit felt amazing. She tugs my dick as if when I pull out she doesn't want me to pull out so she holds on tight... so it's these gentle tugs and releases that made it very unique.

Update on the 20th June 2019 - Madison flight: Very smooth and exciting run with Madison Ivy... Twisted and turned and felt good in every direction. The textures are nice and you can feel them just fine. I really love her vulva probably my favorite from any of my girls... I really love to watch her as I move in and out of her. The way she grabs my dick is beautiful to watch too. I spend some time watching that it's so hot I maybe don't even need a video... not even joking lol.

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