Popped Cherry Devivres cherry

Written by satchking on May 19th, 2019

Popped Cherry Devivres cherry Image

Some of the BEST farting noises I have ever heard in a sleeve. This only started happening when I went missionary position with her; girl on top didn’t produce any farting noises. Overall, I felt a lot of nice variations in her and was a very good flight for sure. I kept the cap on the tightest the entire session. This is the first time I used the Sunsuva On power glide ‘for him’ lube. It’s supposed to make you firmer and keep a stronger erection, however I never had a problem there so I don’t know if it benefits me much. When it started to dry out I put a few drops of the Fleshlight water lube in there to get her moist again. This session I didn’t last long at all because I’m just not very good at edging… I need to work on my stamina I guess.

UPDATE (5/22): I realized the farting noises in this session was due to me fucking her so hard part of the sleeve edge was pushing in slightly under the case lip. I was hearing the same sounds with with my 5/22 Destorya session and I looked down to see that's what was happening.

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