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I’m a normal guy who loves sex toys. I especially love anal sex and toys simulating the anus, male or female it’s all good!

I first started collecting FL in 2009 when I ordered:
Pink Lady super tight
Pink Butt super ribbed
Pink Mouth wonder wave

2012 I bought Alien and temporarily got into Meiki and Japanese toys.

2020 The quarantine got me back into FL when I bought STU Butt and I bought 2 more after that. My collection is slowly growing!

Found 1 reviews in total

Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 4.05
Penetration 4.9
Tightness 4.9
Suction Effect 4.95
Realism 4.55
Variation 4
Smoothness 4.05
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 4.9
Lube Use 4.8
Cleanup 3.65
Dry Time 3.55

Wonderland Review

September 26th, 2020 (Wonderland Texture)

This is my second FLG I've owned, my first being Malkova's Boss Level, and I own many of the original textures with Butt orifice because I like anal (hence my name). Madison Ivy's Wonderland is tied with Malkova's Boss Level. In this review I will not compare the 2, but rather explain why Wonderland is amazing, realistic, and intense all in one. I also want to clear the record and say, I am not a fan of any porn stars and it's not why I bought either of these. So far I have used Wonderland 3 times.

One of my fellow reviewers here made a good point about this texture which I want to highlight: When you have more intensity you get less realism, when you have more realism you get less intensity. Madison Ivy's Wonderland has achieved the near impossible: a high level of intensity AND realism. I will break down each part in more detail let's first start with the beginning.

I never choose my FL based on the appearance of the orifice however when I saw Madison's I felt something. Her anus is different from all the other FLGs. It's intensely puckered with a tiny opening. As with real anal sex you need to be very hard to enter her puckered hole. When you do her anus grips you like a real one and pulls you in and as you pull out it stretches along your shaft a little. As you go through the opening there is a nice and realistic pinch like a real scphinter. This is by far the best orifice I've ever experienced.

As her anus grips and pulls on you so does the ribbed texture. It makes it feel like the orifice and texture are one and it feels VERY realistic to anal. What I really like about the texture is it resembles a vaginal onahole (realistic Japanese toys). If you get bored of the ribs you can rotate to get bumps. The bumps aren't super noticeable for me except for the fact that the intensity increases. That is the genius of the texture, you can blow your load quick, edge, or take as much time as you please.

The entrance is very tight like a scphinter and once you enter the canal is a sort of tiny triangular shape due to the bump pads spiraled throughout. I would argue this is almost as tight as Malkova's Boss Level. There is a nice suction effect that doubles with the ribs pulling you back in and her amazing orifice gripping your shaft.

Dry time/clean up/Noise
I really don't care about these categories but I understand some of you do. When I am finished I rinse with warm water and sometimes apply 70% isoprophyl alcohol. I then place the sleeve in front of a box fan and it's completely dry in an hour. I also live in a very dry climate so that helps too. Another plus about Wonderland is that there is ZERO noise. Whereas with all my others there's always some airy sounds or the sleeve causes the suction lid to make clicking sounds. Not the case with this one!

Wonderland is by far the most underrated anal sleeve there is. Do not be fooled by it's overall score here. If you look at each category it never dips below 3.6 (besides variation). The orifice is puckered and realistic which pulls on you nicely. The entrance has a nice scphinter like pinch which pulls on you along with the ribs. It's the right level of tightness, realism, and intensity. It's also fun to rotate and get slightly different experiences. I cannot recommend this sleeve enough, BUY IT NOW!

Score 4.37 Overall Satisfaction 4.9
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