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Fleshlight frequent flyer since the first models. OG Pink Lady WW .. on and off usage but mostly on!

Found 2 reviews in total

Intensity 3.45
Stimulation 3.65
Penetration 4.6
Tightness 2.9
Suction Effect 4.05
Realism 4.95
Variation 2.95
Smoothness 4.1
Orgasm Rating 4.1
Noise 4
Lube Use 4.15
Cleanup 4.15
Dry Time 4.25

Crush Review

December 30th, 2020 (Crush Texture)

A realistic and amazingly full total experience! Dillion's Crush is quickly becoming one of my favorite, most versatile sleeves yet. Whether it's a quick, thrusting lunch-break nut or a longer, more deliberate edging session, Dillion's wonderfully varied textures bring me to my knees almost every time.

For those looking for realism, I've found few that better emulate the welcoming warmth and wetness of Haper's well-lubed Crush. She's got just enough resistance in the first inch to make sure you feel her yielding as you slide inside. Once you're in, she's wide, warm and welcoming, gently gripping up to a good to above-average girth. At 6 inches, my girth is well consumed by this sleeve. She continues to delight up to about the 5-5 1/2 inch point, when she narrows to make the final push an experience that honestly made me weak the first time I pushed through.

This sleeve is best used like I'd imagine Harper's own pussy; wet and hammered without waiting. With good suction, one might even see that delightful grip of her inner labia as one slides out .. she really doesn't want to let go! My favorite 'sweet spot' so far is balls deep, letting her cock-head gripping cervix tighten and gulp one in. Makes for a bit tougher of a clean-up, but she's worth it.

A perfect sleeve for a deep, full-thrusting flight. Haper's Crush is a realistic romp and a sure-fire toe curler. She'll pull above average loads from full sized members and beg for more.

Score 4.00 Overall Satisfaction 4.75
Intensity 3.6
Stimulation 4.05
Penetration 2.95
Tightness 3.45
Suction Effect 3.95
Realism 2.5
Variation 2.9
Smoothness 1.85
Orgasm Rating 2.95
Noise 3.7
Lube Use 2.8
Cleanup 2.15
Dry Time 2.3

Heavenly Review

December 30th, 2020 (Heavenly Texture)

An edging masterpiece. Honestly, I used to sink deeper, go longer and fuck harder in this sleeve, but over time I found the sweet spot in this sleeve was really her post-entry honey hole, just about 2 inches in. While I love the gripping, varied textures as one forces deeper inside, for me the best part of this sleeve is when the top third of my shaft forces through her heavenly tightness to the more welcoming embrace of the chamber just before the tightening. It almost feels like pounding into a cervix; unyielding with just the hint of a bit more, if one pushes.

That said, pushing deep inside Heavenly with an average sized tool is a joy. She's resistant, almost too much so, but she can be coaxed to allow deeper penetration. Patience is key here, and at all costs, this reviewer recommends a slow, deliberate thrust over a more manic, frenzied attack. With full suction, such an approach is the kind of event that gets a bit abrasive. Loosen the cap if you want to go full steam, and as always, use lots of lube.


Again, edging is a dream here .. keeping to just the first two inches, she's perfection in a tube. She grips, she pulls and she begs for release. If one is disciplined, and if one can cum without sinking too deeply inside, Heavenly offers a perfect cum trap in her first few inches which also makes clean up a breeze. Pushing into her more forbidden regions, not so much! Use lots of lube, just in case, and happy flying!

Score 3.05 Overall Satisfaction 3.55
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