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Cream Review

November 1st, 2021 (Cream Texture)

I bought Cream in search for a rival for Destroya, which is the star of my existing collection, and was annoyingly by far the best. So much above the rest that I almost used nothing but Destroya. About 10 flights in, Cream is about as good! Though it takes several flights to break in. My first five were unimpressive, but the sleeve keeps getting better.

The entry to Cream is quite tight, and the lips close completely. This keeps lube in pretty well.
When you push inside it, the feeling is not as intense as in Destroya, but more intense than in most sleeves. The ridges in the first chamber are difficult feel individually, but you do feel a pulling sensation. Sometimes you suddenly feel them so much you wonder if you lubed the sleeve enough. The chambers are paced so that it feels good to pull out almost completely before pushing back in, feeling the first chamber every time.

Build up and cumming:
When you really start thrusting with Cream, it becomes a stellar sleeve. It is very difficult to describe how, but while being less intense than Destroya, it is ridiculously inviting, and teasing. The subtle but firm texture absolutely CRAVES your cum. No other sleeve in my collection does this.
The feeling is so perverse and overwhelming, I often don't even want to watch porn with this, but just focus on the hungering feeling the sleeve gives.

Imagine you are spending an evening with a hot female friend, who after a few beers asks for a friendly fuck, and tells you - staring you in the eyes - that she has a huge kink for feeling your dick throb inside her. So much that she will cum instantly if you do. That's about the urge you have to unload inside this thing.

Absolutely the best sleeve to finish in. Moderate to high intensity

Intensity 4.95
Stimulation 4.9
Penetration 2.9
Tightness 3.6
Suction Effect 3.45
Realism 1.65
Variation 3.6
Smoothness 3.85
Orgasm Rating 4.9
Noise 4.75
Lube Use 4.85
Cleanup 3.75
Dry Time 3.6

Lotus Garden Review

December 1st, 2017 (Lotus Garden Texture)

I did something a bit weird and chose lotus garden as my first fleshlight. I didn't really know what to expect, but I like intensity and tight stimulation and this seemed like the pick. I must say I am surprised: The feeling on the first thrust is quite mellow, almost unbelievably smooth. Then you see how to thrust with this and it starts to go down on you and doesn't stop! The feeling is incredibly violent, and at the same time soothing. I have quite the stamina usually and I genuinely had to stay still to keep myself from cumming too early with this. You must go slow with it, that is clear. You slide in, and the first node comes quickly, passes with a small kiss, and then comes the next. Every node seems to bite more forcefully than the one before. As you go slower and slower to last a bit longer, you fall in love with a single node somewhere there. You come back to it with every thrust and take you time slowly breaking through it, with immense pleasure. Before long you find yourself two thrusts beyond the point of no return and place yourself against that node and unload all you have at it.

A great piece. I have hard time believing many inserts are as intense as this.

Score 3.94 Overall Satisfaction 4.4
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