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Take control of the tightness with the Blade by Fleshlight. The Blade features a beautifully designed squeezable hilt-shaped case and a new sharply intense texture.


Blade Texture Image

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The Fleshlight Blade canal is a multi-chamber system which consists of four differently sized chambers and which is covered by a distinctive ribbed texture along the entire length. The chambers have been deliberately designed with a relatively wide diameter of up to 0.8 inches (20 mm) so that they can be tightened by squeezing the flexible masturbator case.

The Blade canal starts with a 1.2 inch (30 mm) entry passage with smooth side walls which extends to the first 0.6 x 0.6 inch (15 x 15 mm) wide chamber. From this point, a highly dense cross-rib texture begins, which covers the entire length of the inner canal and the surface of all chambers that follow. These ribs are each 0.1 inch (3 mm) wide and separated by 0.15 inch (4 mm) wide ridges. Next there is a tight 0.4 inch (10 mm) connecting canal that expands after a length of 0.6 inches (15 mm) to the second chamber. This chamber has a circular shape and measures 0.8 x 0.8 inches (20 x 20 mm). The passage to the next chamber is 0.4 inch (10 mm) wide and is again very tight. The third chamber has an elliptical shape and is 1.2 inches (30 mm) long and expands to a diameter of up to 0.8 inches (20 mm). After a further 0.4 inch (10 mm) connecting passage comes the fourth and last chamber of the canal. This chamber is also elliptically shaped, has a diameter of up to 0.8 inches (20 mm) and is, with a length of 2.7 inches (20 mm), the largest chamber of the Blade insert.

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FLair's Review

December 5th, 2020 by FLair

The Blade fleshlight is one that has been in my collection for quite some time now, but unfortunately doesn’t see much use. However the texture is actually really good, it is both moderately stimulating and intense, which makes this a good sleeve for edging sessions, as it can quickly bring you to the tipping point of orgasm and then it’s up to you how long you can try and hold it back... Read More




Currently, this canal texture is only available with a pussy orifice with large protruding vagina lips. The pussy orifice has been redesigned exclusively for the Fleshlight Blade and has, in contrast to the ordinary Fleshlight, an oval shape because of the triangularly shaped case.

Release Date:

August 2011



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Fleshlight Blade Reviews

Found 6 reviews in total

Intensity 4.95
Stimulation 4.45
Penetration 3.9
Tightness 4.95
Suction Effect 1.95
Realism 1.95
Variation 2.95
Smoothness 2.6
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 2.15
Lube Use 3.5
Cleanup 3.45
Dry Time 2.5
FLair's Avatar

FLair's Review

December 5th, 2020 by FLair
Owns 68 Sleeves, 68 Ratings, 28 Reviews

This review is made purely out of my personal experience/opinion and judged after atleast 10 sessions to break the sleeve in completely. Typically used in shower with the shower mount after having heated up the sleeve and the lube.

The Blade fleshlight is one that has been in my collection for quite some time now, but unfortunately doesn’t see much use. However the texture is actually really good, it is both moderately stimulating and intense, which makes this a good sleeve for edging sessions, as it can quickly bring you to the tipping point of orgasm and then it’s up to you how long you can try and hold it back. Once you’ve decided to cum the actual orgasm can be very intense. When breaking this sleeve in I found the texture to be kind of firm as to almost be uncomfortable, but pushed through it using it a few times and it softened out to be a really pleasurable experience. It has a deep rib pattern throughout with varying diameters which is another really nice feature of the texture. For me though I prefer hands free use which is the only reason my Blade is not used more frequently, because I have not been able to find an effective way to use it hands free. The downside to the Blade is the case, I found the ‘squeeze’ ability of the case to be kind of gimmicky, as I always thought the whole point of the fleshlights were to not use your hands for stimulation anyway. During use the Blade case is probably the loudest out of all the fleshlights I have by far due to the little vent holes in the back, but probably could be modified in a way to quite in up a bit. It is also a bit of a pain to put the sleeve back in the case after cleaning, and the deep ribbing of the inner texture collects plenty of water which makes drying of the sleeve take a fairly long time.

To sum it up the sleeve and texture are actually amazing and probably one of my favourite textures but the case is a little disappointing, considering what is was designed for and also that it is difficult to use hands free. If you don’t mind having a hand on it all the time and not fussed by noise, then give the Blade a go.

Score 3.39 Overall Satisfaction 3.6
Intensity 4.5
Stimulation 4.6
Penetration 3.7
Tightness 3.6
Suction Effect 3
Realism 3
Variation 2
Smoothness 3.7
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 2.45
Lube Use 3.25
Cleanup 4.65
Dry Time 4.5
revtwentyseven's Avatar

revtwentyseven's Review

December 5th, 2016 by revtwentyseven
Owns 72 Sleeves, 52 Ratings, 50 Reviews

It's a interesting story how I picked up the Fleshlight Blade. This is one of the few purchases I did not buy from Fleshlight directly, but at a reputable online adult toy company. I'm normally leery about doing so, but as this was one of the few legitimate outlets still carrying the Blade, I went ahead and bought it.

Aesthetics: As a fellow FA member commented, aesthetics should be considered with the overall review. I agree, except that other than the shape of the case and sleeve altering the vulva slightly, it's the generic FL vulva. Highly stylized and not super realistic, but still vaguely pleasing.

Lube: I used Fleshlube (Water) for this review. Although I FLy several times (at least 5) before writing a review, I always FLY once more immediately before a review so that the review is fresh and as honest as can be. As there are plenty of spaces to where lube can get trapped, considerable lube usage is needed.

Noise: This is the Blade's worst flaw. The squeezable case and odd design leads to air expelling in where ever it can, making considerable noise. It's why I don't often fly with the Blade.

Penetration: Despite the cut-section looking like this may not be a pleasant experience, you'd be surprised: It's quite enjoyable to enter. Your cock begins pushing out the divisions of the "blade rings", and then when you pull back they push back on you. Quite enjoyable.

Intensity: The sleeve looks intense, and it is. It's in the same design of rapid repeated sensations like the STU (bumps), Joanna Angel's Punk (rings of different sizes) and Super Ribbed, but different as the material of the "blade rings" are a bit thicker and more spaced out. However, you can have a quick go at it or enjoy it for a time before you have to cum.

Orgasm: Depending on how fast (and tight you squeeze the case) is how your orgasm will be. It can range from a somewhat pleasurable sensation to a enjoyable release complete with vocalizations (which might be problematic if the noise the Blade makes dosen't draw attention).

Cleanup: The sleeve itself is not hard, as there's enough space between the rings for a quality paper towel (emphasis on quality) to wick away. However, the case though can be a real pain in the ass as it's intricately and ornamentally designed. Dry time varies, but isn't prohibitive.

Although increasingly difficult to acquire, the Fleshlight Blade is a interesting deviation from their hard case design, giving it some versatility. However, it's noise issues can raise eyebrows if someone is in your house at the same time. If you can still get the Blade though, it's a worthwhile investment for the Fleshlight collector.

Score 3.70 Overall Satisfaction 4.4
Intensity 4
Stimulation 4
Penetration 3.5
Tightness 4
Suction Effect 5
Realism 4
Variation 4
Smoothness 3.5
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise -
Lube Use -
Cleanup -
Dry Time -
TMoD7007's Avatar

TMoD7007's Review

January 4th, 2016 by TMoD7007
Owns 34 Sleeves, 26 Ratings, 25 Reviews

A little about my background at the start: I'm an average build circumcised guy and I'm really into strong sensations. Because of a very extensive style of circumcision it can be hard to reach orgasm multible times in a row. I'm sexually quite active with a pretty adventurous woman at my side, that luckily finds Fleshlights and me using them pretty hot. ;)

At the Blade:
I got this thing on the search for something as stimulation as my good ol Wonder Wave. The general setup with the evenly spaced ribs in a similar distance promised good comparability. And it somewhat delivered! It is a quite intense feeling just below the threshold where I cannot stop anymore, and I really like that!

I also like the hold of the elastic casing, is easier to grab for me than the normal FL. What I didn't like are the the forced ventilation holes on the back, and that inspired my to my very first Fleshlight MOD, that I base my rating upon as it is really very easy!

I glued the 4 tiny holes on the back and figured the most comfortable way to grab the case and drilled a whole where my index finger comes to rest. This way I am able to switch between full suction and full ventilation and all states in between by moving my finger some millimeters! I can even use it as a check valve by just havin my finger on the hole without pressure. Awesome!

The suction effect of the flexible casing is extraordinarily pleasureable! If you prevent the air coming in, the case compresses when you withdraw. That closes the canal in front of the penis head so it really feels like you have to wide it open when you thrust in again! Because the case can contract, it limits the strength of the vacuum to a very pleasureable cock sucking effect and it does that during a complete stroke. Completely closed normal FL cases won't let my penis do a complete stroke as the vacuum gets too strong. That results in full points for the suction effect for me!

All that together amount to a quite realistic while only a little too intense intercourse simulation, and that's the way I love it. It kind of mixes the sensations of a blowjob (by the AWESOME sucking effect) and the feeling of an intensly stimulation but not overtextured real vagina. With the flexible case you can even simulate the vaginal convulsions of an orgasming woman by manually compressing it.

I don't rate the loudness as all sleeves are very quiet to my ears. I also ignore the cleaning and drying properties as they are the least important of all. But you need to spend some extra moments thoroughly washing the canal and let it air dry for several hours, ideally on the heater! Or it will get gunky!

For cleaning I use mild hand washing soap ("soap free soap"), which does not hurt the sleeves noticably, even the frequently used ones! I don't trust only using water with all the deep ribs in this sleeve! I also use talkum and NOT corn starch. Moist corn starch is a perfect nutrient for molds and bacteria of any kind.

I really like the blade! It adds a lot of possibilities to the Fleshlight universe. The chances to manually influence the sensations in the canal is really fun. Try it!

Score 4.00 Overall Satisfaction 4
Intensity 3.9
Stimulation 4.2
Penetration 3.5
Tightness 4.5
Suction Effect 3
Realism 3
Variation 3.2
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 4.1
Noise 3
Lube Use 4.5
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 3
MisterTwisther's Avatar

MisterTwisther's Review

August 18th, 2015 by MisterTwisther
Owns 6 Sleeves, 1 Rating, 1 Review

This is my first Fleshlight and was talked into purchasing it a couple years back when at the local "love shop" when getting some fun toys for the wife and I. Before starting this review just let me say I much prefer a live person over masturbation toys; however, when I'm in need and the wife is... a FL toy is a good alternative.

The Case: I prefer the normal more rigid cases; although squeezing the case during use or near orgasm adds a measure of enjoyment. The other downside is the insert and the case are a pair so it is not possible to move the insert to another case or use this case with another insert.

Insertion & Use: The blade requires lube for insertion and one needs to be erect. While inside the toy I prefer more texture variations; however, the varying tightness is nice. NOTE: the use of the blade is quite noisy. The buildup to orgasm is nice - and I have used it for taking myself to the edge a couple times before I'm just to impatient and let it fly.

Orgasm: I've had very satisfying and powerful orgasms with the Blade - I'm trying some of the other FLs and will compare as my collection grows.

Overall - satisfied. Good orgasms, titillating texture. The downsides - I don't like the case and it is noisy.

Score 3.58 Overall Satisfaction 4.2
Casquetero's Avatar

Casquetero's Review

December 26th, 2011 by Casquetero
Owns 56 Sleeves, 5 Ratings, 58 Reviews

The Blade is an interesting idea from ILF. Like its Fleshjack cousin the Sword, the Blade was designed to be a compact sized sleeve with enough space for the larger guys. At the same time, both sleeves introduced a new concept from ILF - the squeezable case! Since here the case adds a new variable to the system, I will review both the case AND the texture.

The Case - What I like...

I like the shape and the graphic design of the case. The flexible case has the design of a katana handle allowing for a far superior grip during use and for a Japanese art fan like me, the design and the antique bronze color look cool as hell. The pear shape of the sleeve also helps in improving the grip, since your hand is in a more natural position. In addition, the material is soft enough for you to squeeze up to feeling your penis inside the sleeve, but strong enough to avoid you choking your little friend too hard.

The Case - What I don't like

The bad news for the Blade (IMO), is when you begin to use it. The case has four small holes on the bottom and a big removable tab on the center. The removable tab is to change the suction inside the texture and although I used the sleeve with and without it, I could not feel a big difference besides being able to feel the texture a little bit better. That was not that bad... The bad part were the four little holes. Why? Simple - when you penetrate the lubed sleeve, air pushes some of the lube towards the end of the sleeve. And guess what you have in the end? The damned four small holes that serve as gates for the extra lube to exit and create a wet mess all over the hand you are using to stroke. Hands free sessions are even worse because the leaked lube wets everything in contact with the cover. The only way I was able to enjoy the sleeve without worrying about the mess was closing the holes with electric tape.

The texture

The texture of the Blade is a tested classic in the masturbation sleeve industry - a series of medium thickness ribs forming various chambers that change in diameter. This texture in a hard case would make you explode with its intensity in a few minutes, but in the flexible case it expands a little bit more, allowing your penis to last a little bit longer. Press the case, and the ribs are slightly more noticeable, taking you to the edge. Release the case, and the chambers keep you at the edge. Once you are at that level, the Blade keeps you there, guessing what combination of pressure and speed will make you orgasm and which one will help you to stay on the edge a little bit more.

Finding that sweet spot take a few uses (in my case, I needed to fix the leakage issue first), but once you find it, the Blade becomes a good sleeve. Cleaning as always is easy, but removing and replacing the sleeve in the case takes some practice due to the pear shape.

The Blade is a good sleeve, allowing you to build intense orgasms - once you get used to the gimmicks of the flexible case.

ThePowerHouse's Avatar

ThePowerHouse's Review

August 31st, 2011 by ThePowerHouse
Owns 15 Sleeves, 57 Reviews

In my review of Sword I begged ILF to not let that be a one-off deal and to please make more. Well, it looks like they knew a good thing when they saw it! Blade and Sword are extremely different in their texture design but both are nearly equal when it comes to how good they feel and this also holds true for their intensities. So, that is enough about comparisons, on to this thing’s review. Blade has a new feeling that isn’t captured by any other texture. The ridges lining the diameter-varying inside create a “grippy” new feeling, but it isn’t so much that you can’t stroke smoothly. Intensity builds continuously to the point where it has you slithering around from the feeling it applies to your head; it is just a tidal wave of continuous ecstasy. Some textures simply blow past this feeling and can require you to stop for a second or two, but Blade keeps you on that knife edge (sorry, I had to say it) all the way to the landing. The orgasm following this awesome ride is simply unbelievable; a true ball drainer. Blade is a true surprise to me; I did not expect the kind of delivery that ridged canal gives. Rest assured whether you get Blade or Sword, you are going to love it.

Below is an excerpt from my Sword review regarding the case:
“Now you can squeeze the case to increase the tightness! Not only does it increase the tightness, but there is something pleasing about actually being able to squeeze the case while you are going at it. The suction created by this new design is so much improved over the standard case. There is a plug at the back of the case that can be easily popped in and out of place when you want. Along with the plug there are four small pinholes around the back that allow some airflow with the plug in place… Now, I need to address some little aggravations with the new case. It is damn near impossible to get the sleeve back in the case after you have removed it. You have to act like you are going to throw it on the floor to cause the sleeve to fall further in the case. The only other thing to mention, but it isn’t really a con; it makes a lot of noise when you are using it. If you have the plug in place it hisses and whooshes, if it is removed then you get the usual squishing noise. With that aside, I really like being able to squeeze the new case especially when in the middle of an orgasm.”


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