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Booty-Untouched Review

November 5th, 2011 (Booty-Untouched Texture)

When the Next Door Boys’ signature textures showed up, I was most looking forward to Untouched. It looks like such an awesome ride with all of those sort of elliptically shaped bumps and also the decrease in width every other row. I was really excited when I was all lubed up for the first FLight with it! Unfortunately, it did not deliver anything like what I was expecting. I thought it would be some new intense variation on Speed Bump, but it isn’t. It’s not intense at all! I have no explanation for why this is because it has all the requirements of a wild ride. While it can’t provide the intensity I like so much, it does feel good nevertheless. You can only feel the tighter areas; they seem to obscure the rows in between them. It is the first bumpy texture I have ever used that wasn’t intense, but this may have value in itself. If you want a texture that is laden with bumps but aren’t interested in the intensity of the Speed Bump- or STU-like group, then Untouched is for you. I really hate writing a negative review about a texture, especially when I had such high hopes for it and you no doubt expected it to be good from the picture. However, I just don’t have much else to say about Untouched. I will end by saying that it does feel reasonably good, but I will not be grabbing it often.


Primal Review

October 25th, 2011 (Primal Texture)

I kind of expected this one to also feel like the Gauntlet and Destroya since I tested the Stoya one first. Yet, much to my amazement, and satisfaction, it doesn't. It feels much more intense than the other too. The placement of those two rows of "teeth" from the Swallow insert followed by the Lotus node is simply brilliant and if you are lucky enough to pop through that final Lotus node you are in heaven. I am able to just get through it when I go as deep as I can. Popping through it as you cum feels so good! Primal is my favorite of the FLG multi-textured inserts by miles. Even if you do have the Gauntlet or Destroya, get this one too. While I like the others I will probably grab this one more often. Primal was discontinued for some time when the Private Collection was deleted, but it is now back with the European Collection. So don’t let it slip through your fingers this time! Grab one and prepare yourself for the best FLight you can currently get with a FLG!


Obsession-Bliss Review

October 25th, 2011 (Obsession-Bliss Texture)

Say hello to the hands-down winner for second best anal insert as of this reviews writing! I cannot believe how good this texture is. The entrance is also noticeable tighter than any of my other molded butts. Just as you enter you hit some large ribs that, which when followed by that tight squeeze on the way in, feel fantastic. While that is all excellent, you are still in for the biggest treat ever! The downward pointing fangs are just epic and on top of that they get tighter! Every stroke is simply unbelievable whether you go fast or slow. However, a word of warning, this sleeve will make your head very sensitive in a good way, though. So much so I have had to stop for a second, but it dissipates quickly and you can go at it again. Normally, the first FLight with a new sleeve isn't groundbreaking, but as soon as I slid into this one I knew I had just found a truly special one. As far as orgasms go, this will absolutely drain you and leave you breathing hard. ILF has been releasing some really good textures lately, but this is the first one in a long time where I can say that you need to buy this right now or put it on your list for next purchase. I can almost guarantee you that you will absolutely love it and please don't let the fact that it is molded after Corrigan deter you from getting it. It is simply too good to miss out on. Sorry, Brent Everett Ecstasy and Pierre Fitch Scorpio, you have just been knocked out cold.


Tooleboxxx Review

October 22nd, 2011 (Tooleboxxx Texture)

It seems as though ILF mated Super Ribbed, Cyclone, Twista, and possibly Wonder Wave together along with throwing in some new rings containing raised “X”s adorning them. Tooleboxxx has the overall appearance of being extremely intense, but in reality it isn’t. For me, it isn’t even as intense as Wonder Wave. I thought this sleeve just had an extremely long break-in period which is why this review was postponed to allow me more uses before my final verdict. Yet, it never did improve even with an extra 4 FLights, which, I might add, is over twice as many uses as most sleeves require for me to review. Tooleboxxx just hasn’t stacked up as well as I expected it to. It isn’t just the lack of intensity that puts me off; it is also the fact that it doesn’t really have any special feeling. It just feels slightly textured with nothing interesting added to the mix. It is also extraordinarily recalcitrant about the amount of lube you use. Use just the slightest amount too much and you would swear you are using a smooth texture. I just can’t keep from thinking that if the spiraling ridges were raised just slightly this would be a sleeve to curl your toes, but it just doesn’t. I wish I could say something nice about this texture, but try as I may I just can’t. I suppose all is not lost though if you want a mild sleeve to edge with, Tooleboxxx could be what you are looking for. I feel as if I am going to receive a lot of grief over this review, but I don’t sugar-coat things guys, you know that.


Frankenstein Review

October 15th, 2011 (Frankenstein Texture)

I would have to say that this is the second ugliest FleshLight model ever; second only to Zombie. I will NOT leave it there though because beneath Frankenstein’s stitched exterior lies a truly excellent texture! Frankenstein is by far the best Freak you can get if you want both an intense ride and a unique feel. As soon as you slide in it just falls into place; the first sensation is obviously the Lotus node followed by an inverted excerpt from Cyclone. The sensation created by the two just begs you to take long strokes so you can hit these ever time. It isn’t like the fun stops there though! After the Cyclone patch is what looks like massively inflated “teeth” from Swallow which you “thump-thump” past. You certainly know when you hit them as you really do thump through them. Maybe it is better to say they create a nice tug because they don’t impede your stroke. If the texture just ended right there this texture would still be excellent but it continues on into a bespoke tight canal that is lined with squiggly ridges which make a fantastic grab as you thrust into them! As I said before, this is really a texture that demands deep strokes to get everything it has to offer. While FLying, I noticed that I liked to stay in the squiggly area as I came. I think this is because of the tight grabby sensation in that squiggly area. I also like to just tease myself with the Lotus node and Cyclone parts. Frankenstein has the texture to let you have different experiences depending on your stroke length and speed. It is sort of an insult to this excellent texture to get saddled with such a derogatory name. If the name puts you off, just remember that the doctor who created the monster was named Frankenstein and not the monster itself in the original story! The monster was never named, contrary to what most people think. So you can call it what you like! Just don’t let it stop you from getting this texture if you want it!


Drac Review

October 11th, 2011 (Drac Texture)

Let me just start off by saying those are some wicked looking lips!! We have been able to get head from a vampire for some time now with Succu Dry and Count Cockula, but now we can finally get a piece of vampire snatch! The texture looks like some mating of Dragon and Twista with the large spiraling ridge and the conical bumps in between. I do not like Dragon, but I do love Twista. Thankfully, it is better than Dragon and I prefer it to Twista. A surprising outcome since a lot of the best textures put together do not always produce a superior sleeve or even an equal sometimes. Drac produces a bizarre feeling as you use it that I don’t think I have encountered before and I like it! The FLight itself is very good but the orgasm is more powerful than you would expect. I think it has something to do with those pointy cones complementing the large spiral ridge. I say this because if I try hard and focus on what my head is telling me I can feel those cones adding some serious pleasure to the mix. However, FLy hard and fast and they go unnoticed by your conscious, however, your unconscious and your dick know they are there; hence, the more powerful orgasm. I used this texture three times today and every time it commanded a strong orgasm. Also, an interesting note is that I can continue to stroke at almost full tilt while I am ejaculating, which makes this the most intense sleeve that I have been able to do that with. However, do not expect the most intense ride as you will not find it here but if you like the look of the winged pussy lips and maybe have a want to bang a vampire, the texture won’t let you down. Don’t forget that if you want to enjoy it as realistically as possible; i.e. don’t warm it up…


Ecstasy Review

October 5th, 2011 (Ecstasy Texture)

Yes, it is molded from a guy, so what? Trust me, get over that fact and just picture a hot girl when using it. It is that simple. Now, on to the review. As you guys know, I did not like the Forbidden texture at all and this one is so much better than that one that it is not even funny. Those double bands feel amazing running around the interior. Such a simple design, yet so rewarding! Couple that awesome insert with the tight ass entrance and you have a winner. It really makes you want to pull out and slide back in over and over. I really hope that if you are in the market for a new FL to consider this one if you want a butt orifice because in my opinion it trumps the Forbidden by a long shot. Again, forget that it is a FJ and just give it a new name or something.


Zombie Review

October 4th, 2011 (Zombie Texture)

I must admit that when Pure was released I thought there could never be a FleshLight that someone could make that would actually be available for sale that could have been uglier. Well, I was obviously wrong. I mean who thought a zombie would be good bed fun? So, it is as ugly as a can of smashed assholes, but it is still a good ride provided you keep your eyes elsewhere. Let me start out with saying this sleeve is quite intense. It isn’t going to dethrone the some of the amazing multi-texture models like Destroya, Gauntlet, and Primal from the FLG intensity totem pole but it is right up there nipping at their heels (Nipple Alley and Lotus Garden are in the FLG intensity class of the previously mentioned, but are not multi-textured models). Of course, this isn’t really surprising if you look at the first half of the texture. It has two sets of different ribs with a Lotus node in between. You really can feel and even hear when your head passes through that node and when you combine that already great sensation with those intense ribs on either side it really becomes intense business. I don’t even notice the Forbidden canal following it even though I had to have hit this region often during my FLights. I suppose if you look at this sleeve with just a wild ride in mind then it will definitely please but I just don’t know what it lacks. For me, there isn’t that special something that grabs me and makes me want to go back to it. I suppose that has something to do with its hideousness. So, the final question; will you like it? Yes, if you like an intense sleeve and the Lotus node then you will love it, but just remember to FLy with the lights off. I think, for once, I really cannot look past how awful the orifice is even if there is a good texture in there. Especially so when you consider you get to read “NECRO” whenever you take it out of the case to clean it.


Cyborg Review

September 28th, 2011 (Cyborg Texture)

So, did you ever want to bang the so called “perfect” organism? An organism improved to be an evolution of the human species? The ultimate synergy of human and robotics is now available for your personal use; the Cyborg. It is apparent the “improvements” included an upgrade to perfect the symmetry of the labia majora, clitoral hood, glans clitoris, and labia minor along with the arteries and veins contained therein. An interesting addition is that of the much extended lower section of the labia minora preceding the perineum. Enough of the physiology course, right? Ok, business as usual! I knew when I saw this texture that it would feel smooth and it certainly does. The “electrical traces” following the ribs of the entrance are not noticeable nor is the slightly wider section after it. It does FLy ever so slightly different to the standard smooth Fleshies; i.e. Original, ST, UT. It is rather bizarre because you cannot really feel it but somehow your mind is aware there is some texture there because the FLights ARE better than the previously mentioned textures. I believe it really has to do with those ribs at the very beginning. I mean they start right away as you can see and we all know the shaft of our cock is less sensitive than the head and it does report sensations of lower a lesser resolution for the lack of a better term. The sensations it sends are added to the main smooth sensation to make a slightly better feel in the overall FLight. One thing I found myself doing is just using the starting ribs on my cock head and when I can’t take any more stimulation from those ribs I go balls deep and it feels fantastic! The ability to go from the intense point to the silky smooth-feeling texture deeper in provides an interesting sensation. It is the same idea behind Forbidden, but I never got that sensation from that sleeve despite them both having ribs at the beginning. It must be because Cyborg’s ribs are more pronounced than Forbidden’s set. Now for the final decision: do I claim this texture is worth its asking price? Sadly, no I cannot. It disappoints me to say that because I really love the way this thing looks from the outside; it is so cool. Unfortunately, its beauty covers a mediocre texture. It really is a shame.


Vigor Review

September 9th, 2011 (Vigor Texture)

Vigor is certainly an interesting looking non-multiple texture; I think it looks like a chain-link fence of sorts. I suppose that paints a rather dull picture, but it really isn’t. Vigor’s interesting design gives it an equally interesting feel. The first few strokes will feel rather like a smooth sleeve, but a subtle rub-rub feeling will start to transfer to you cock head and that feeling will just keep getting stronger. Let me put this on the table now: this is not an intense sleeve. However, it is a very pleasing low- to mid-intensity sleeve that would work magic for edging. I am normally a fan of the intense textures, but for some reason I rather like this one; it is probably my favorite in this category. Maybe it is because of that linear increase in pleasure it provides. The real surprise of this texture is the orgasm. It is just beyond what you think your FLight could have conjured up. So, if you are thinking about a good edging sleeve that can still provide an excellent landing even when you don’t feel like working that long, look no further than Vigor.


Blade Review

August 31st, 2011 (Blade Texture)

In my review of Sword I begged ILF to not let that be a one-off deal and to please make more. Well, it looks like they knew a good thing when they saw it! Blade and Sword are extremely different in their texture design but both are nearly equal when it comes to how good they feel and this also holds true for their intensities. So, that is enough about comparisons, on to this thing’s review. Blade has a new feeling that isn’t captured by any other texture. The ridges lining the diameter-varying inside create a “grippy” new feeling, but it isn’t so much that you can’t stroke smoothly. Intensity builds continuously to the point where it has you slithering around from the feeling it applies to your head; it is just a tidal wave of continuous ecstasy. Some textures simply blow past this feeling and can require you to stop for a second or two, but Blade keeps you on that knife edge (sorry, I had to say it) all the way to the landing. The orgasm following this awesome ride is simply unbelievable; a true ball drainer. Blade is a true surprise to me; I did not expect the kind of delivery that ridged canal gives. Rest assured whether you get Blade or Sword, you are going to love it.

Below is an excerpt from my Sword review regarding the case:
“Now you can squeeze the case to increase the tightness! Not only does it increase the tightness, but there is something pleasing about actually being able to squeeze the case while you are going at it. The suction created by this new design is so much improved over the standard case. There is a plug at the back of the case that can be easily popped in and out of place when you want. Along with the plug there are four small pinholes around the back that allow some airflow with the plug in place… Now, I need to address some little aggravations with the new case. It is damn near impossible to get the sleeve back in the case after you have removed it. You have to act like you are going to throw it on the floor to cause the sleeve to fall further in the case. The only other thing to mention, but it isn’t really a con; it makes a lot of noise when you are using it. If you have the plug in place it hisses and whooshes, if it is removed then you get the usual squishing noise. With that aside, I really like being able to squeeze the new case especially when in the middle of an orgasm.”


Delight Review

August 27th, 2011 (Delight Texture)

I am thoroughly disappointed in this texture; a first for the FleshJack line of textures. My first FLight was for lack of a better word, abysmal. I had to really force myself to get off with this texture. Despite this interior looking very busy and intense, it turns out to be extremely, and I mean extremely, subtle in its delivery of sensation. In many ways this texture reminds of Rattler; the overall feeling is smooth with just a faint hint of texture. I haven’t had a decent FLight with Delight yet and each time was a chore to orgasm because it feels so boring. My advice to you is steer clear of this texture because there are far better ones to choose from in the FJB and Bel Ami Boys lines. I really wanted this one to be excellent, but it completely fails at delivering a feeling that you want to have again. Sorry, Delight, but you just don’t do it for me.


Paradise Review

August 22nd, 2011 (Paradise Texture)

I am not going to mess around here; this texture is so damn good! I have had so many FLights with it lately and every one of them have been just fabulous. It is very intense; I mean Bliss-like intensity. Each time I use it I end up just squirming all over the place from pleasure. Paradise just tugs at your cock head for what feels like a thousand times each stroke. While it looks like the Super-Ribbed meets Wonder-Wave, it really feels nothing like either. It has its own unique feeling that I just cannot get enough of! I usually never have two FLights within 15 minutes of each other but I have done that twice in the past two days. Every orgasm seems to last for so long and are very powerful. It has landed at the very top of my favorites.


Punk-Charmer Review

August 15th, 2011 (Punk-Charmer Texture)

Charmer is a texture that looks like it should be quite intense doesn’t it? It isn’t though but you should completely look past that because that is not a problem in this case. It is sort of odd because it doesn’t seem that intense as you are using it but it will get you off quite quickly. I know that makes it sound like it is intense, but the ride to orgasm isn’t a continuous play-hell feeling on your cock. It is a mild but extremely pleasing sensation not far from the feeling you get from Wonder Wave. Now you know that I love my Wonder Wave and, therefore, I really like Charmer. Combine that great sensation with that tight hole and you have a not-so-intense feeling that you just can’t get enough of! I haven’t really tried to edge with this sleeve, but I would imagine it would be excellent for that too considering how quickly it can get you ready to shoot your load. During one of my FLights with it I actually ejaculated twice! One without orgasm because I stopped immediately before orgasm but my balls apparently didn’t get the message fast enough. I haven’t had a texture do that to me since STU. I will sum it up by saying that I will be grabbing Charmer quite often.


Sword Review

August 12th, 2011 (Sword Texture)

Well, here is the latest creation from the skunk works of ILF. It is obvious just by looking at Sword that this is an interesting new twist on FleshLights/FleshJacks. It is apparent that the case itself is the big news; how long has it been since we’ve seen a true change in the design? It has always been a cylindrical hard case whether it was the standard case or the Sex In A Can. Well, not anymore! Now you can squeeze the case to increase the tightness! Not only does it increase the tightness, but there is something pleasing about actually being able to squeeze the case while you are going at it. The suction created by this new design is so much improved over the standard case. There is a plug at the back of the case that can be easily popped in and out of place when you want. Along with the plug there are four small pinholes around the back that allow some airflow with the plug in place. Ok, enough about the case and on to the texture. I really didn’t expect much from this texture, not sure why really, but I didn’t. Yet again my eyes lied to me and my cock told another story. As you slide in and out you can really tell when you hit those big ridges. You really can feel the diameter changing all the time. As for the little “scales”, they add an interesting feeling that never translated to your cock in other textures, like Rattler. The ridges, bumps, scales, and diameter changes really go crazy on your cock head. So, it looks like ILF pulled off a major change in case design without marring it with a boring texture. Now, I need to address some little aggravations with the new case. It is damn near impossible to get the sleeve back in the case after you have removed it. You have to act like you are going to throw it on the floor to cause the sleeve to fall further in the case. The only other thing to mention, but it isn’t really a con; it makes a lot of noise when you are using it. If you have the plug in place it hisses and whooshes, if it is removed then you get the usual squishing noise. With that aside, I really like being able to squeeze the new case especially when in the middle of an orgasm. ILF, don’t make this a dead end! Release more!


Dragon Review

July 21st, 2011 (Dragon Texture)

Dragon appears to be a synthesis of Vortex, Speed Bump, and Twista. ILF has been releasing some solid textures lately and this one, sadly, falls well below my expectations. First, the canal is really wide; I mean Original-like wide. I believe the texture is sound but the feeling is ruined by the expansive canal. I honestly cannot feel the studded ridges compared to the ribbed backdrop. I was really hoping that bumped spiral would be a winner, but it never delivers the feeling that Twista's spiral does. I think if they would have just made the spirals and studs about twice as tall as they are now it would have been great. I will not say this texture is bad; it is just a big change from the tight sleeves that have been released for a while now. It isn't the end of the world with this texture, you can still have a good FLight with it, just don't expect it to rival Destroya/Primal/Gauntlet. While I like tight textures this just may be what some of you guys are looking for. I know that a lot of you like to keep thrusting through orgasm and a little after that; so here is the texture you have been waiting for! I find it hard to keep going during an orgasm but I was easily able to do it in Dragon. If you are endowed with a thick penis then you might find a whole new sensation to what I am receiving from it. So, in closing my feelings for Dragon is that of slight disappointment, but remember that I said I like a tight sleeve.


Barracuda Review

July 11th, 2011 (Barracuda Texture)

I must say that I think Lisa Ann rounds out the FLG lineup quite nicely. I have been wanting for a hot MILF FLG for some time and now I have her! Visually Barracuda seems to be a variant of Touch, but its feeling is not the same. Since these two look like they have the same layout I had to have a three-way with Touch and Barracuda. The first couple of strokes left me slightly worried that this would be a repeat of Touch, but it isn't. After a few seconds or so of FLying you will notice that "Love Hump" and that the feeling of Barracuda and Touch part ways. Barracuda overtakes Touch quite quickly in intensity; it will take you right up the beginning of hyper-sensitivity and hold you there. I never had a problem with it over-sensitizing my penis, but you are really on a razor's edge. My little brain told me to slow down, but my big brain won the battle. So I kept going at full tilt and it was so worth it! I had quite the orgasm at this pace, but it also feels very good at slow speed. You can feel the directional change of the fingers as you bump past the hump and it is just so satisfying. So, is it a worthy addition to the FLG line? Damn right it is. It can easily hang with Destroya, Gauntlet, and Primal for an intense FLight. Notice that I said for an "intense FLight"; it can take them on for intensity but if you expect their highly variably feeling you are going to be disappointed. However, leaving it at that is really not giving Barracuda the credit it deserves. The subtle change in feeling that you get from the opposing directions is a fresh change to the extreme differences of the other three. I hope ILF plays this card again. Amazing what a few updates to the rather boring Touch can do, isn't it?


Hearts Review

June 10th, 2011 (Hearts Texture)

When I looked at the image of the interior I thought the hearts would be taller than they really are. In fact, they are very shallow and make the insert far less intense than I expected. Hearts is not a bad sleeve if you want to have a long session, but getting a sleeve with the same layout like Speed Bump, STU, Nipple Alley, or SIAC versions make for a much more intense and satisfying orgasm.


Gauntlet Review

June 10th, 2011 (Gauntlet Texture)

I am extremely pleased with this sleeve. It is such a ride when you are using it, every inch you thrust into is a completely different sensation and it is really the most unique feeling I have come across in quite some time. As you slide in you can gently feel the Swallow ribs and from there on it becomes very interesting. The sensation as you are using it is so complex that you really can't tell what part you are touching with you cock, but trust me on this, you won't care! There are times when you are using that it feels as if you have to stop or you won't be able to stand it, but persevere and the reward will be worth it. NOTE: don’t buy this if you have Destroya as they feel too similar to warrant the price.


Destroya Review

June 10th, 2011 (Destroya Texture)

Just by taking one look at this texture you know that it is going to be good, don’t you? For once, your eyes have reported the truth. Destroya is an unbelievably good texture paired to the different, but hot, big lips of Stoya. Split those big lips and every centimeter you cover rewards you with a completely different sensation. A trait I have yet to find in another sleeve is that of quite varying feelings depending on your stroke speed. Rest assured that no matter the speed you take, this texture will make an excellent and lasting impression with its rows of “teeth” and “fangs”. I cannot comment on what it feels like after you reach the Super-Ribbed spot, but you won’t ever feel like you are missing out! If you are also looking for intensity it will deliver on that front as well. It ties Gauntlet for the spot of most intense multi-texture sleeve available (I do not consider Lotus Garden multi-texture). Nearly all of the FleshLight community will tell you that the Destroya is a must have for avid buyer and agree. NOTE: don’t buy this if you have the Gauntlet as they feel too similar to warrant the price.


Cyclone Review

June 10th, 2011 (Cyclone Texture)

The Cyclone looks to me like a Super-Ribbed mated to the Twista and the result is sensational! While I love ILF’s new direction toward multi-texture setups, this texture shows that a repetitive texture can still shine. Cyclone, for me, is the most intense sleeve ILF has ever released. However, as the saying says, the brightest stars shine for a shorter time, applies here quite well as Cyclone has been relegated to dusty vaults of history. I know this review is being updated after its discontinuation but it is to serve as a reminder to new and old FLyers alike that single texture insert should not be scoffed at in ILF’s current multi-texture world. If you happen to ever run across this texture in a reseller or sex shop and want a toe-curling, verbal orgasm don’t even think twice; grab it and go. If you want to hear more about the vibrating sensation then look at the Touch review.


Crystal Review

June 10th, 2011 (Crystal Texture)

The Crystal brings a new shape into the texture mix, a sphere. As you can see from the pics, it has bumps lining it. All I can say about it is that I cannot enter that sphere, or orb as ILF refers to it, enough while using it! As you enter the texture you begin with a small chamber lined with bumps followed by two distinct sets of ridges from the Wonder Wave. The first set is tighter than the following set and damn do they feel good and then the orb happens! Stationed directly behind the orb, though, is another even tighter canal of Wonder Wave ridges. The texture after that is probably just as good, but unfortunately that is beyond what I can hit. I must hand it to ILF for being able to create a texture that is good enough to stand alone in its product series. Just remember though, this ice sleeve is the exact same material as the old ones, so read: it will get sticky quick! Frankly, I can ignore that problem due to its unique feeling.


Bump N Grind Review

June 10th, 2011 (Bump N Grind Texture)

Well it is about time that FleshLight added a dark lady to lineup; it was getting a little racist! The first two times I used this texture I was extremely disappointed, but my last FLight turned out great. As always, there is a break-in period even if you don't have DGS. Anyway, despite having patches of Vortex swirls and loads of "teeth" from the Swallow it is not as good as either of those. Don't get me wrong, that really makes it sound bad, it is good just NOT AS good as those titans are by themselves. The “teeth” are definitely noticeable. So, you might be curious as to how a Vortex with added teeth isn’t better than it is without them. I think the pauses in the Vortex texture put in place to give the teeth somewhere to reside break up that feeling enough to lose that signature sensation. Also, if you have the Vortex and still want this texture, go for it because they feel different enough to warrant the purchase. Final words: this texture does feel unique and satisfying and if you like the sensation upon entering the Swallow then you will probably like this as well. Also, if you want a change from the vast array of white ladies available, this won't disappoint.


.69 Caliber Review

June 10th, 2011 (.69 Caliber Texture)

I cannot believe how smooth this insert feels and I am not saying this as praise. At no point during my FLight with this texture could I ever feel any of the bullet cartridge design. It simply feels like the Super-Tight, which is not a good thing as I do not like any of the smooth inserts except for the Ultra-Tight. However, if you do like the completely smooth feeling then you can grab this one with a better orifice.


Pure Review

March 21st, 2011 (Pure Texture)

It seems like it has been ages since my last review! Anyway, Pure, or Purist as it is engraved, is every bit as exciting as the orifice is boring. Pure is extremely stimulating with those large ribs at the beginning following the next set of ribs which look like the Super Ribbed but spaced slightly further apart. Its ability to bring you to an inch of orgasm very quickly and the work necessary to hold back are very reminiscent of the STU. I didn't expect this texture to be as great as it is; it just looked too simple. Sometimes simpler is better, eh? Anyway, it is official; the "donut" as it has been called around here is one of the best you can get your hands on for an all-around toe-curling FLight! I suppose this is a case where true beauty lies beneath the superficial.


Tight Squeeze Review

January 4th, 2011 (Tight Squeeze Texture)

I hate to report that, for me, the TS is the biggest let down since the Forbidden. I expected it to be like the Original as you slide in followed be the sensation of the Super Ribbed and ending with your head in a Ultra-Tight canal. Well, you can forget the Super Ribbed sensation. It feels like an Original that ends in an Ultra-Tight. The ribbed patch produces no sensation for me and I believe that is due to the fact that they are so shallow and extremely close together. It felt so smooth that I thought my sleeve was defective, but after spreading it open a little bit and seeing them it was quite apparent to me why I couldn't feel them: too small and bunched up. If you rub your finger along that area you can easily understand why there is no sensation from them because even without any pressure on them they are ridiculously shallow. Now, add the pressure of your penis expanding the sleeve and they effectively get squashed even further resulting in the completely smooth feeling. Personally, I love my Super Ribbed and was really hoping this sleeve would have that feel along that section, but it doesn't. However, if you like the prospect of a really smooth feeling sleeve then this is actually quite good at that. You get all the smoothness of the Original plus the added, and quite good, feeling of running into an Ultra-Tight about halfway in and you can feel when you hit that cone that leads you in. On top of it being a mix of two smooth sleeves, it also looks much nicer than a standard Lady as it is molded on Lupe. Tight Squeeze is quite a bizarre "textured" sleeve really. It completely falls flat as a textured sleeve but excels at being a smooth one. Not exactly what I was expecting or hoping for.


Torrid Review

December 31st, 2010 (Torrid Texture)

Just by looking at the texture image you can tell it is going to be different, but by how much? Well, I thought it would be very different, but it is a subtle difference. I was also expecting it to be very intense, but it isn't. So, not extremely different and not very intense, doesn't sound good does it? It does have its upsides, though. For one, Tori Black has really hot lips and it does feel like the orifice is tighter than most. While each chamber has differing textures I really can't feel any difference, but I can feel the big bumps that separate them. The chambers don't feel radically different as you pass through them, yet you can tell they are lined with small bumps. I believe this multi-chamber idea can work, but Torrid doesn't feel like the revolution it portrays to the eye. Since this texture isn't that intense it will no doubt be good for long edging sessions. In conclusion, my overall feeling on this texture is that of slight disappointment.


Misfit-Scorpio Review

November 19th, 2010 (Misfit-Scorpio Texture)

Ever since I saw this texture I wanted it! I mean it had to be good with a small ribbed area welcoming you on the way in followed by two rows of bumps and then a row of "teeth" from the Swallow. After that you hit a shrinking set of ribs from what looks like the Cyclone texture followed by some what I would call mountain ranges or jagged edges. After using it I can definitely tell you that this is going to be on my popular list! I used it side by side with the Destroya and it is just slightly more intense than that. I also experienced a simply awesome feeling as I edged close to orgasm; it was like it was just playing toe-curling hell with the tip of my cock. I haven't come across that feeling with any multi-texture sleeve yet and only the Super-Ribbed and Cyclone provided a sensation similar. I suppose that means I was brushing back and forth past the ribbed area in the middle, but I really think it was because I was touching those jagged edges right after that. In my opinion, the FleshJack line has a monopoly on the best premium anal sleeve textures. The Forbidden can only dream of being as good as this! In closing, this texture is made of a combination of some of the best original textures and it certainly delivers a sensation that won't let you forget that.


Eros Review

October 30th, 2010 (Eros Texture)

Eros is certainly interesting to look at; a blend of Super-Ribbed walls, Swallow “teeth”, and slight diameter changes like the Vortex yet doubled in frequency. So, here we have another texture that combines three extremely good, intense, and pleasurable textures but does it have what it takes to hang with them? Yes, it actually does! The sensation is more intense than Super-Ribbed because you really can feel the Swallow “teeth”. The slightly changing diameter isn't really discernible when you are using it. The “ribs” and “teeth” play absolute hell on your head and can bring you right up to the point where you think you cannot take it anymore, but don't give in and it will subside and occur again quickly. Eros had me squirming all over the place when this started happening. Another significant quality of Eros is how soon the texture actually begins; you hit the first row of “teeth” extremely close to the entrance. As long as you have a 2” dick you are going to get the same sensation as everyone else! Just something worth mentioning. I will wrap it up by saying Eros landed much further up in intensity and preference than I ever expected it to. I was expecting another mash-up of excellent textures that ended up falling on its face, but this one put that worry to rest in the first FLight. I suppose you might want to know if it is worth buying if you have Super-Ribbed or Swallow already; I think it is. If you don't like Super-Ribbed or Swallow because of their ribbed nature then steer clear of this one, but if you do like them you really can't go wrong with this sleeve.


Nipple Alley Review

July 21st, 2010 (Nipple Alley Texture)

Let me first say that I love Riley's tight little pussy opening! Now, on the texture. Nipple Alley, being a cross between the STU and Speed Bump, makes for a great sleeve. It is slightly less intense than the STU and pretty much ties Speed Bump. The little "nipples" on the bumps aren't really discernible, but it is still a good ride. The bumps are spaced further apart than the STU, but closer than the Speed Bump. They are also slightly smaller than the ones in the STU, and a little larger than the ones in the Speed Bump. I wouldn't buy this one if you have the STU and Speed Bump textures, there is just not enough difference between those two and Nipple Alley to justify the price. If you don't have the STU or Speed Bump both, then grab it.


The Fang Review

July 10th, 2010 (The Fang Texture)

The great thing about the SIAC line is that you can buy all of them and get very excellent Flights with each of them, not to mention cheaper. The Succu Dry version is the only SIAC to have the same color/material as the FleshLight Girls but you pay a few more dollars for it. I would probably rate the Fang texture as number three on my SIAC preference list, way above the Mini-Vortex. I actually expected those pointy projections on the interior to be more intense than they actually are, but that would be a dismal and unfair ending note. I still enjoy this insert a lot especially because you can feel the teeth on the orifice gently rubbing you, but it is just more subtle than the Mini-Speed Bump and Mini-Lotus; it is the best SIAC for a longer Flight. Plus, who wouldn't take head from a smoking hot, err cold, vampire?


Rattler Review

June 21st, 2010 (Rattler Texture)

The Rattler is bizarre. At first it feels like a Forbidden but you can also tell that there is something else working in there. It is almost subliminal those scales in the interior, I really can't explain it. I really didn't think I would be able to feel the scales because of how small they are, but I was wrong. It isn't an intense sensation but it definitely has a feeling that is far more interesting than the smooth Forbidden canal provides. This is an insert that is more suited for long FLights than quickies. This insert still requires frequent re-lubing because of how close it is to smooth inserts.


Maze Review

June 21st, 2010 (Maze Texture)

This insert is truly unique. At first I thought it might be uncomfortable because of the size of the cubes; the bullets in the Vibro came to mind. Anyway, they are not uncomfortable but quite stimulating. This is the first insert that can be used two ways: orienting the orifice normally will cause the cubes to stimulate the sides of your cock, another way is to rotate it 90 degrees which causes the cubes to caress the top and bottom of your cock. While I rate this as a very interesting insert it really isn’t that great. Yeah, it feels good but there is never really any time when you are using that you just think, “Wow, this is good”. I hope that makes sense. In another way, I am not going to be grabbing it often.


Lotus Garden Review

June 21st, 2010 (Lotus Garden Texture)

There is one word to sum this up: DAMN! I had very high hopes for this insert and it delivered and then some. It is extremely intense and very enjoyable. Frankly, this is what the Lotus should always have been. Yes, I know the Lotus is supposed to be accurate regarding internal female anatomy but it really wasn't received as well as ILF had hoped in my opinion. There is one downside to this texture, it is simply impossible to get it to dry since those nodes trap water like a cactus in the desert. This is the most unique feeling insert I have ever owned! It is almost impossible to explain what it feels like passing through node after node. Each one grabs and pulls on the outstroke. I don't want to say the nodes are "rougher", but I guess that is the only word for it. Perhaps the better way to explain it that they feel much more rigid than any other texture. I mean the texture REALLY stands alone in this regard. Also, this insert likes lube at first but it is not like smooth inserts where you have to stop a lot and re-lube, it holds it.


Alien Review

June 21st, 2010 (Alien Texture)

The Alien's double clitoris vagina is just awesome! Yes, it is beyond unrealistic, but I still love it. I will say that it is the loosest of all of the other orifices, but you will not care. Ok, on to the texture itself. After you pass through that otherworldly entrance your cock will hit some fantastic spirals. Surprisingly, the sensation they convey to you cock is, despite their Vortex origin, very unique. They really make you want to pull all the way out and slide back in often. Next, you hit one of those great Lotus nodes which I must say I love more and more. The final feeling is that of the STU bumps which really work your head while the Lotus node keeps your shaft from feeling left out. The overall sensation is really difficult to explain as it doesn't feel that intense but it will truly drain you. During the entire FLight there wasn't a moment that disappointed! I was a little worried with this insert because it is another combination of other textures like the Destroya and Gauntlet which are hard to tell apart. I really didn't want this one to feel like the other two and I can assure you that it doesn't in any way. A side note is the material, it seems to be softer than any other sleeve I have; I guess it probably has to do with the compounds responsible for the cool color.


Mini-Speed Bump (SIAC) Review

June 10th, 2010 (Mini-Speed Bump (SIAC) Texture)

I was astonished at the sensation of this insert when I first tried it and I currently rank this at top for the most intense SIAC. It isn't too intense though, I thoroughly enjoyed my entire session with this SIAC. In my opinion, I would have called it the Mini-STU due to the size of the internal bumps compared to their distance. It will drain you no matter how easy you go at it. I always liked the SB and STU, now you have a choice of insert that is a blend of both and tighter to boot! Now, that IS a good combination!


Bulletproof Review

June 10th, 2010 (Bulletproof Texture)

As soon as I saw this insert I really wanted to try it because it looked to me like a puffed up Wonder Wave, which you guys know is one of my favorites. It isn't as stimulating as I had expected, but that doesn't sum it up at all. The way it works on you is very subtle but very pleasing. Do remember that it is smooth except for the crevices between the humps so it does like lube. It is a texture that I grab if I want a long session.


Swallow Review

April 21st, 2010 (Swallow Texture)

The Swallow is one of those inserts you wouldn’t expect to be so intense, but it certainly is! Ever since the first time I slipped into this texture I really enjoyed it. It feels great to pass through that first set of bumps and then into the ribbed area. I am happy to report that it does not feel at all like the Super-Ribbed texture. I don't think I can reach the tight canal after the large array of bumps half-way through without going balls-deep but honestly I just don't care. The texture is just excellent and I have had great orgasms every time I use it. It is like the Lotus, it might not seem that great the first few times you use it, but don't give up on it because the end reward is really worth it.

There are two versions of this texture; one having replaced the other. The original model’s ¼” ultra-tight canal at the back of the texture has changed slightly. The ultra-tight canal still remains after the row of large bumps, but it increases to ½” approximately halfway after the canal itself starts. I do not have the updated version because it would not matter for me because I could not reach where the change occurred.


Mini-Swallow (SIAC) Review

April 20th, 2010 (Mini-Swallow (SIAC) Texture)

I thought the original Swallow was excellent but good God this one is simply sensational! I cannot stress enough that you should get this one over the full size one if you want a more intense version. There are times when you are using it that you simply have to stop stroking because it is just a sensory overload but in a fabulous way. Despite the added intensity I still prefer the full-size Swallow.


Mini-Stamina (SIAC) Review

April 20th, 2010 (Mini-Stamina (SIAC) Texture)

I was glad to see that this really was a new texture and not a rebadged Mini-Speed Bump. Where the MSB has small cylindrical bumps, this has conical bumps with relatively pointy tips and like the full-size STU they are spaced much closer together than the MSB. I still prefer the full-size STU to this, but I am certainly not saying this one is bad, but it is different. It is easier to last longer in this one than the STU or Mini-Speed Bump.


Forbidden Review

April 8th, 2010 (Forbidden Texture)

I had high hopes for this texture, but this is the first one that has truly let me down. Don't get me wrong, it isn't terrible but it is just missing something. When you look at the cross-section of it you think "Wow that undulating canal must feel great." Well, I hate to report that it just feels like the super-tight smooth texture. Everything starts out well with Lupe's tight little ass, which feels great to spread, but then it just goes downhill. I can barely even feel the ribs at the beginning so that doesn't help. I think this texture would have been a lot more satisfying if they had made the beginning inch or two a good bit tighter so that it felt like a real sphincter you had to pass through. Anyway, it does seem to feel a good bit better if you use it hands-free. I know that I prefer NOT to use some of the FLs hands-free, but this is an exception. It is not the end of the world if you want this texture, just don't expect miracles on the feeling or orgasm and I suppose if you want a slow and gentle FLight it would be excellent for that.


Mini-Vortex (SIAC) Review

April 3rd, 2010 (Mini-Vortex (SIAC) Texture)

I am a big fan of the full-size Vortex, but for some reason this sleeve does not feel as good. My theory is that the ridges are spaced closer together and are harder to discern. The varying diameter chambers are much more prominent in this one compared to the full-size because you can pass through more of them on each stroke. Personally, this is my least favorite of the SIAC line. However, I still break this one out for a pounding pretty often, so that tells you something. I do like the orifice as it is a welcome change among my sea of Lady FleshLights.


Mini-Lotus (SIAC) Review

January 7th, 2010 (Mini-Lotus (SIAC) Texture)

So, after praising the standard Mini-Lotus, you would think that since this is even smaller and tighter I would praise it higher. However, I think I would call it a tie. When I first unscrewed the cap from this I thought, "Uh oh, that is a little too small for me..." Thankfully, I was wrong. The entrance is much, much smaller than the standard Lady FL, but I fit without any problem. I would probably rate this insert slightly more intense than the standard Mini-Lotus due to the size of the entrance and the fact that the internal set up feels a little harder. Maybe harder isn't the right word, perhaps saying the texture feels thicker paints a better picture. Also, I didn't have a problem with the length of the insert; I never hit the end cap or anything. So, the take away message is: if you thought the original Lotus was too loose, then I just about guarantee you will enjoy this one even if you are quite below average, but I can also see them being uncomfortable if you are really large.


Mini-Lotus Review

January 7th, 2010 (Mini-Lotus Texture)

I have to say that my Raven Riley Lotus is one of my favorites and, I can't believe I am saying this; Lupe just dethroned it from its position! I never had a problem with the original Lotus texture, but this new tighter version is just better, period. You can definitely tell what structure you are passing when you are in this insert; the Lotus was kind of vague in this department. Not only is the texture better but the new "FleshTone" material is also much better. Now there is no way I can recommend the standard Lotus since this version is better in every way!


Mini-Forbidden (SIAC) Review

January 7th, 2010 (Mini-Forbidden (SIAC) Texture)

I am pleased to report that the disappointment of the full-size Forbidden is equal to the pleasure of this one. I cannot explain why this one is so much better. The other tighter inserts were just that, a tighter sensation of the original size. However, this one is just a hell of a lot better in all around sensation. I really like the new anal orifice, it is VERY tight. I mean when you look at it at first you think there is no way that is going to expand enough. Get this instead of the full-size.


Touch Review

August 31st, 2009 (Touch Texture)

The interior of this insert is unique from the others because the cylindrical "fingers" extend out far enough from the wall to completely obscure your view from the orifice to the end. In other words, if you try to look through the insert you cannot see past the first two rows of fingers. The fingers are, as I already mentioned, cylindrical and not very wide in diameter. They are also angled away from the orifice and point towards the end. Each row contains three cylinders and every other row is rotated. The best way I can describe this is to visualize a triangle where each vertex is one of the fingers, then overlap another triangle rotated 180 degrees (upside down compared to the first) with a vertex touching the center of the base of the first. For you that own the STU, the offset pattern is the same. Now that I have that explained (I hope) I will talk about the vibrating bullets. I absolutely HATE them! The vibration is fine but once you start to use the FleshLight I found them to be extremely uncomfortable. Yes, they increase the tightness of the canal where they are placed, but when your head gets passed them and you pull back out you collide with those hard bullets. Maybe, using one instead of all three would mitigate this problem, but my suggestion is to not even waste your time with the damn things. I have stated before that I am just average size and I can only imagine how much more uncomfortable they would be if you had more girth than I do. However, it's not all bad. Leave the bullets out and the insert is pretty good. Those fingers really become apparent on the out-stroke and the combination of basically zero diameter due to the fingers' orientation and length makes the FLight quite pleasing. I should also mention that all of those fingers make a huge increase in surface area and this sleeve is therefore a lube lover. It is also quite difficult to clean. With all of that said, I can't recommend this texture due to its $20 or $10 price premium compared to the original and FLG textures, respectively. The inclusion of the vibrating bullets is simply not worth the extra cost.


Super Tight Review

August 7th, 2009 (Super Tight Texture)

The ST is a great smooth insert and as you would probably guess I would place it between the UT and Original when it comes to enjoyment. I didn't really buy this FleshLight because of the texture, but because I wanted one with a mouth orifice. Sometimes if you are REALLY excited, the UT is just a bit too lube hungry, but the ST fills this gap if you want something tighter than the original. As much as I enjoy the ST I can't, with good conscience, recommend it over any of the textured inserts as they provide the same diameter but more pleasure.


Wonder Wave Review

June 21st, 2009 (Wonder Wave Texture)

If memory serves me correctly this was the first textured insert available in the FleshLight and it still is a very good one. As the name implies, there are many sequential waves lining the insert. I was a little skeptical of this insert since the FL community hailed it as one of the all-time favorites and that sets the grounds for a big possible let down. Yet again my worries were thwarted after using this one a couple of times. Those continuous waves just caress the tip of your penis and are just as pleasing as you rub back past them as when you push through them. Despite 40 other textures released at the time of this review, I still put this near the top of my preferred textures list. Even with the release of the Lotus most people swear this is the more realistic insert.


Vortex Review

June 21st, 2009 (Vortex Texture)

The Vortex is difficult to explain in words because the interior is quite complex. I suppose I should start by mentioning that there are multiple seams or ridges that spiral around the interior as they run the length of the insert. Now, that alone would be intense, but there are also multiple chambers of varying diameter. At its tightest point it has the same ¼” diameter of the Ultra-Tight insert but the variation in diameter plus the spiraling ridges are impossible to explain in words. All I can say is that it is one of the most interesting sensations of all of my standard inserts and I dearly enjoy it!


Ultra Tight Review

June 21st, 2009 (Ultra Tight Texture)

I kind of expected this one to be boring since it is a smooth insert, but damn was I wrong! I cannot explain how great it feels to thrust into the UT's 1/4“ canal! It may be smooth, but it sure knows how to work you! The unbelievable tightness allows the material to conform to not only your tip but also every bit of your shaft. In other words, it works every part of your penis with incredible detail. The Ultra-Tight always takes me to a fantastic orgasm! Also worth noting is how little volume there is in the UT's canal, even a small load will come oozing out of the end of the insert. I will tell you that it is the most lube-loving sleeve I have, but if you keep it slick it will not disappoint you.


Twisted Review

June 21st, 2009 (Twisted Texture)

The Twista was one of the first FLG signature textures available and it still remains one of the best. From the cut-away you can’t tell that the spiral actually is a single continuous ridge running the length of the sleeve. The diameter reduces as you venture deeper into the texture along as does the distance between the spiral. You may think Cyclone is a variant of this texture, but it only shares the diameter reduction. The Cyclone does not have a single spiral but many and this gives a very different sensation. In closing, don’t let the Twista’s age and the fact that it now exists in a multi-texture world fool you. It can still hold its own with the best of them.


Super Ribbed Review

June 21st, 2009 (Super Ribbed Texture)

The Super-Ribbed insert is usually referred to as the Super-Tight Super-Ribbed insert by most people because it also shares the same ½” diameter of the smooth Super-Tight insert. However, as the name implies it is ribbed; there are tons of little valleys spaced extremely close together in there and it is a really awesome feeling. If I had to rate this one myself based on its intensity I would probably place it below the STU. Those ridges play hell on the tip of your penis in an extremely pleasing way. I definitely find that I can reach orgasm much faster with this texture than the STU and once the orgasm starts I HAVE to stop moving in and out because my head is so sensitive by this point. Super-Ribbed and Swallow are the only textures that have the continuous ribbed texture, ignoring the The Wall / Tight Squeeze which doesn’t feel like it does. If you do not want a FL with a mouth orifice or simply do not want to pay the extra dough for a FLG/FJB then the SR has you covered!


STU Review

June 21st, 2009 (STU Texture)

ILF claims this is one of their most intense sensations ever; I am not going to argue. The insert, at its widest point, is the same diameter of the Super-Tight (½”) insert but unlike the ST it contains tons of bumps lining the inside. Now, that doesn’t sound particularly interesting but my yank begs to differ. It feels so good from the first time you slide in there and just keeps getting more intense the closer you get to orgasm. For the reason previously stated, ILF places this texture in a segment all its own, which it truly deserves. Designed specifically to allow you learn how to control your orgasm by building up the intensity as you go along. The intensity increase is not linear, but more exponential. Even with 40 textures released, the STU is alone in how it supplies the sensations. If you interested in buying your first FL or if you want to add to your existing collection, look no further; this is a guaranteed excellent FLight. When you do decide to unload, or when you can’t stop yourself, it becomes even more intense as those bumps caress the tip of your penis.


Turbo Tube Review

June 9th, 2009 (Turbo Tube Texture)

The Turbo-Tube was discontinued before I entered the world of FleshLights, so I offer this review for the sake of completeness. I was able to grab it during the final phase out of the Mocha color during an Easter sale if I remember correctly. TT is actually quite different compared to any of the textures available with its separated chambers not unlike Torrid. However, unlike Torrid the texture stays the same; thick humps running parallel along the length of the sleeve. It looks much more interesting than it feels. I cannot feel much of anything using it but it does feel better than the all smooth inserts with the exception of the Ultra-Tight whose immense tightness overcomes the small feeling you receive from the TT. I am not surprised that ILF discontinued this texture; it just isn’t very good.


Speed Bump Review

June 9th, 2009 (Speed Bump Texture)

Supposedly the most intense sensation you can get with a standard FleshLight texture is produced by the Speed Bump and I agree. Now, if you were to compare this insert with the STU you would see that they are basically the same setup, but how they are executed makes all of the difference in the world. The Speed Bump is yet another ½” diameter sleeve with the well-known Super-Tight Speed Bump moniker. The STU and SB share the same staggered bump pattern, but while the STU has large, closely spaced bumps the SB has smaller bumps that are spaced considerably further apart and the sensation is totally different. It feels like 50 little fingers rubbing your head and shaft as your plunge in and out of this insert. Lasting takes serious practice in this insert, you just have to completely stop moving your penis when you get close to orgasm, but let me tell you when you do decide to let go it will drain you like crazy. It is definitely a knee-trembler.

There are two versions of this texture; one having replaced the other. The original texture had hemispherical bumps while the new version has cylindrical studs with a conical top. I have both versions and they feel identical.


Original Review

June 9th, 2009 (Original Texture)

I was not expecting much from this insert since it is looser than any other insert I have, but after about the second session of using it, I quite like it! It is exactly the same as my Ultra-Tight, but 4 times wider on the inside, now that might make it sound too wide, but trust me it isn’t. I suppose I should have just said that is like the UT because it is totally smooth. Anyway, if you want a slow, relaxing session that still ends with an amazing orgasm, then grab this one. It should be mentioned that I used this insert after trying every other textured insert available and I still like it.


Lotus Review

June 9th, 2009 (Lotus Texture)

ILF’s only vaginal insert to be used across the entire FLG line is supposed to simulate vaginal sex perfectly. Now, when I first got this one and tried it out I was completely disappointed with it, but after having it for some time now and getting a chance to use it more I have really come to love it. The vaginal lips and clitoris are so much better to look at, since they are molded after Raven Riley, than the standard Lady orifice. Another thing I noticed about this sleeve is that the material it is made out of is noticeably softer than any of my other inserts. Anyway, as you first start into the Lotus and pass the tight entrance you find yourself in a wide opening that ends in what ILF calls an inverted node followed by some more chambers close to like what you find in the Wonder Wave. I will be the first to say that this insert is not anywhere near as intense as most of my other ones, but if that is all I said to describe it, I would be doing it a severe injustice. I can only explain it by saying that it is extremely pleasing to use; the soft insert feels so good and then you reach that inverted node, which curls backwards when you pull out past it. All of that together makes for an amazing FLight with an unexpectedly strong orgasm at the end.


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