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Inside the Vigor canal is an unusual texture formed by diagonally running seams which cross each other multiple times, creating a mesh of diagonal ribs. This canal has no constrictions, separated chambers and other similar components and thus is simply a tube with an unchanging inner diameter. Overall, this texture is comparatively only slightly pronounced and is therefore especially suited for longer masturbation sessions.

The canal starts with a bell-shaped 0.8 inch (20 mm) entrance passage with an inner diameter of 0.6 inch (15 mm). This is followed by the main canal, which has a constant diameter of 0.8 inch (20 mm) throughout the entire length. The side-walls of the main canal are smooth and above the inner surface runs a mesh of 0.12 inch (3 mm) wide and 0.04 inch (1 mm) high diagonal ribs that cross over each other in distances of 1.0 inch (25 mm).


Sleeve length: approx. 9.0"
Orifice depth: approx. 1.25"
Inner texture length: approx. 7.75"
Case length: 10"

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girthreviews' Review

December 14th, 2017 by girthreviews

–Reviews For Girthy (or more-sensitive) Guys–

TL;DR sleeve summary: 6/10, an ok mid-high intensity sleeve if above-average, but scrapes quite a bit if you’re at all sensitive. Much gentler with girth mod mentioned below.

Sleeves work completely differently depending on girth, so these reviews are here to help average-length girthy guys find the textures that fit best. Those with sensitive... Read More

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Kris Evans


Fleshjack Boys


Kris Evans Butt

Release Date:

August 2011



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User Reviews:


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Fleshjack Vigor Reviews

Found 4 reviews in total

Intensity 3.25
Stimulation 3.6
Penetration 1.75
Tightness 1
Suction Effect 3.75
Realism 1.55
Variation 0.95
Smoothness 1.7
Orgasm Rating 2
Noise 3.2
Lube Use 1.95
Cleanup 4.45
Dry Time 4.75
girthreviews' Avatar

girthreviews' Review

December 14th, 2017 by girthreviews
Owns 55 Sleeves, 29 Ratings, 29 Reviews

–Reviews For Girthy (or more-sensitive) Guys–

TL;DR sleeve summary: 6/10, an ok mid-high intensity sleeve if above-average, but scrapes quite a bit if you’re at all sensitive. Much gentler with girth mod mentioned below.

Sleeves work completely differently depending on girth, so these reviews are here to help average-length girthy guys find the textures that fit best. Those with sensitive members may also find this info helpful, as the effect is similar even if not 100% comparable. Whether due to girth or sensitivity, you don’t want textures that scrape badly.

Info for reference: just under 6” length, 7” shaft girth with a 5.5” head that’s fairly sensitive; all sessions done with sleeve flaps cut off (for looseness) + Fleshlight warmed & locked down horizontally to thrust into (for better feeling sensations). If you’re girthy, but not 7” girthy, awesome – way more sleeves will work for you! Average these reviews with others, according to where on the girth spectrum you fall.

NOTE: if a sleeve works poorly for your girth due to the case allowing no more room to stretch, cutting a layer off the sleeve’s ring (that sits behind the case’s ring) can work wonders to reduce pressure and let you feel everything better. Just be careful of the sleeve falling out if used vertically, and always test out small adjustments before modding a sleeve any amount.

Needs girth mod: Maybe. I can use it without, but the pressure definitely makes the ridges extra harsh.

Smoothness: 4/10. At higher girth, it rubs quite a lot, and can leave you a bit raw from the ridges.

Intensity & Sensation: 7/10. How much you’re stretching it drastically changes the texture. The more it clings to your girth, the more the little ridges rub. It’s a very uniform sleeve, but can feel surprisingly intense despite how little texture there is.

Intensity During Orgasm: 9/10. Not advisable if you’re sensitive during orgasm. The walls of the sleeve may not stick out far, but the edges can grind a lot, especially as you swell up while finishing.

Overall Experience: 6/10. Same as with the similar sleeve Delight, it’s a unique and wide sleeve that’s good for girth, but may need a modification if you’re thick enough. It’s a bit rough and non-squishy for my tastes, but that’s just due to personal preference and sensitivity. Still feels good, but I’m not over the moon about it.

Score 2.68 Overall Satisfaction 3.55
Intensity 1.45
Stimulation 1.45
Penetration 0.5
Tightness 0.4
Suction Effect 1.4
Realism 2.95
Variation 0.5
Smoothness 2.85
Orgasm Rating 1.6
Noise 3.45
Lube Use 3.4
Cleanup 3.25
Dry Time 3.15
sbaby's Avatar

sbaby's Review

December 17th, 2016 by sbaby
Owns 4 Sleeves, 12 Ratings, 11 Reviews

First of all, this is a really wide open butt hole. I should've known just looking at the texture that this one is better suited for the well endowed. As a guy with average girth, I do not feel the powerful orgasm nor the amazing subtle stimulation. It is interesting looking but sensation wisest just doesn't work that well for me. I used it a few times then just moved on. In my opinion, the originals work better for edging than this one does. It is easy to dry though so gotta give it some credit.

This is probably my least favorite FJB sleeve, buy a bigger man might enjoy it more.

Score 2.04 Overall Satisfaction 2.2
Intensity 3.875
Stimulation 3.875
Penetration 2.5
Tightness 1.475
Suction Effect 5
Realism 2.5
Variation 1.425
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 2.5
Cleanup 2.5
Dry Time 2.5
lumpynose's Avatar

lumpynose's Review

January 6th, 2015 by lumpynose
Owns 17 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 7 Reviews

I need a looser sleeve and this one definitely does the job. The texture is nice because it's not too aggressive and still drives you crazy.

The rest of this review is nearly identical to my review of the Delight. The Delight is a more subtle texture and is therefore very good for edging.

This sleeve and the Delight are my two favorites at this time. I'm about 5 1/2 inches (14 cm) in circumference so I prefer the sleeves with a wider internal diameter. I also prefer sleeves with a lower intensity so that I can have a longer session without rubbing my dick raw, I always go into automatic edging mode without even thinking about it; squirting is not the objective, the long trip there is.

With the wider sleeves the suction works really well for me. I can tighten the cap down almost all the way for high suction. The combination of the suction and the gentle texture is incredible.

With the end cap screwed down for high suction the lube stays inside and eventually my dick can get dry so occasionally I'll need to loosen the end cap and let the lube coat all of my dick. I'll typically do that after squirting more lube into the sleeve.

I was worried about the anal orifice. Prior to this sleeve I'd had only sleeves with the mouth orifice. Although I still prefer the mouth orifice the anal orifice works out very well. The problem with the anal orifice is that you have to be careful if you pull out all of the way; getting your dick back in can be tricky even if you're rock hard. It's not that it's too tight, but it's not a wide open hole like it is with the mouth orifice. It's a nice flexible hole so if you hit it right you'll go right back in, but you've got to hit the bulls eye, so to speak. With the end cap screwed down I get a nice popping/sucking sound when my dick head comes out if I pull out quickly, which is kind of a turn on. But it's better to pull out slowly so that you can better aim for the return. And maybe keep just a little bit of your dick head in the hole. Pulling all the way out and then going right back in is also incredible, in this respect it's better than the mouth orifice.

It's too bad they don't offer this with the mouth orifice which I'd also buy. Other than that I love it.

Score 2.82 Overall Satisfaction 2.82
ThePowerHouse's Avatar

ThePowerHouse's Review

September 9th, 2011 by ThePowerHouse
Owns 15 Sleeves, 57 Reviews

Vigor is certainly an interesting looking non-multiple texture; I think it looks like a chain-link fence of sorts. I suppose that paints a rather dull picture, but it really isn’t. Vigor’s interesting design gives it an equally interesting feel. The first few strokes will feel rather like a smooth sleeve, but a subtle rub-rub feeling will start to transfer to you cock head and that feeling will just keep getting stronger. Let me put this on the table now: this is not an intense sleeve. However, it is a very pleasing low- to mid-intensity sleeve that would work magic for edging. I am normally a fan of the intense textures, but for some reason I rather like this one; it is probably my favorite in this category. Maybe it is because of that linear increase in pleasure it provides. The real surprise of this texture is the orgasm. It is just beyond what you think your FLight could have conjured up. So, if you are thinking about a good edging sleeve that can still provide an excellent landing even when you don’t feel like working that long, look no further than Vigor.


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