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Hey there! thisisnothing18 here.
My methods include warming up a fleshlight by wrapped it into a heating pad.
Astroglide and FleshLube are the two lubes I use.
For measurements, I am 4.95 inches in length and 4 inches in girth.

Found 1 reviews in total

Intensity 3.8
Stimulation 3.8
Penetration 2.95
Tightness 3.4
Suction Effect 3.85
Realism 0
Variation 3.75
Smoothness 2.5
Orgasm Rating 4.4
Noise 4
Lube Use 3.45
Cleanup 4.85
Dry Time 3.1

Pilot Review

January 6th, 2020 (Pilot Texture)

This was my second Fleshlight that I have purchased. This one intrigued me because of the mini-Destroya style texture. For my size, I think that the Pilot is a great buy, Penetration is decent, the first chamber really hugs your head. Popping into the next chamber changes everything. Your head and shaft gets brushed and pressed by soft barbed nubs. Being 5 inches in length, my head was experiencing some amazing feelings when stroking in. I am rating the Orgasm Rating a little higher because of this. Finishing inside was almost unbearable as I am sensitive, but felt much better than the Go Surge.

In my usage, there was very little noise and suction was pretty good. For lube, I had to drop two or three drops in the entrance, place it on my head, and then drop another 2 or 3 drops from the other side, then place the cap on. Twisting the Pilot around my member afterwards helped spread the lube around.

I like that this Pilot is clear! It helped tremendously with the clean up as I could easily see where I needed to clean.

For the average length guys, I think this is a great buy. The "Mini-Destroya" chambers feel great.

Score 3.70 Overall Satisfaction 4.3
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