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Found 2 reviews in total

Intensity 4.95
Stimulation 4.9
Penetration 4.85
Tightness 3.8
Suction Effect 3.5
Realism 2.75
Variation 3.15
Smoothness 2.35
Orgasm Rating 3.5
Noise 3.2
Lube Use 3.75
Cleanup 2.6
Dry Time 2.35

Destroya Review

December 21st, 2021 (Destroya Texture)

This texture was my dream, but I was afraid of its intensity and the desire to buy something close to a realistic texture, but for the New Year I decided to make myself a gift and order my dream. The lips look very sexy and the hole looked even narrower than the "Cream" girl. The jagged edges along the entire texture looked intimidating and I have never dealt with such textures, with spikes. After spending a couple of sessions, my fears were dispelled, I spent quite long sessions and did not finish quickly as many warned. I clean and rinse the texture thoroughly as I think that such a texture is complex and needs to be rinsed well.

The texture is dense, the bumps of the thorns can make you cum faster. Wash thoroughly.

Score 3.54 Overall Satisfaction 3.95
Intensity 5
Stimulation 5
Penetration 5
Tightness 4.9
Suction Effect 4.95
Realism 4.9
Variation 3.95
Smoothness 3.9
Orgasm Rating 4.9
Noise 2.95
Lube Use 3.95
Cleanup 4.95
Dry Time 4

Cream Review

December 21st, 2021 (Cream Texture)

When I first saw the Cream texture, I already wanted to get it, and reading reviews, reviews on different sites only increased the desire to get it. This texture was well received. But I had to wait almost a year for it to appear in stores in my country, unfortunately, fleshlight does not supply directly, only to official partners. When I received it, opened it and saw these incredible labia, they are very different from other girls and I really loved it. Opening it with my fingers, I saw a dense texture, I did not expect it to be so dense and varied. After rinsing it from the powder applied by the manufacturer. Made some incredible flights. After my two previous girls (Dorsel, Goddess), it was just something new and unimaginable, completely different sensations, for a month now I have been spending time only with cream and there was no desire to use old girls. Washing this texture is not difficult, it is easy to rinse and wipe off with a towel. Doing long sessions and it's amazing. In my collection, there was a lack of such a texture, close to real vaginal sex.

This texture is perfect as a first Fleshlight for beginners. Easy to clean, relatively dense and realistic feeling, beautiful labia.

Score 4.53 Overall Satisfaction 5


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