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October 28th, 2020 (Treat Texture)

Actually I am shocked that such a wonderful sleeve haven’t got any reviews since 2018 till now (end 2020). Come on! It’s Elsa’s Jean butt (2 mil followers on Instagram). This is my first review here. Previously I had (beyond, karma, fit, thrust) all are thrown away and I don’t regret it (except for beyond). Currently booty lust and treat are in my collection. And I prefer treat. It’s tighter and more intense. This is the tightest in my collection, at first it was hard to get in but after a while a butthole stretched. This is the most intense. Many people say fit is intense, but I could easy edge with it while with treat it’s impossible. It grips hard and nice reminds me beyond but I could edge easy with it also. Not a case here. Btw I am average (5.9lx5.1g). I can not tell much about the texture. Had it for 3 months. The orifice looks like 18 yo girl’s butt. No penetration effect here. Excellent suction. Silent. It becomes dry after 24 hours.

Recommend, overall it’s a nice addition to collection. I don’t know what to add just let me publish the review.

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