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March 4th, 2023 (Blow Texture)

I had a lot of fun with this fleshlight which I have used five times at the time of writing and there are some good things, the end cap and then my closing thoughts.

The Good Things.
This sleeve is great for edging as the material is really soft and stays nice and slick. Now either the design department at fleshlight is staffed by geniuses or this is a happy accident because the chamber where the first ring sits basically acts like a 'tank' of sorts where lube will pool/gather this makes this sleeve great for edging as you can roll the fleshlight over and it will lube your penis, the lube will still run out and you will have to add more lube.
On average, I edge for about two hours some times more and with other sleeves, I might have to reapply lube 4 or 5 times with this sleeve though I only had to apply more lube twice and that was partly because the sleeve is so smooth and soft that you don't use as much lube which is very economical all around as if you where to just use this sleeve you would use less lube less often and thus you don't have to buy as much lube as often.

The rings are one of my favorite things about this sleeve as they give you so much feeling and if you are uncircumcised like myself the rings will pull the foreskin back with every thrust in, not by much but it certainly helps.

The Endcap
The end cap is really the only unique thing about the case, other than the color which is a nice shade of blue the end cap is the only thing that is new or different about the case the rest of it is your standard case. I do like the idea of the end cap, it is a brilliant little bit of engineering, like the adverts for the boost say you can adjust the pressure going into the case with the little slider on the top so you can finally seal the end cap completely and still have airflow with the slider working in tandem with the rubber air hole that lets air out. I do have to issues with it.

First - Because of the end cap, this fleshlight is loud and I mean LOUD, if you are trying to have a beating session with this thing and other people are in the next room they will hear you and it will sound like someone is choking on your penis. (If you put the sleeve in a standard case you will get the same kind of noise levels you would with any other fleshlight).

Second - The endcap is, in my opinion, a little over-engineered as the center hole that is covered with the rubber seams a little redundant as the same effect could be achieved with the slider, I'm sure there are reasons for this but for me it seems a little overdone in my opinion, the effect it gives is great but to me it seams overdone.

Closing Thoughts
The fleshlight boost 'Blow' is an absolutely fantastic product and I will definitely get one of the other ones in the range, these are amazing edging machines and are definitely worth the money, the end cap was a slight disappointment when it came to the noise levels but if that is not an issue for you then the end cap is definitely a good addition whether you are having a quick jack of session or a hours long edging odyssey this fleshlight is definitely a good investment, one small bit of advice I would add is that if the noise level is an issue for you then you could add a spare case to your cart before you buy.

All in all 9/10.


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