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Found 4 reviews in total

Intensity 3.35
Stimulation 4.1
Penetration 4.45
Tightness 3.6
Suction Effect 3.5
Realism 4.1
Variation 4.25
Smoothness 4.65
Orgasm Rating 4.9
Noise 4.35
Lube Use 4.65
Cleanup 4.65
Dry Time 3.85

Fit Review

December 14th, 2017 (Fit Texture)

This is a pretty good sleeve. Aesthetically, it's a pretty unique looking sleeve. It's almost more boxy than other vaginal sleeves. The first penetration is amazing, and the rest of the texture is pretty nice. I was enjoying it while using it, but the best part was how intense the orgasm was. By far the best orgasm I've had in a fleshlight to date.

One of the best orgasm experiences with sleeves, I'd definitely recommend it

Score 4.20 Overall Satisfaction 4.45
Intensity 3.15
Stimulation 3.15
Penetration 3.4
Tightness 2.4
Suction Effect 3.5
Realism 4.2
Variation 2.65
Smoothness 4.45
Orgasm Rating 3.6
Noise 4.5
Lube Use 2.1
Cleanup 4.9
Dry Time 4.45

Swallow Review

December 14th, 2017 (Swallow Texture)

Aesthetically, this is a very enticing sleeve. I love the material they use, it's weird but it seems to be slightly softer than a normal sleeve. The lips are nice and pouty, so I was really excited to use it. I actually used it in tandem with my launch, and the experience was okay. Took a lot of lube and at times it was pleasurable, but sometimes the stimulation just wasn't very intense. Not a bad sleeve, but I've certainly used better.

Very aesthetically pleasing, but the lack of intense stimulation makes this a forgettable sleeve.

Score 3.58 Overall Satisfaction 3.6
Intensity 4.75
Stimulation 4.45
Penetration 3.25
Tightness 3.95
Suction Effect 4.4
Realism 4.1
Variation 4.7
Smoothness 4.6
Orgasm Rating 4.95
Noise 3.6
Lube Use 4.65
Cleanup 3.95
Dry Time 3.35

Obsession-Bliss Review

December 4th, 2017 (Obsession-Bliss Texture)

Overall, this is a really good texture. The best feature that this has to offer is the bristles that get tighter and narrower as you go deeper, so penetrating all the way to the end of the sleeve is a really intense experience. That being said, the first portion of the sleeve before it gets narrower isn't anything special, but by no means is it boring.

Perfect sleeve for deep thrusts, gets much more intense the deeper you go

Score 4.24 Overall Satisfaction 4.7
Intensity 4.35
Stimulation 4.45
Penetration 4.95
Tightness 4.7
Suction Effect 4.35
Realism 4.6
Variation 3.5
Smoothness 3.75
Orgasm Rating 4.7
Noise 3.6
Lube Use 3.65
Cleanup 4.75
Dry Time 4.1

Reign Review

December 4th, 2017 (Reign Texture)

This is honestly my favorite texture of the 8 I've tried. The best part is the initial penetration, and it keeps you sucked in quite well. It drys pretty well and is easy to clean. Only issue I would have is that can be a little noisy if you're really going to town on it.

A great sleeve, definitely the best I own. Best part is the first inch of penetration

Score 4.30 Overall Satisfaction 4.75


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