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Intensity 4.4
Stimulation 4.95
Penetration 4.6
Tightness 2.45
Suction Effect 3.55
Realism 4.6
Variation 5
Smoothness 1.9
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 2.85
Lube Use 3.95
Cleanup 3.85
Dry Time 3.9

Insatiable Review

July 7th, 2022 (Insatiable Texture)

I just repurchased this texture because I love it so much. I have been through a lot of sleeves, and this is only the 2nd one I've bought again when it reached it's end of life. I think that says a lot about how picky I am. This texture is especially good, because it has 3 different textures lined up one after another. Most reviews talk about the one really special texture. But I'm going to tell you about all 3. First, the entry is wonderful. There are some sleeves that I feel are placed in the wrong spot, and this is one that hits the sweet spot. The first texture is absolutely incredible to tease just the head with. It's far enough inside that you don't feel like you're going to fall out of it because you moved a little too much. The head fits in this first texture like one of those really well crafted pieces of metal they have competitions over. Like it was designed to be there. Pushing on through, the next chamber locks in place like that again too. It feels like an even better feeling area on the head, and for some reason, that first chamber seems to change in texture once you push through to have it working the top shaft/frenulum. These two have brought me to so many of those orgasms you can feel coming a mile away, and when it hits it's still a surprise. If I could, I might double back here, and leave some more metaphors. Pushing to the third chamber, feels really chill. Like you know you are just a tiny adjustment away from your favorite/most intense Fleshlight orgasm thus far in 15+ years. When things get too intense, I push all the way in, which is so much more luxurious than having to pull out.

This three-chamber, intense, and ever changing texture is my all time favorite in a decade, easily.

Score 4.00 Overall Satisfaction 5
Intensity 4.375
Stimulation 4.375
Penetration 4.9
Tightness 4.4
Suction Effect 3.675
Realism 4.85
Variation 4.4
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 4.35
Cleanup 4.3
Dry Time 4.525

Pure Review

December 16th, 2014 (Pure Texture)

This is my current favorite sleeve, so it pains me to write that it's discontinued. It has many of the things I enjoyed in the Wonder Wave, Destroya, and Twista all combined into one. The opening leaves a bit to be desired, but I guess that was the point? There seems to be three sections that I (or a normal sized user) can feel. The first is very loose, and you can really work the tip from nearly any angle, which is different from all other flesthlights. The second is where the ridges start, and feel like the Wonder Wave. That second section is interesting because there's no tight pressure around your base like there is with many other inserts I'd tried. The third section is where it really goes to town on your head when you're deep inside. I have a few other inserts on my wish list, but I mainly wish others could try this and see if they agree.

Current all time favorite sleeve. I wish they still made it, and I wish there were other options that resembled it. I'd buy in a heartbeat.

Score 4.42 Overall Satisfaction 4.42
Intensity 4.475
Stimulation 4.375
Penetration 4.8
Tightness 3.8
Suction Effect 3.375
Realism 4.65
Variation 4.65
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 3.4
Cleanup 3.6
Dry Time 2.75

Destroya Review

December 16th, 2014 (Destroya Texture)

This is a super enjoyable and intense sleeve. I rarely lasted very long, but isn't that the point? This was the first insert that I owned that made use of those spiky points inside, and that I was able to really feel. There is a bit of natural suction once you get about half way inside that was great, although it made it a little noisier than I'd have liked. Grinding up against the opening on the Destroya is the best of all the inserts I've tried.

Intense, confusing, and enjoyable. Everything you'd expect from an insert worth of Stoya.

Score 3.99 Overall Satisfaction 3.99
Intensity 3.4
Stimulation 4.1
Penetration 4.3
Tightness 2.025
Suction Effect 2.3
Realism 4.525
Variation 4.25
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 3.675
Cleanup 3.8
Dry Time 3.9

Twisted Review

December 16th, 2014 (Twisted Texture)

This was the first FLG that I really enjoyed. It is looser than anything else I'd owned, and to be honest, I didn't mind at all. The texture was just as equally consistent as it was surprising. In my opinion this was a slightly more interesting wonder wave. It was slightly more subtle, but a little less intense, which meant I could use it for prolonged sessions. The entry isn't my favorite looking, but it definitely felt the best of all the others I'd tried.

If you have to get a FLG, this has to be one of the main contenders. Maybe the Stoya Destroya is more intense, but this felt more realistic.

Score 3.63 Overall Satisfaction 3.63
Intensity 4.475
Stimulation 4.6
Penetration 4.275
Tightness 3.875
Suction Effect 4.3
Realism 4.775
Variation 4.05
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 3.875
Cleanup 3.55
Dry Time 3.8

Wonder Wave Review

December 16th, 2014 (Wonder Wave Texture)

This was the first fleshlight that I wanted, and truly enjoyed. I ordered it along with the speed bump and the super ribbed, and the wonder wave saw WAY more action that the other two. In fact, I think I used the speed bump about 5 times before I gave up on it after holding onto it for two years or so. The wonder wave is what I judge all other textures on, and to this day, I think I only enjoy textures that are based on this design.

If I had to choose one texture to use forever, this would be the one.

Score 4.16 Overall Satisfaction 4.16


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