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September 11th, 2022 (Torrid Texture)

First off. I’m a girthier fellow and at around 6 inches length. Uncircumcised head. I can say without a doubt this is my favorite fleshlight. Always leaves me yearning for “another go” like the real thing. I have tried over 10 different fleshlight girls and this one is the type of fleshlight that will have you for hours on end balls deep and smiling. The entrance isn’t that tightest but that allows you to dig in so deep. It feels pretty realistic in terms of how it grips your penis. Even my anal sleeves don’t satisfy me like this one. This texture sends chills down your spine . I have always been a proponent of tighter and more extreme sleeves to elevate my experience but this one beats all those. Moved to the top of my collection real quick.
Real sex leaves my penis throbbing at its biggest size with that aroused feeling. This fleshlight will do the same. No other fleshlight has done this for me. Meaning it arouses your senses a lot. When there are there no roommates home, this is my go-to for a 2 hour long moan sessions when your balls deep . When you pull out there is a great suction when you tighten the cap. If you want that gorilla grip coochie this is it !!!

Great for spread eagle position !! I would recommend 100% .Very underrated !! :)


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