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Intensity 4.15
Stimulation 3
Penetration 3.6
Tightness 3.55
Suction Effect 4.15
Realism 3.65
Variation 5
Smoothness 4.1
Orgasm Rating 4.3
Noise 2.75
Lube Use 4.15
Cleanup 4.35
Dry Time 4.75

Compact Utopia Review

March 2nd, 2021 (Compact Utopia Texture)

- I was worried it would be too tight as a girthier guy, but it was the perfect tightness for me

- both orifices feel amazing, fucking both sides has a different sensation but equally intense

- I like the clear look, aesthetically it's quite pleasing if you're using it with a partner, filming yourself jerking, etc.

- It's pretty noisy, but this is actually a plus for me because I get turned on by things like that lol

- Very versatile, you can use it to simply jerkoff, to tease your head, get your cock sucked, or even prop it up in positions to fuck it in

Despite not being a Riley Reid fan, I absolutely love it! Would recommend to everyone regardless of the size of your penis.

Score 3.99 Overall Satisfaction 4.3
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