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Intensity 2.95
Stimulation 3.55
Penetration 3.75
Tightness 2.2
Suction Effect 3.05
Realism 1.6
Variation 1.6
Smoothness 1.8
Orgasm Rating 3.75
Noise 3.25
Lube Use 3.3
Cleanup 3.15
Dry Time 2.75

Yeti Review

June 1st, 2019 (Yeti Texture)

I have always liked the freaks because they look so interesting new to be banging a monster. The inside is similar to the STU. It's very good for practicing to last longer. the sleeve is very intense and stimulating and you will orgams very quickly. it is very enjoyable but not good for edging

Great if you want variety in the external part. It is very intense and great for training.

Score 2.88 Overall Satisfaction 3.65
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