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Just a happily married guy who likes to have more sex than his wife does. I started using Fleshlights about three years ago with an original, and am soon going to be getting my 5th, 6th and 7th sleeves. Pretty adventurous sexually, but the wife is not, so my Fleshlights are my "fuck-buddies." Always ready when I'm ready...

Found 4 reviews in total

Intensity 3.725
Stimulation 4.35
Penetration 4.875
Tightness 3.925
Suction Effect 3.225
Realism 4.725
Variation 3.3
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 3.775
Cleanup 3.775
Dry Time 3.25

Entice Review

March 3rd, 2015 (Entice Texture)

Just got three sleeves that were on my wish list today, and let's just say I was a busy guy this afternoon. I'm sure most of you know about the "waiting game" watching UPS tracking on the website, so I was pleasantly surprised when they decided to deliver early this morning. You see, the wife is out of town, and since I'm a big fan of anal and she's not, I have wanted to get inside this sleeve since it came out.
Of course, I had to try all three sleeves immediately ("Texas Tornado", Joann's "Punk" and of course, Angela's delicious "Entice"). Out of the three, I would have to say that the "entice" seems like it will be my favorite. I'm exhausted as I'm writing this, because I made sure to give all three sleeves a proper flight today, and I'm looking forward to waking up with the "Punk" tomorrow, but the "Entice" to me feels the most realistic out of all three sleeves.
First off, the opening is SOOO much more attractive than butt openings of the past. Such a cute little opening with a good amount of cheek... feels really nice against the base of your penis and balls. The opening also has just the right amount of tightness to feel like good anal sex. Not too tight, but like a nicely-lubed and relaxed butthole. And then the texture... Wow! This sleeve has a lot going on for it because the inside has variations that seem to tease your penis the same way as an anal virgin's ass will, and the opening gets a little tighter the deeper you get in. When this sleeve is warmed up with a little thin lube, it REALLY feels like the real thing. That said, you may want to speed up your session with this one, because once it starts to cool down a bit, it doesn't feel as real. You could definitely edge with this one, but as long as you can discretely warm this one up, it is a perfect five-minute session for during the day.

Honestly the closest thing to good anal I've found in the Fleshlight lineup so far. Beautiful puckered entrance with just the right amount of tightness, AMAZING texture that will trick your penis into thinking it's in a hot ass, and feels best when as hot as hot water can get it. This is a great sleeve for "getting some ass" during the afternoon.

Score 3.90 Overall Satisfaction 3.9
Intensity 2.85
Stimulation 3.825
Penetration 3.05
Tightness 2.25
Suction Effect 2.05
Realism 1.925
Variation 1.875
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 4.7
Cleanup 4.75
Dry Time 4.75

Original Review

December 12th, 2014 (Original Texture)

My first Fleshlight... Original Butt. Bought it about three years ago, and it has since been retired and laid to rest but for about a year and a half, gave me many great orgasms. Once I got the Stoya and the Forbidden though, it became a little too boring for me. I still used it from time to time (typically along with the Destroya and/or the Forbidden), but when it got to the point that it sat on my closet shelf for almost a half a year, I knew it was time to let it go. I would have kept it except when I opened it the last time (after about a year of ignoring it) it had black mold all along the interior wall. Tried to clean it, but it was a loss... KEEP YOUR SLEEVES AIRED.

Overall, a great starter sleeve. It got me hooked!

This sleeve is perfect for someone just starting out with Fleshlights. Not very realistic, but way better than just a hand. Buy them on sale if you've been wanting to try out a Fleshlight...

Score 3.21 Overall Satisfaction 3.21
Intensity 3.75
Stimulation 2.85
Penetration 3.825
Tightness 2.95
Suction Effect 3.85
Realism 3.375
Variation 1.8
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 4.25
Cleanup 3.975
Dry Time 3.825

Forbidden Review

December 12th, 2014 (Forbidden Texture)

I've had this sleeve for about two years now, and have enjoyed it tremendously. I bought the Stoya Butt Forbidden at the same time I bought the Destroya, and out of the two, this one is my favorite - much more realistic. That said, it's no substitute for actual anal sex, but it does do well between two pillows "doggystyle." I know a lot of the sleeves are supposed to have a break-in period, but this one was awesome right out of the box. Upon entry, the ribbing feels fantastic, but after about a year or so, they stretch out and I guess get worn out, because they kind of disappear. Don't get me wrong - the sleeve still feels fantastic even after a year! Another suggestion I would make is that if Fleshlight wants to make the Forbidden seem even more real, tighten up that pucker. I know this is a tough request to meet due to material and manufacturing, but if they could figure out a way to keep the inside feeling like it does while making the entry a bit of a challenge, it would be a MUCH more realistic anal experience. Also, after two years mine has started to tear at the opening so it's starting to feel looser every time I use it. For the cost though, two years is about 500-600 uses... so it's been worth the cost. Also, I think it loses some of it's exclusivity because it's offered on just about every Fleshlight Girls' Butts. I really wish Fleshlight would focus a little more creativity on the Girls' Butts instead of just making the Forbidden for everyone. It would keep it more interesting for sure!

One tip I've used that you may want to try with the Forbidden is to take a heavy duty rubber band and wrap it around the entry of the sleeve to make it tighter (those rubber bands that come on asparagus at the store work great for this). Kind of hard to keep them from moving though, but fun if you can get it to work.

Being that this sleeve seems to be on almost all the Girls' Butt sleeves, chances are you're going to end up with one eventually. It's a great-feeling sleeve, though really not THAT similar to anal sex. This is a wonderful sleeve to edge with. Worth every penny in my opinion...

Score 3.45 Overall Satisfaction 3.45
Intensity 4.175
Stimulation 4
Penetration 3.55
Tightness 3.5
Suction Effect 3.725
Realism 1.875
Variation 3.45
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 2.75
Cleanup 1.625
Dry Time 2.675

Destroya Review

December 12th, 2014 (Destroya Texture)

I bought the Stoya Destroya a couple of years ago along with her forbidden orifice after several years of flying with an original butt orifice, and wow! My first time using the Destroya opened my eyes to what the new FLG lineup offers! I based my purchase upon several reader reviews in the forums and I'm glad I did the research because the reviews were spot on. First thing I noticed right out of the box were the lips - they are beautiful. Just the right meatiness to them and fun to tongue and play around with. After warming it up in hot water, I entered and the sensation was mind-blowing. I came in about two minutes but while washing it up, got hard again and had to go back for more. Two hours later and four very intense orgasms, I knew I had made a good purchase. I mentioned that I had also bought the Stoya Butt as well, and one of my favorite things to do with those two is to alternate the two - humping one while eating out the other. I'm a happily married man, but because my wife isn't as into it as I am these days, it's wonderful to have "my ladies" willing and ready at anytime.

This is a very intense sleeve that is well worth the money. One of my best purchases to date...

Score 3.14 Overall Satisfaction 3.14


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