Fleshlight Cleaning Guide by Darkhat94

How do you clean up a Fleshlight? Check out this user-submitted guide by Darkhat94.

Sadly the video has since been deleted and I do not have a backup from the creator.


  1. Remove the bottom cap.
  2. Rince the case thoroughly.
  3. Start rinsing sleeve with warm water, not hot water which can damage the sleeve.
  4. Make sure you let the water flow through both sides for at least 30 seconds each side.
  5. If needed, you can now spray a toy cleaner of your choice on/inside the sleeve. Work it into a nice lather rather than rinse. You do not want to do this step every time you clean the sleeve, you should do it after every three or more uses approximately.
  6. Rinse out all residual cleaner.

Note: Don't be afraid to use your fingers to clean.


I like to use two paper towels of good quality to get the job done. My Flightlight is usually dry within a few minutes.

  1. I start from the top, so I have something dry to grab onto.
  2. Make sure you dry in between the fins and any crevices on the outside. Any residual water left over, make sure to dry it up.
  3. Take your second drying paper towel, and roll it up.
  4. Now, insert the paper towel, rolled up, into the orifice and pull it through your sleeve. I like to stop every few inches and press and roll the paper towel to absorb excess moisture. Do it on both openings.
  5. Drying the case is pretty straight forward. I dry each piece individually making sure no moisture is left behind.
  6. Reassemble then you're done!

P.S. I usually keep the big cap off for a few minutes just to be safe. Also, I like to leave the end cap loose while storing.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this guide, feel free to contact the author or let us know via the contact form.



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