Beginners Fleshlight Guide

Just bought your first Fleshlight? Want to know how to correctly use it and how to properly maintain it?

A Guide To The Fleshlight World

Great, your newly-purchased Fleshlight has just arrived in the mail and you're ready to try it out. Before you do so, there are some things that you should take into account. This guide will cover most of them, so let's start.

1. First Things First


This is what your typical order will look like:
A Fleshlight with a case, lube and some flyers. Before you can use your Fleshlight you are going to need to remove it from it's packaging.
Inside the Fleshlights there is usually a cardboard tube, which you will need to remove in order to use it.

The next step after removing the inner tube is to clean/wash your Fleshlight. Always wash your Fleshlights before using them!

2. Washing and Warming your Fleshlight

Before using your Fleshlight for the first time you shoul clean it with warm water, inside and out. This will help eliminate the powder on the sleeve, although not all of it will come off the first time, this is normal.

A warm Fleshlight is much more pleasurable than a cold one, so we highly suggest you let the sleeve sit in hot water for about 10 minutes so it can heat up. You can use the bathroom sink and simply submerge the Fleshlight in the water. Do not use boiling water, heat the water till it's a little above body-temperature.


Fleshlights do float, so consider placing a cup between the Fleshie and the faucet to keep it submerged. During this period, you can also place your Lube in the water in a cup for example, to also heat it up. Experiment with temperatures until you find what's perfect for you.

Note: Never put your Fleshlight in the microwave. Doing so will most likely destroy/melt your Fleshlight!

3. The Final Steps


Once your Fleshlight is all warmed up and you are ready to FLy there are only a few minor things you need to keep in mind. You will need to apply lube to the Fleshlight in order to use it, FLying dry is very uncomfortable and we highly advise you against using spit or even simply water, these are not lube-replacements.

You most likely got a free sample of Lube with your purchase which you can try out now. If you are using your own purchased lube make sure it is Water-Based lubricant, as using Oil-Based lubricants will damage your Fleshlight!

The last thing you should know before using your Fleshlight is the bottom end cap. The cap can screw off, and by adjusting the tightness of this cap you can adjust the amount of suction that the Fleshlight produces as you slide in and out. With the cap tightened down all the way you produce the most suction and with the cap all the way off, little to no suction. This is crucial to your enjoyment and you will have to experiment to find what suits you best.

Generally, people tend to like less suction on smoother inserts for longer sessions; and higher suction for more intense sleeves for more intense sensations.

Fleshlight End-Cap

4. During your FLight

There are many different methods to actually using your Fleshlight.

You can do it the manual way, just like normal masturbation where you hold the Fleshlight in your hand and masturbate that way. This way is quite enjoyable and definitely gets the job done.

Some people like to "FLy Hands Free", for example by placing the Fleshlight in between a towel and pillow on the bed; wedging ("sandwiching") a Fleshlight in between a chair and their table, or a bed-mattress and a box spring or two cushions on a couch; another method would be taking a shoe and sliding the Fleshlight in it.

It's all a matter of taste and trying things out. Fleshlights are great in the fact that they do not get old! You can always find new ways of experiencing them.

You can also experiment using your Fleshlight without the case, some people love doing this and you can make any of the inserts incredibly tight this way if you so choose.

5. The Aftermath


Once you are finished enjoying your Fleshie it is extremely important to clean it up! We recommend you simply let warm water run through it until it is fully clear of any load, this usually takes about a minute (in each direction).

It is extremely important that you do not use soap to clean your Fleshlight as it will most likely damage it! It is also recommended that you do a "deep cleanse" every month or so, by simply rinsing your Fleshlight with a little isopropyl alcohol.

Once your Fleshie has been washed, shake off any excess water and then let it dry completely in a well ventilated area before putting it away (If you cleaned the Fleshlight with rubbing alcohol it should also dry faster).

If you are unable to let your Fleshlight dry off, you can always use a thin cloth or towel and slide it through the Fleshlight, sliding it until it becomes dry.

When storing the Fleshlight, make sure it is still placed in a well ventilated place. If placing it back inside the case make sure that both caps on the case are off or loose so that air can flow through the insert.


You can find some other handy tricks users have come up with, like using coat hangers, over on the Official Fleshlight Forum.


You can powder the outside of the sleeve with cornstarch after each use, if you wish. This helps keep it supple and reduces the stickiness of the sleeve. I avoid doing it to the inside as it's difficult to clean out and it makes the lube feel grainy if not completely rinsed out. Whether you do it after each use is up to you. However, if you are going to store your sleeve and not use it for a while, it is highly suggested that you powder it with cornstarch before doing so.
Make sure you are also using cornstarch (powder) and not corn flour, which are two different products.

On a final note, it is important to note that simply using water on your Fleshlight doesn't entirely clean it, it just "sweeps" it. Using isopropyl alcohol or Fleshlight's Refresh spray will kill off any bacteria that is living inside your Fleshlight.

Also remember to clean your case, not only your Fleshlight! Cases also need to be cleaned or you risk infection!

You can find more information and answers to your questions over at the F.A.Q. Page.



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