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Unlock your treasure of pleasure with La Sirena's Tesoro Fleshlight, expertly crafted to replicate the seductive curves of La Sirena's exquisite derrière.
With Tesoro's irresistible inner texture, every moment becomes a tantalizing exploration of pleasure. As your member thrusts into each chamber's soft ridges and rods, waves of pleasure wash over you, echoing your every movement, leading you to the brink of euphoria.


Tesoro Texture Image

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La Sirena69

Meet LaSirena69, the epitome of allure and enchantment. With a captivating presence that leaves you breathless, she is the embodiment of your wildest desires. Originally hailing from Vene...

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jmckinno's Review

October 2nd, 2023 by jmckinno

I had a perfect time with TESORO. I have a wide collection of anal sleeves and have to say, Tight isn't always better, even though anal sleeves run tighter.

Overall, this sleeve is like a mix between ETHERIAL and STELLAR., it's a dark horse fleshlight. The texture looks simple, but when you ride it, it takes you someplace unexpected.

Entering TESORO is tight, and then later, it starts... Read More

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La Sirena69


Fleshlight Girls


La Sirena69's Butt

Release Date:

July 2023

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Fleshlight Tesoro Reviews

Found 2 reviews in total

Intensity 4.3
Stimulation 4.9
Penetration 4.9
Tightness 3.55
Suction Effect 4.75
Realism -
Variation 3.85
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating 4.85
Noise -
Lube Use 4.85
Cleanup 4.8
Dry Time 4.8
jmckinno's Avatar

jmckinno's Review

October 2nd, 2023 by jmckinno
Owns 39 Sleeves, 9 Ratings, 3 Reviews

Hello! I'm a 7inch long guy with 5 inch gerth, circumcised. I use my Fleshlights alone and with my partner.

I had a perfect time with TESORO. I have a wide collection of anal sleeves and have to say, Tight isn't always better, even though anal sleeves run tighter.

Overall, this sleeve is like a mix between ETHERIAL and STELLAR., it's a dark horse fleshlight. The texture looks simple, but when you ride it, it takes you someplace unexpected.

Entering TESORO is tight, and then later, it starts to wind. The winding part makes this sleeve feel tight, but the right kind of tightness. It's like an amazing hand job compared to just a tight squeeze. After you enter, the sleeve feels very fleshy, making the sleeve feel alive and persistent.

Lube usage was okay but still a little tricky to get right. I usually start with lubing up myself before going in. I am 7.5 inches long with a girth of 6 inches, so I just used enough lube to slide around, but not too much. Later, add more lube around the entry, never pouring it in if needed.

I suggest going slow; however, you will build intensity, then you have to watch yourself.

- suction on par with Stellar
- back folds feel like Ethereal
Underrated and recommended!!!!

Score 4.59 Overall Satisfaction 4.9
1 Thank
Intensity 4.1
Stimulation 4.2
Penetration 4.3
Tightness 3.85
Suction Effect 4
Realism -
Variation 4
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating 4.45
Noise 4.4
Lube Use 3.9
Cleanup 4.2
Dry Time 4
revtwentyseven's Avatar

revtwentyseven's Review

January 20th, 2024 by revtwentyseven
Owns 72 Sleeves, 52 Ratings, 50 Reviews

Welcome to another review by yours truly, revtwentyseven!

A few points of info when reading my reviews:

I am circumcised, use Gun Oil H20 lube, and generally FLy several times with each sleeve, including once prior to the review. Most of my reviews reference how that review FLight was accomplished.

Now on to the review for the Tesoro (butt) sleeve of La Sirena69!!

How I got it: I bought this during the BF/CM 2023 sales, in pursuit of expanding my collection.

Aesthetics: The front of the Fleshlight is a anatomically accurate representation of La Sirena69's rear entry. Admittedly, it's quite a visual sight. Also, towards the bottom of the front part is a bit of her vulva, which adds to the realism. What really helps the visual aesthetic is the spread buttcrack of La Sirena69.

Lube: As mentioned in the intro, I use Gun Oil H2O, which is a water-based lubricant. DO NOT USE the original silicone variant of lube or any silicone or oil lube. Whilst a modest amount of lube will get you going, more is always better. Anal sleeves do tend to use a bit more lube, and it actually makes the FLight much more enjoyable. There's not too many points in the sleeve for lube to pool up and get stuck, so that's a plus for this sleeve.

Noise: The Tesoro sleeve does not generate too much noise from the norm for Fleshlight sleeves, and it was not overly noticeable. In fact, I could not hear it over the din of a light stream of water as I FLew with this sleeve in the Shower Mount.

Penetration: When I pushed through into the Tesoro, I felt gentle and enjoyable resistance pushing through that initial narrowing of the sleeve into what can be described as an array of various ridges that seemingly change orientation with each inch or so of the sleeve. While a similar texture, these orientation shifts helped to ensure that every bit of my cock received stimulation and I found this sleeve to be incredibly enjoyable. This same stimulation occurred when pulling back, and that was all it would take for me to keep going. I "wanted" to keep going with this sleeve, and each new thrust felt more and more rewarding.

Intensity: The longer I've flown with FLs, the more convinced I've become that the sleeves are seemingly reflective of the character of the FLG its made after. In the case of Tesoro, it's La Sirena69. La Sirena69 starts off as a visually attractive person, but once you go in, she wants you to commit to enjoying her. Same with the Tesoro, which in Spanish translates to Treasure. Once you enter into the Tesoro and get going, you're going to want to finish. You can still take your time with this sleeve, but the ever increasing intensity spurred me to keep going. To stop would be a disappointment. There were a couple of intervals where I could have finished, but tamped down on the thrusting to extend the session. However, as I "wanted" to keep going, I eventually "wanted" to give in.

Orgasm: With a FL, there are three orgasms that tend to come about (pun intended). One is a gentle buildup that leads to a nice orgasm. Another is one that causes you to cum without warning. The last is a "when you blow, you know." Tesoro can really bring about strong orgasms of the third type. I definitely felt my release... almost as it became part of the textured treasure within. I did manage a couple of strokes through the orgasm, but it was intense and complete enough that I had to stop and eventually pull out.

Cleanup: A good steady stream of warm/hot water will easily remove all of the lube and aftermath, but do take some time to do so.

Now, if you have the Fleshlight AIR, drying is a breeze. Dry the outer sleeve and the case, put the sleeve back in the case, with neither lid on and screw in the FL to the AIR and turn the AIR on. I have stored my AIR away for the time being, but I imagine two or three presses of the on button for the AIR (40-60 minutes) should suffice to get your sleeve totally dry. Unscrew from AIR, recap the FL and it's ready to go again. If you don't have a AIR, Paper Towels (and quality paper towels, not store brand economy towels) are your next best friend. Run them through the canal a few times (be careful not to tear them). Then leave out in open air to dry (if you need to conceal the sleeve, stick in a old (but clean) t-shirt loosely to allow air to vent.

The Tesoro is a bit of a surprise for an anal sleeve. Personally, it was a unique anal experience with FL that I find myself enjoying often. If one is into butt sleeves or wishing to satisfying a anal fantasy, the Tesoro may just be your next treasure. For those who may not be into anal sex, the Tesoro is a pretty good texture and may yet change your mind.

Score 4.17 Overall Satisfaction 4.6

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