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You know Izzi as the webcam heartthrob who likes to heat things up on the Flirt4Free website. As a performer on the site who won the "Best Live Gay Cams" award from the 2015 Adult Web Cam Summit, he has developed quite a reputation in the adult entertainment industry. Recently, he joined the star-studded Fleshjack Boys to create his own line of signature erotic toys for fans. Now, you can satisfy your personal cam star crush with Izzi sex toys from Fleshjack. Say goodbye to virtual reality and experience his mesmerizing anatomy in the flesh. Fleshjack has an ultra-satisfying masturbation tool that simulates the soft, flexible and intensely erotic sensations that make Izzi such a star. You can now incorporate Izzi into your wildest fantasies like never before. A native Canadian who hails from Toronto, Izzi wears his 5'10", 170-pound frame with an ease that instantly puts everyone around him in a relaxed state of mind. Whether flirting online, flaunting his buff body at the beach or narrowing his focus to an erotic one-on-one encounter, he always looks and feels comfortable in his own sensational skin. As a Gemini, his attraction is more than just skin-deep. That's because his softer side has a demanding, lust-driven twin. Those who have gotten to know Izzi say that this hunk has a nice and naughty dual nature. He has a lot to admire and even more to desire. Izzi loves to be the center of attention, and with his swarthy good looks and considerable charm, you can bet that he usually draws a lot of looks. He's in his element during social situations, and he loves to make people laugh. While Izzi maintains a stoic facade upfront, he's really a softy once you get in his good graces. The pleasure he brings to his fans goes straight to his heart. With Fleshjack toys, you can now explore the unique depths of this genetically blessed, generous star for an experience that's both intense and freeing. Dedicated to Being Sexy Izzi is a performer who genuinely enjoys his craft. His live cam work on Flirt4Free has jettisoned his sexy reputation into celebrity status, yet he remains true to himself with a down-to-earth, easy-going attitude. He could be the nice guy you meet at the beach or maybe the unusually attractive Samaritan who offers to help when your car won’t start. No matter the situation, you can be sure that this photogenic cam star will infuse it with a sense of flirty fun. You can enjoy the personable, lighthearted charisma of Izzi and more with his signature Fleshjack sex toys. Choose from the Flirt Fleshjack or replica dildo when you want to have sex with Izzi. You'll be able to take the experience of watching his videos to a whole new interactive, supremely satisfying level. The Flirt The Flirt sex toy is all you need to enjoy some Izzi-inspired solo play. Compact and discretely packaged yet providing you with an ample 8.5 inches of stroke space, the Flirt offers a killer combination of ridges, twists and knobs. The inside of this toy will take you from stimulation to pure bliss at a deliciously decadent pace. You no longer need to suffer from an unrequited crush when you have Izzi’s most intimate parts in the palm of your hand. All the Fleshjack sleeves feature a tight yet pliable portal made from soft, responsive material that provides a firm yet delicious grip. Our experts designed the interior of the Flirt to provide all the excitement of the experience you would expect from an actual sexual encounter. You can have sex with Izzi whenever you like with this exclusive Fleshjack Flirt toy. If you really want to use your imagination while enjoying this sleeve, try adding a shower mount to the mix. This unique accessory allows you to enjoy some hands-free pleasure while you're in the shower. Ready to make your ultimate sexual experience even more realistic? Then prepare your path to paradise with the Fleshjack sleeve warmer. The warmer heats to an optimum 105 degrees Fahrenheit in less than five minutes, so there is no need to wait. Just plug it into an outlet or USB port and fire it up. Your sleeve will soon have a realistically warm texture. The Dildo Why restrict yourself to just one way to enjoy the delights of the sexy, incredibly desirable Izzi? Gift yourself with the full experience by adding the cam star’s dildo to your collection. This impressive model of anatomy is designed to match the size and shape of the man himself. While it's always hard and ready for some rough-and-tumble fun, the toy also offers the pleasing flexibility of our proprietary SuperSkin material that never fails to fulfill your most challenging fantasies. Be sure to stock up on a few extras to make your personal experience even wilder. The Fleshlube Elements Pack brings you our Water, Fire and Ice lubricants. You can also choose from individual favorites via our extensive selection of anal lubes. These products are sure to ease your way to ecstasy. Enjoy More Pleasure Time with Izzi What better way could you attain your decadent desires than with some steamy, supremely satisfying sessions with sex toys from webcam star Izzi? Treat yourself and explore all that Fleshjack has in store for you in terms of solo delights, interactive sex play and orgasmic heights. With Fleshjack webcam-inspired adult toys, you'll finally be able to recreate all your most intimate fantasies.

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