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Fleshlight Girls


Riley Jensen

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Riley Jensen cannot be tamed and neither will your rock hard member as it slides deep into her exclusive Wild Fleshlight sensation. Every inch that wraps around your shaft boasts a different and exciting feeling that keeps you on your toes until climax. From pleasure nubs to tender thatched tunnels and hypersensitive fingers, you cannot predict what you'll experience next. This Fleshlight lives up to its name - it's Wild and will make you hungry for more.

From Riley’s little and sweet pussy, an orifice described in a Wild texture has been moulded right down to the last detail. The Wild is enthusiastically inspiring because it looks like a combination of different popular Fleshlight textures, i.e. cross weaved patterns similar to Euphoria, domes similar to the Storm and tight ribbed entrance similar to Utopia. And since many men would pay a fortune to have a Riley Jensen in their beds, then the Wild sleeve texture would be the best to spend your money on.


The sleeve is structured in a manner that it rubs and edges your penis to an explosive orgasm. The Wild Sleeve is comprised of three separate chambers.

Chamber One
The chamber is about 1.4 inches long and has an average tightness of 0.6 to 0.8 inches, and it starts with a ribbed path. This ribbed entrance is designed in a fashion that is similar to majority of the anal orifices such as the Forbidden Sleeve.

Chamber Two
After the first chamber, we get a 1.5 inches long chamber – the second chamber. The tightness of the second chamber is 0.6 inches. In the chamber, the penis meets a cross grid section with ridges that run in both sideways and lengthways. The section is not perfectly squared, but it is designed diagonally. This creates a circular motion when stroking in and out of the sleeve. The feeling resembles the circular motion from a blow job.

Chamber Three
This is the final chamber of the Wild sleeve. On thrusting past the second chamber, the penis meets thick ribs that rub the end of the penis milking it gradually until it cums. The section roughly starts at 4 inches up to the end of the sleeve. At around 7.5 inches from the start of the sleeve, the diameter of the sleeve reduces to 0.4 inches. The last part of the sleeve is designed for larger men who might struggle with finishing off. The extra massage that rubs against the Frenulum pushes the large men to the extreme edge.


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Riley Jensen

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Fleshlight Girls



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May 2017


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