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Are you ready for a texture that bites back? Introducing the V-Force. This insane texture is exclusive to and inspired by our VNA Girls. When you pump into this stimulating cove of alternating and euphoric studs, be prepared. The VNA Girls will show no mercy no matter how much you beg! How long will you be able to last?


The Fleshlight VNA Girls Collection was created in cooperation between the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF and the erotic portal "VNA Girls" (Vette Nation Army Network) and is a true enticement for fans of the M.I.L.F. genre. The pussies of the four most popular and well-known VNA stars - Puma Swede, Bobbi Eden, Gabby Quinteros and Sara Jay - have been cast and as a result, four all-new Fleshlights models have been produced for this extraordinarily collection.

The VForce texture, is a canal with a uniform medium-wide diameter of 0.60 - 0.67 inch (15 - 17 mm), which has been fitted out with a consistent bump texture. The roughly 0.15 inch (4 mm) sized bumps and their staggered arrangement inside the canal will be familiar to experienced Fleshlight connoisseurs because the Speed Bump texture is arranged in nearly the same way. The difference lies in the bumps that, despite being of the same size, are split in the middle inside the VForce canal.


VNA Girls Pussy (Puma Swede, Bobbi Eden, Gabby Quinteros and Sara Jay)


VNA Girls



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August 2012


The requisites for cleaning of the VForce texture are roughly average. While the inner canal can easily be rinsed out, plenty of sperm and lube residues get trapped inside the highly dense bump texture and they need to be thoroughly cleaned out. The drying time is relatively short, lasting about 2 - 3 hours.


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