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Sword by Fleshjack is still made with Fleshlight's patented SuperSkin material but the internal masturbation sleeve is enclosed in a soft case. The soft exterior case of the Sword allows you to grip as hard as you want which adds an entirely new sensation.

The Sword by Fleshjack resembles the original line of Fleshjack brand products - it contains an end cap that can be removed or left intact to control suction.


The Fleshjack Sword canal is a system of three large-sized chambers with a gently bumped texture that are connected to one another by two cross-ribbed connecting passages. Like the Fleshlight Blade, the Fleshjack Sword is a masturbator with a flexible case. Therefore the canal, with its relatively wide diameter of up to 0.8 inches (20 mm), is designed so that it can be squeezed together at different points, thus increasing the tightness inside the canal and the stimulation capability of the inner textures.

The entry passage of the Sword insert starts with a 0.4 inch (10 mm) tight canal with smooth side-walls which extends to the first chamber that measures 1.4 inches (35 mm) in length and has a diameter of up to 0.8 inches (20 mm). In the middle of the chamber is a constriction that narrows to a diameter to 0.6 inches (15 mm). The inner surface of the chamber is covered by numerous tiny hemispherical bumps. This is followed by a 1.4 inch (35 mm) connecting passage with a very distinctive texture of three cross-ribs which narrow the canal diameter to 0.4 inches (10 mm). Next comes the second chamber, which has the same dimensions as the first chamber and is also covered by numerous tiny bumps. This is followed by a further 1.4 inch (35 mm) connecting passage with cross-rib texture which expands to the third and last chamber of the insert. The last chamber has a conical shape and is again covered by a tiny bump texture. The chamber is about 1.4 inches (35 mm) in length, has a diameter of 0.8 inches (20 mm) and is tightened by a single cross-rib in the centre.

Upon penetration, you feel an intense tightness sensation brought about by the tight anal orifice and the 0.4 inch (10 mm) tight entry passage. You then reach the first chamber where the tightness loosens and the tiny bumps act point by point on the penis surface. The resulting stimulation is however only subliminally noticeable. You will however notice much more the central constriction of the chamber, which momentarily increases the tightness sensation.

Next, you reach the ribbed connecting passage which provides a terrific massage of the penis head because the single cross-ribs tightly slip over the penis head one after another. Inside the following second chamber, the tightness sensation becomes looser again and the tiny bump texture again gently stimulates the penis surface. With a normal penis length of 5.9 inches (15 cm), you will barely reach the next ribbed connecting passage which embraces the penis again one rib after another.

When sliding back and forth inside the canal, a continuous alternation of wideness and tightness appears, which is enhanced by an intense massage of the cross-ribs inside the connecting passages. Once you have deeply penetrated the canal, you will furthermore feel the tight anal orifice wrapping around your penis shaft.

The overall length of the Fleshjack Sword is 7.3 inches (18,5 cm) and thus shorter than the canals of the ordinary Fleshlight (9.0 inches / 22,5 cm). With an average penis length of 5.9 inches (15 cm), you can easily reach the first two chambers and the two tight connecting passages. The third chamber is unfortunately unreachable, which is a pity.


Currently, the Sword canal is exclusively available with a butt orifice. The anal opening has been suitably designed for the triangular case and has, in contrast to the ordinary Fleshlight and Fleshjack orifices, an oval rather than circular shape. Compared to the pussy orifice of the Fleshlight Blade masturbator, the opening of the Fleshjack Sword, at 0.1 inch (3 mm), is a bit tighter.

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Release Date

August 2011


Similar to the Fleshlight Blade, the suction effect ranks roughly in the mid-range thanks to the construction of the soft, squeezable case. After some thrusting back and forth, a mild vacuum effect becomes apparent which additionally supports the stimulation effect and which is optimally adjusted to the Sword canal.

The clean-up is a bit tedious because a lot of sperm and lube residue can accumulate inside the chambers and between the ribbed texture. The drying time is also relatively long, taking about 4-6 hours.


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