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Fleshlight Girls


Asa Akira

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Can you slay the Dragon? Enter a battle that only the mightiest sword can handle. With sharp ribs all throughout and a studded vortex of pleasure bands, you are guaranteed to breathe a fire of joy.


The relatively wide canal has a diameter of 0.5 to 0.7 inches (14-18 mm) and starts with a 0.8 inch long (20 mm) bell-shaped chamber which continues into the main canal. The surface of the main canal is covered with a continuous cross-rib texture which is formed by 0.1 inch (3 mm) wide ribs. In comparison with the Super Ribbed Insert, there is more space between the ribs but not as much as inside the Wonder Wave canal.

Above the ribbed canal texture runs the previously mentioned spiral rib, which is shaped like a flat, 0.3 inch (7 mm) wide strap and covered on the surface with hemispheric 0.15 inch (4 mm) bumps. A similar spiral rib has already been used inside the Twista insert but there the surface has no bumps. In addition, the distances between the rib coils of the Dragon insert are of equal length whereas with the Twista insert, these distances become increasingly shorter.

The spiral rib divides the canal into five chambers which are each 1.2 x 0.7 inches (30 x 18 mm). (The picture of the Dragon canal displayed on the manufacturer's website is not entirely accurate because there it looks as if the rear chambers have a wider diameter than the first chambers but in fact they are all of the same size).


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Asa Akira

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Fleshlight Girls



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