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Encontrado 2 reseñas en total

Intensidad 3.9
Estimulación 3.8
Penetración 3.8
Estrechez 3.45
Efecto de succion 3.65
Realismo 4.2
Variación 2.45
Suavidad 2.95
Grado de orgasmo 3.7
Ruido 2.95
Uso de lubricante 4.9
Limpieza 5
Tiempo de secado 3.7

Cream Reseña

January 20th, 2023 (Cream Texture)

Intro: I have been using Fleshlights for years and am just now reviewing my entire collection.

Good: For me this sleeve is great for a quick session (less than 30 mins) or when looking for an intense sleeve. I can't speak to preferences outside of my own, but this was a surprisingly intense sleeve. I imagined it would feel nice with the waffle pattern half way through but I did not anticipate that it would make me cum almost prematurely (wich it did; but i was able to hold off). The waffle pattern is great once you're inside, but the initial entrance with two chambers to pass through is amazing also. The suction on this one is solid and I prefer this sleeve with suction to without.

Bad: Prepare to use plenty of lube. It almost drinks lube as you use it. It could have been my excitement or intensity in usage but every 5 mins or so I needed to reapply. In the past I have added a bit of water to thin things out a bit and that has worked wonders. That was not the case with this use.

Great sleeve for a regular rotation. Good intensity and the realism is definitely there

Puntuación 3.74 Satisfacción Gral. 3.85
Intensidad 3
Estimulación 3.25
Penetración 3.4
Estrechez 3.2
Efecto de succion 3.7
Realismo 1.8
Variación 2.75
Suavidad 3.55
Grado de orgasmo 2.5
Ruido 3.15
Uso de lubricante 2.15
Limpieza 3.55
Tiempo de secado 4

Destroya Reseña

January 19th, 2023 (Destroya Texture)

Have been using fleshlights for years now and have recently just started reviewing them.

Good: The orb inside with little nubs feels amazing when penetrating through. The rest of the sleeve falls a little short in comparison to this one area. I’m not a long guy but have a decent amount of girth and would Definitely say this sleeve is a bit tight in a great way. It’s Not too intense, more like it’s giving my dick a hug. Cleanup is fairly easy as I have the fleshlight dryer; however without it, I’m sure water would stick around in the orb area.

Bad: This may be a hot take, but I find the rest of the sleeve rather boring outside of passing through the intense orb. Perhaps I have a defective one with smaller nubs/teeth. Once you pass through it, it feels a bit muted. I like this sleeve for the occasional use, but I wouldn’t have it as an every day sleeve.

Great sleeve to have in the lineup but I wouldn’t make it the only one I had.

Puntuación 3.13 Satisfacción Gral. 3.8

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