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Lista de cambios y características planeadas para FleshAssist


Esta página se utilizará para realizar un seguimiento de las actualizaciones, cambios y funciones planificadas para el sitio web. Tenga en cuenta que reescribí completamente FleshAssist desde cero en 2019, por lo que no se ha incluido el registro de cambios para v1.

Si se encuentra con un problema o error importante en el sitio web, use formulario de contacto para informarme al respecto.

Características planeadas

Prioridad Descripción
Medium Compare your Collection against another user's.
Medium Add option for users to mark a collection as "For Trade", and see other lists that are for trade, while implementing a PM system so users can chat with each other and possibly swap unwanted/duplicate sleeves.
Low Add latest activity. See latest reviews, ratings and what-not
Low Create a "Texture Exchange", where people can interact and swap sleeves they have duplicates of, etc.. (Suggestion by DaHorse)
Low Collections for Cases (Suggestion by DaHorse)
Low Suggested by svin_renigoth: Add the ability to label/add description of images on collection.


2022/10/08 v3.0.5
  • Completely revamped the ranking system.
  • Large redesign of Top Textures / Top Fleshlights page.
  • Added setting to switch rating system from 0-5 stars to 0-10 stars.
  • Fixed checkboxes not displayng icon correctly on Advisor page.
  • Fixed "unrated" categories from appearing on your chart under the My Ratings page.
  • Fixed small issue with icons not appearing on some dropdown boxes.
  • Charts can render and display Excluded categories from ratings.
  • Added a Legend on the Texture's Ratings chart if you have a rating for the texture as well, so you can compare your vs average scores.
2022/09/10 v3.0.0
  • Version 3 of FleshAssist officially started!
  • Added heatmaps! Users can now submit up to 3 of their favorite zones of a texture, FleshAssist will then gather all of these zones, calculate the top rated spots and show a heatmap of the sleeve.
  • Added localization support, the website can now be translated into any language!
  • Added Spanish and German translations (excuse any issues with the german one, I'm not a pro!).
  • Added "Reset" all search filters button.
  • Added "Latest" and "Oldest" sort options to Orifices page.
  • Added missing "Lovesack" category to Orifices page.
  • Added more 360 views for textures.
  • Major fixes to Light theme + added easy toggle in footer to swtich between dark and light mode/themes.
  • Checked and updated any outdated information on the FAQ page.
  • Fixed Compare pages showing Review number as Rating number and vice-versa.
  • Fixed text on review textbox being too dark (Dark on dark) which made it hard to read.
  • Fixed Fatal issue that would occur if user had a number of items in collection and proceeded to remove them all at once.
  • Fixed incorrect Texture Details link for Variations on Offers page.
  • Now that I've figured out how Flex and all it's fun properties work, I have fixed the main menu, it should now display correctly on any device.
  • The "dropdown arrows" in the menu have also been fixed and will no longer appear dodgy when viewing on a small screen.
  • Fixed user's profile page not working when not logged in.
  • Fixed tables for prices/offers under texture details page for mobile.
  • Added a zoom-in button for textures on the textures details page, open the animation/thrust view, then you'll see the zoom icon.
  • Added exclusive Fleshlight coupon to all texture details pages.
  • Fixed videos and photo albums not showing properly in a list on mobile devices.
  • Various SEO fixes such as display star's name alongside texture in title.
  • Fixed rare bug that prevent you from updating a recently submitted rating unless you refreshed the page.
  • Fixed very buggy search filtering (sorry it's taken so long to fix it)
  • Fixed total counter displaying incorrect amount if certain search filters enabled.
  • Fixed bug allowing users to compare the same texture to itself...
  • Updated the Beginners guide to match with purchase experience nowadays.
  • Search results no longer display broken images for blog posts.
  • Fixed "Popular" sleeves to accurately reflect actual popular sleeves now.
  • Penis Length/Girth now correctly is rounded when displaying in CM.
  • Fixed mistake causing reviews to not paginate correctly on page-load.
  • Made pagination buttons easier to click on mobile.
  • Fixed scroll animation going to wrong position when changing page on mobile.
  • Improved Sitemap generator.
  • Made a star's products show up under the orifices instead of at the bottom of the page.
  • Made texture reviews much more legible and easier to understand/view on mobile devices.
  • Fixed rare bug that caused loading to fail if you had a texture in your usage history but have since removed the texture from your collection.
  • Fixed offers/price tables on Offers page not displaying correctly on mobile devices.
  • Fixed polls list not displaying them on the same line if one poll had a different number of answers compared to another.
2020,2021,2022 v2.3.0
  • I've done a very bad job at updating the changelog the past years, bunch of bug fixes, new textures, stars, etc.
  • Added a Sleeve Picker/Randomizer to the Usage Tracker (for those that want help choosing which sleeve from their collection they should use next).
  • Fixed Comparison page not working for newer sleeves due to incorrect color in database.
  • Fixed Lovehoney links, and added EU, ES and DE regions.
  • Added new author to blog: Satchking
2019/05/31 v2.2.0
  • Fixed user's penis size and girth showing with a lot of decimals by mistake.
  • Removed HTML Base tag, was causing issues for some users for some reason.
  • Fixed small issue with contact form not populating reply-to field correctly.
  • Changed landing page title meta tag not being correct.
  • Fixed firewall blocking access to sitemap.xml.gz
  • Added current Prices Table to Offers & Sales page.
  • Added a recent price changes table on Offers & Sales page.
  • Fixed tables on mobile devices being way too squished.
  • Added option for "Launch" in usage tracker.
  • Added filter to hide discontinued orifices on orifices page.
  • Added a "360" view, currently only for the Stamina Training Unit, more coming soon after this feature is tested properly.
  • Added LoveHoney US to price tracking.
  • Fixed some variations not appearing on offers page for certain products.
  • Increased review max word length cap.
  • Added Friend and Messaging system. Allows users to interact with other users on the site.
  • As database has been updated, added function that forces user to refresh if FA version has a major upgrade.
2019/05/08 v2.1.5
  • Fixed an issue with the word censor not detecting special characters.
  • Increased contact form max-length from 1000 to 3000.
  • Fixed fatal error on landing page if a latest review is of a texture that is a "Multi" sleeve (FLG-FJB).
  • Made it clearer that you need to rate 10 categories before you can submit a rating.
  • Fixed rating modal showing a really long decimal number after you have rated. Fixed to 2 decimals now.
  • Fixed icon missing after you remove a rating.
  • Menu links in header under "More" and "My Profile" now have correct background color.
  • When renaming an empty collection it no longer shows as containing 1 sleeve.
  • Empty collections or wish-list show as (Empty) instead of (0) now.
  • Fixed Star name not showing up under Offers tab if texture has multiple variations.
  • Added a "Show all" button to Category pages.
  • Fixed buttons on Texture page (Add to Collection, Wishlist, Review and Rate) not working if user has adblocker.
2019/05/06 v2.1.4
  • Added giveaway!
  • You can no longer rate a texture you do not own.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not save your profile information.
  • Fixed a PHP issue with the exif_read_data function returning an odd error.
2019/05/03 v2.1.3
  • Removed "stickiness" of sidebar on Textures and Stars pages, it no longer scrolls down with window scrolling.
  • Fixed wrong case images for Mini-Forbidden (SIAC) and Mini-Vortex (SIAC).
  • Fixed an issue with the meta data / structured data when it contained quotes.
2019/04/30 v2.1.2
  • Initial Public Release.
  • Added missing dates for various stars.
  • Fixed reset password not sending the correct code.
  • Marked a bunch of stars as discontinued.
  • Fixed direct link to review not actually showing the review in the right position.
2019/04/29 v2.1.1
  • Removed "View -Star-'s Profile" on texture pages for Original sleeves.
  • Fixed advisor and texture pages, silly me made a mistake in the code that stopped "Out of Stock" from ever showing if user is not logged in.
  • Reset all Price History entries (feature that tracks product prices) as I had made an error where it would sometimes place the value of the full sleeve as a sleeve only. Easier to reset it all than delete the wrong entries.
  • Fixed issue not letting you delete your custom avatar.
  • Added user ranks.
  • Added 301 redirects from old v1 links to new v2 links.
  • Added final few missing backgrounds on textures.
2019/04/26 v2.1.0
  • Added lots more videos.
  • Added total ("Showing x of y") to the topbar of stars,textures,videos and albums.
  • Added albums and videos to search anything function.
  • Added albums and videos to stars' and textures' details page.
  • Fixed Schema Meta Data for Videos.
  • Redirect Mixed (FLG-FJB) category to normal FLG.
2019/04/25 v2.0.9
  • Added Photo Albums.
2019/04/24 v2.0.8
  • Explicit material (nudity mostly) is hidden by default to visitors who are not logged in (To protect minors).
  • - (Continuing the above change) This was quite tedious, but accomplished with the help of DeepAi's detect nudity api, and manually checking all images for false positives.. took a very long time.
  • Added option in user settings to hide explicit material.
  • Fixed blog/news posts not displaying images correctly.
2019/04/22 v2.0.7
  • Added countries to Offers listings.
  • Added single pages for videos to help with SEO.
2019/04/20 v2.0.6
  • Fixed an annoying issue where the main menu wouldn't display the sub-menu items on mobile devices (it would be hidden, but scrollable), menu now auto-scrolls.
  • Fixed an issue with the anti cookie-stealing security function.
2019/04/19 v2.0.5
  • Fixed missing Meta tags on error pages (including not found page).
  • Added and reworked registration functionality.
  • Added and reworked password reset functionality.
  • Fixed an error where Email options would never show as "selected" in the settings.
  • Login and Signup modals now show correctly on mobile devices.
2019/04/16 v2.0.4
  • Massive performance improvement for filters on page rendering.
  • Fixed Textures page error with CSS not showing "view details" button.
  • Fixed minor style bug that would occur when changing tabs on a Texture Detail's page with smaller height, causing the scrollbar to show.
  • Sidebar on Stars' and Textures' Details pages fixed overlapping with footer.
2019/04/14 v2.0.3
  • Filter options now save state, so when you load the page again it will remember your last settings.
  • Added "Light" theme option in settings.
  • New FleshAssist Logo.
  • Fixed line height on top texture list.
  • Stars' filtering via settings fixed.
  • Added option to filter a minimum rating and review count in Textures (List).
  • Change a number of stars' profile picture to match new size.
2019/04/13 v2.0.2
  • Changed "Back to X" link color.
  • Show discontinued option is disabled by default.
  • Show Fleshjack Boys and Fleshjack Camstars option is disabled by default
  • Stars default shown count is now 15 instead of 6.
  • Textures (LIST) default shown count is now 10 instead of 5.
  • Videos containing nudity will not be shown to visitors that are not logged in.
  • Added user information to reviews: Total owned sleeve number, total ratings and review count.
  • Added option to sort reviews by Users' Sleeve count or review count.
  • Fixed an issue with User Profiles for a very few users not loading correctly.
  • Added Setting to make Header smaller.
2019/04/09 v2.0.1
  • Added Unsubscribe feature for newsletters.
  • Fixed certain SIAC failing to load their texture page due to incorrect database query.
  • Fixed issue with user profile links on Blog/News posts.
  • Fixed buttons being upside-down on Safari.
  • Fixed Ruler animation length not showing correctly if setting Inches is selected.
  • Ruler improved for mobile devices with small screens.
  • Changed wording on Advisor Helper tool.
  • Fixed Skip button being disabled if Advisor Helper tool opened more than once.
  • Fixed Texture length, diameter showing incorrect number if Inches is selected by default.
  • Solved an issue where the Blade and Sword category was showing as Not Found on Categories.
  • Added missing Texture Case images.
  • Updated Top Users sorting, should be better now.
2019/04/08 v2.0.0
  • Initial beta of v2 release.

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