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Once you've tried this blissful texture, you'll also be saying "Dreams Come Tru". Containing three unique chambers filled with a mix of twists and pronounced nodes, this texture has everything a man can want, all wrapped up in one perfect package, just like Tru Kait. A higher intensity texture, it's perfect for anyone who likes an adventure in the bedroom.

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Tru Kait

Embark on an unforgettable journey of ecstasy with the illustrious Tru Kait, the vixen who has taken the adult entertainment industry by storm. As a true trailblazer in the industry, Tru Kai...

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LubeyLarry Reseña

January 1st, 2024 por LubeyLarry

I enjoy this sleeve a lot, however, there is some personal bias due to my attraction to Kait.

The orifice made me insta buy. I find it very attractive and it actually has a nice hugging/gripping sensation. The coils at the beginning of the sleeve are what provide the majority of the stimulation for me personally, and I have no problem with that bc I enjoy an intense shaft stimulation. I can feel... Leer más

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Tru Kait


Fleshlight Girls


Tru Kait's Pussy

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October 2023

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Fleshlight Dreams Come Tru Reseñas

Encontrado 10 reseñas en total

Intensidad 4.5
Estimulación 4.5
Penetración 4.25
Estrechez 4.75
Efecto de succion -
Realismo 2.75
Variación 3.5
Suavidad 3.85
Grado de orgasmo 4.6
Ruido 3.05
Uso de lubricante 3.95
Limpieza -
Tiempo de secado -
LubeyLarry Avatar

LubeyLarry Reseña

January 1st, 2024 por LubeyLarry
Longitud del pene: 6.5cm Circunferencia: 5.5cm
Posee 16 mangas, 10 Valoraciones, 10 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

I am 6.5 inches long and 5.5 inches in girth. I use my Fleshlights by sticking them in a couch and going to town in doggy style, usually with the cap about half way on or looser. That being said, I rarely experiment with suctions because they completely satisfy me without it. My cleaning/drying times are consistent across all of my sleeves. I use cold water, then warm water, then 70% IPA, then rinse. To dry, I run a very thin and absorbent microfiber cloth through both ends and use a sleeveomatic if necessary. I generally use my fleshlights with one of two goals in mind: 1. A quick orgasm achieved by fast, consistent, deep thrust. For these sessions, I use a more stimulating or tighter sleeve. 2. A longer, drawn out session with 20-30 minute build up and satisfying finish. For these sessions I use wider, less stimulating sleeves. “Realism” is a factor that is important to me when choosing a sleeve for this type of session. I own 9 full size sleeves & 1 Quickshot: Cream, Ethereal, Stoya Quickshot, Beyond, Thunder, Silk, Dreams Come Tru, Kumzumi, Butterfly, and Insatiable (purchased in that order).

I enjoy this sleeve a lot, however, there is some personal bias due to my attraction to Kait.

The orifice made me insta buy. I find it very attractive and it actually has a nice hugging/gripping sensation. The coils at the beginning of the sleeve are what provide the majority of the stimulation for me personally, and I have no problem with that bc I enjoy an intense shaft stimulation. I can feel each ridge of the coils which feels great. It’s a sleeve on the tighter side but not at all too tight to prevent me from feeling what’s happening inside. Penetration/full thrust where my head gets to run through the coil section is very stimulating as well.

The tightness prevents me from entering before I’m full mast, but that hasn’t been much of a problem for me bc I get pretty excited/ lost in the fantasy when I pull Dreams Come Tru out.

While I do thoroughly enjoy this sleeve and find it has high stimulation, moderate intensity, and great tightness, it might not be a mandatory addition for some people. There are other sleeve that might be more specifically tailored to your preferences like high intensity. However, for me personally, this sleeves checks a lot of my boxes. I really enjoy great shaft stimulation and the tightness gives me the perfect hug that I’m looking for. I’m a huge Kait fan and the orifice made me insta-buy and I don’t regret that at all. Really easy to get off and lost in the fantasy when looking down at those perfect lips.

Puntuación 4.02 Satisfacción Gral. 4.55
1 Darle gracias a
Intensidad 3.95
Estimulación 4.35
Penetración 4.3
Estrechez 3.65
Efecto de succion 3.5
Realismo 2.9
Variación 4.4
Suavidad 3.45
Grado de orgasmo 4.7
Ruido -
Uso de lubricante -
Limpieza -
Tiempo de secado -
bach4306 Avatar

bach4306 Reseña

November 24th, 2023 por bach4306
Posee 16 mangas, 16 Valoraciones, 15 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

Measurements: 6"x5.5"

First off, the lips on this sleeve are amazing, and in contention for best lips (with Beyond) IMO. The first chamber is my personal favorite, before releasing you into a roomier middle chamber. Suction is excellent; Dreams Come Tru offers variety and intensity, making it a great sleeve for medium-length sessions. It is quickly rising the ranks in my collection, and I expect it to consistently be in my rotation.

Overall a beautiful exterior combined with a moderately intense and varied interior.

Puntuación 3.96 Satisfacción Gral. 4.4
1 Darle gracias a
Intensidad 2.55
Estimulación 2.55
Penetración 4.2
Estrechez 2.8
Efecto de succion 2.8
Realismo -
Variación 3.05
Suavidad 2.45
Grado de orgasmo 2.85
Ruido 1.95
Uso de lubricante -
Limpieza -
Tiempo de secado 3.95
PolearmMaster Avatar

PolearmMaster Reseña

June 30th, 2024 por PolearmMaster
Posee 74 mangas, 5 Valoraciones, 4 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

In the process of reviewing/rating my collection. Using these reviews to document my thoughts in case I ever need to downsize my collection.

Pretty decent. Nothing too exceptional but not the worst flights I've had. I found the opening section to be a bit of a worse version of bombshell and the next section nothing too spectacular, Still, it was pretty solid and I wasn't too disappointed, but there are a lot of good sleeves out there so just being decent isn't really enough to keep on in a rotation.

Probably not a mainstay in my rotation but I'm not mad about the purchase. Feels good overall but lacks any kind of oomph to make it a great sleeve. 5.5/10

Puntuación 2.90 Satisfacción Gral. 2.75
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.15
Estimulación 4.05
Penetración 4.15
Estrechez 3.8
Efecto de succion 3.95
Realismo 4.15
Variación 3.15
Suavidad 4.1
Grado de orgasmo 5
Ruido 4.75
Uso de lubricante 4.7
Limpieza 4.1
Tiempo de secado 3.4
TheKaiser Avatar

TheKaiser Reseña

June 19th, 2024 por TheKaiser
Longitud del pene: 8.66cm Circunferencia: 5.91cm
Posee 5 mangas, 5 Valoraciones, 5 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

I am 8,5 inches or 22,5 cm long and 6,1 inches or 15,5 cm in girth. Because I am girthier, I may appreciate certain wider textures more. I mainly use my Fleshlights by stroking with it myself and like to play with the difference in suction. I don't live alone yet, so the noise the Fleshlight makes could definitely bother me. I always wash them the same way and no longer let them dry on their own. I use a Fleshlight Air for this. All assessments about the drying time are therefore made based on these experiences. The score depends on the extent to which a sleeve requires more than one session with the Fleshlight Air. I choose Fleshlight sleeves based on three factors. The pornstar of whom the pussy is, the score on Fleshassist and the labia of the orifice. I owned a Fleshlight Lotus sleeve and a Riley Reid Quickshot. I currently own Tru Kait's "Dreams Come Tru" and Esperanza Gomez's "Amante".

I bought Dreams Come Tru because of my attraction to Tru Kait. At that moment she was breaking through and her blonde colored hair made me crazy about her. When I saw that she had a Fleshlight with such beautiful labia, I decided to get it. Because of the hype about the sleeve, I have some mixed feelings. Is it really that good? No. Is it bad? Absolutely not. It is simply a very pleasant and mild sleeve that you can truly enjoy.

Her pussy has closed lips, so you have to be really hard to get in there properly. Once you enter you feel a very soft welcome through the first section. Once you pop through it, it becomes much wider and you feel less of the texture. The last room is also not very intense. As a stroker I found it a bit disappointing on the one hand, because there is little head stimulation. The first room provides the most feeling, but it is also more of a soft caress or massage and it is not really intense. Something that is very special about the sleeve is that it does not feel that intense, but it has a huge effect. After a while you unexpectedly feel the orgasm approaching and you just want to come, without actually feeling it building up. So it is a special sleeve that feels super soft.

Recently I decided to use it hands-free, so I could just penetrate it. In contrast to using it as a stroker, the feeling was extremely nice, soft and intense. Again you don't feel extreme head stimulation, but it felt so good to penetrate it. I had used quite a lot of lube and it almost felt like a real pussy. After about ten minutes I felt it approaching and I came incredibly intensely. It really was a wild orgasm!

Overall a good Fleshlight from an incredibly hot pornstar with beautiful pussy lips. A less intense sleeve, but a very nice soft experience. Ideal for someone who wants a slightly more realistic pussy.

Puntuación 4.13 Satisfacción Gral. 4.3
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 3.65
Estimulación 2.1
Penetración 4.6
Estrechez 3.5
Efecto de succion 4.85
Realismo 1.55
Variación 2.65
Suavidad 2.5
Grado de orgasmo 4.8
Ruido -
Uso de lubricante 4.35
Limpieza 3.95
Tiempo de secado 3.45
ppdm24 Avatar

ppdm24 Reseña

May 25th, 2024 por ppdm24
Posee 3 mangas, 3 Valoraciones, 1 Reseña

Traducir Reseña

For context I'm 5.6"x6.3"
I've used this a few times and I think I can say pretty confidently this was the biggest bust of all my sleeves. I don't particularly enjoy the feeling, and I don't feel like it's that stimulating. It's more intense than my other sleeves (waifu, silk) but it's not particularly pleasurable. That being said, the orgasms with this are amazing. But I'm the type to enjoy the journey rather than the destination. I think the downfall for me is the lack of head stimulation. There's very little head stimulation on this, and as someone who doesn't take huge strokes with his FL, the bit at the start of the Fleshlight isn't really that noticeable. If you're into shaft stimulation, then this is a must-have, but for the people who are looking for some head stimulation should look to others like Fit.

All in all, it's not horrible, but it's definitely not my favorite FL. The lack of head stimulation kills it for me. Get this if you're a fan of shaft stimulation. Not worth the hype IMO

Puntuación 3.47 Satisfacción Gral. 3.15
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 5
Estimulación 5
Penetración 5
Estrechez 2.85
Efecto de succion 1.9
Realismo 0.85
Variación 3.5
Suavidad 1.2
Grado de orgasmo 5
Ruido 3
Uso de lubricante 2.6
Limpieza 1.85
Tiempo de secado 3.7
cloneeric Avatar

cloneeric Reseña

May 6th, 2024 por cloneeric
Posee 70 mangas, 1 Valoración, 1 Reseña

Traducir Reseña

Dreams come Tru is hands down the best FL atm, the textures FEELS AMAZING, it's intense its feels unique and damn the pussy looks amazing.

The Corkscrew or however you want to call the beginning is Amazing! no texture has this feeling and damn does it feel good.
If you want or like intense FL this is the texture for you!

I recommend this Sleeve if you want to expierence a intense FL that feels and looks amazing!

Puntuación 3.32 Satisfacción Gral. 5
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.3
Estimulación 4.4
Penetración 4.3
Estrechez 3.8
Efecto de succion 3.8
Realismo -
Variación 4
Suavidad 3.8
Grado de orgasmo 4.4
Ruido 4.8
Uso de lubricante 4.5
Limpieza 4.2
Tiempo de secado 2.8
Ian678 Avatar

Ian678 Reseña

May 2nd, 2024 por Ian678
Posee 13 mangas, 27 Valoraciones, 26 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

For some context, I'm just over 6" and just under regular girth. As an indication of preference, I'm not the biggest fan of overly tight sleeves because it's more difficult for me to discern the textures, even feel them for that matter. I prefer vaginal to anal sleeves, and usually use a sleeve at least a few times before reviewing. Drying time and realism are negligible ratings to me, since the Fleshlight dryer finishes every sleeve in an hour, and no Fleshlight that I've ever used feels similar to sex. My current top five is Beyond, Cream, Lvl Up, Dreams Come Tru, Utopia

I bought Dreams Come Tru (abbreviated as DCT in future mentions) along with all of the new and popular sleeves up to Emma Magnolia's Regal. Now that I've used the six that I bought enough to have a distinct opinion on each of them, I can say that the overall experience was the enjoyable one. There were some sleeves that didn't quite live up to the hype depicted on this forum, while there were others that blew past it and then some. DCT falls into the latter category. As soon as I saw the internal pictures and ratings of DCT, I had a feeling that it was exactly the kind of sleeve that I would enjoy, and I'm pleased to report that it was. Not to mention that from what I've seen (and I'll certainly see more) Tru Kait is an stunning woman.

Ever since I began collecting Fleshlights, I've always been partial to looser, more stimulating sleeves that give me room to enjoy the distinct textures, rather than exceedingly tight sleeves. I usually take off the cap so as to better feel the nodes, regardless of the type of sleeve. This one matched up to my preferences completely.

Beginning with the orifice, DCT has one of the best that I've ever seen. It's slender up top by the clit, but opens up in a flower-like, symmetrical bloom much like Waifu does. It's smallness, just like Waifu's, isn't overtly so, but snug enough to remind the base of one's cock that it won't be neglected. That being said, the only downside that I noticed about DCT's orifice is that is can close on its own, which is visually pleasing, but makes it a pain to dry, even with the Fleshlight Air. Usually it takes one and a half long cycles (1h 30m) to dry, since the orifice limits the amount of air going into it. And even then I make sure to leave it out for a little extra.

That is literally the only negative thing I have to say about DCT. As far as the chambers themselves go, the first is phenomenal, and one of the best across my entire collection. While the reference pictures of it on here and the official Fleshlight site are pretty confusing and make it look like angled ribs, the first chamber is actually a spiral. A similar comparison would be Nicole Aniston's Fit, where the curvature of the spiral creates a sort of universal, almost rhythmic sensation that stimulates nearly everything at once as you pass through. The major difference between DCT and Fit though, is that while Fit's spiral has flatter, wider ribs that feel smoother and have more of a build, DCT's ribs are more numerous, thinner, and protrude more. The result is a combination of stimulation and intensity that is immediate. At the start it's insanely stimulating, and when it truly hits its stride and builds, it's tough for me to stay lucid.

The second chamber is confusing. Again, it looks nothing like the sample pictures depict. Rather than a multi-leveled straight with seemingly random teeth emerging, it's a lot more symmetrical in the real sleeve, and the teeth are consistently present. That being said, it feels unlike any other texture I've ever felt before, in that it is multilayered, and the teeth farther back within it have a different feel than the ones that are most prominent. And as they stimulate all at once, it feels like a random prickling sensation that can hit anywhere seemingly arbitrarily. Combined with what the first chamber does to the lower half of my penis, the second chamber stimulated the second half of me exactly how I would want it. And I can't really get a distinct feel of the third chamber since I pretty much end at it's beginning.

It's honestly the possibility that makes DCT so good. I've found that I can use it in two distinct ways. The first is to move it more and use the first chamber as the primary source of stimulation, which helps to create a less intense, but more distinct build. The second is bring it all the way to the base of my penis and do shorter strokes to bring out the stimulation from the second sleeve. The latter method can be nearly impossible for me, and has made me cum within three minutes of using it before. If I use thinner lube (which I prefer), it makes all of the insane stimulation even more distinct, and if I use thicker lube it makes the first chamber feel like a natural grip. There's just so much you can do, and the typical three chamber design works wonders for it.

As far as the orgasm is concerned, I usually don't move the sleeve while I'm cumming, as all the stimulation becomes too intense, but if I do, it's definitely leg shaking. I would suggest being more careful during cleanup, since there are some grooves in this one, especially where the two chambers connect. And I've already mentioned how drying can be a little tedious with this one.

But to me, the mild inconvenience drying is absolutely worth this amazing sleeve. Easily in my top five.

4.4/5. Dreams Come Tru is everything I want from a sleeve - not too tight, incredibly stimulating and intense with a distinct build up, and agreeable with all sorts of lubrication. This one is essential to both new and veteran collectors alike

Puntuación 4.13 Satisfacción Gral. 4.55
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.45
Estimulación 4.35
Penetración 3.7
Estrechez 3
Efecto de succion 4.55
Realismo 4.15
Variación 3.75
Suavidad 2.75
Grado de orgasmo 5
Ruido 3.55
Uso de lubricante 4.25
Limpieza 3.75
Tiempo de secado 3.65
doop220 Avatar

Dreams Come Tru Reseña

December 20th, 2023 por Anónimo
Longitud del pene: 7cm Circunferencia: 5.25cm
Posee 40 mangas, 17 Valoraciones, 17 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

Cut, 7in x 5.25in (17.8cm x 13.3cm) Lube: K-Lube. All reviews are written after 5 or more uses. For review purposes I use my sleeves three ways: 1) stroking with my hand, 2) with a hands-free mount, and 3) with a Handy. Autostrokers are kind of a niche use for a Fleshlight. They can radically change how enjoyable a texture is--sometimes worse, sometimes different, sometimes better--so I score every sleeve based on what I thought was the best way to use it. I'll try to note how the texture performed with the Handy in each of my reviews, but because most people don't use Fleshlights that way my rule of thumb is the Handy will only affect my ratings if it made it better.

Dreams Come Tru is amazing.

Every person's experience will be a bit different with a sleeve. A few other girthier reviewers have mentioned this sleeve is very intense. I have to agree with that. It's not super tight, but the texture is relentless. The nubs in the first section especially give a strong milking sensation, fantastic for edging or teasing sessions. This is one of those sleeves where thrusting all the way in almost makes it milder.

Something in the second chamber makes it suck you in hard, even with the cap loose or off. Once you're inside, it just doesn't let go of you. Edging with it takes some practice, because if anything it's even more stimulating when you pull out than when you thrust in. It's a solid sleeve. High intensity, not overly tight or loose, and reliably brings me to a very satisfying orgasm.

It goes well with a Handy too. Some sleeves feel about the same or become worse with a stroker. Some are turned into a totally better, or at least different experience. Dreams Come Tru sits somewhere in the middle. It's a different experience, but I wouldn't say it's radically different, more like an added dimension. Mounted, this sleeve is a joyride I can use to edge as long as I want. With the Handy, it's greedy. It's more like an endurance challenge, but no less enjoyable.

Dreams Come Tru is one of my favorite sleeves, definitely top 10. It's absolutely in my regular rotation now. Great sleeve, especially if you're on the wider side and want a loose, high-intensity option.

Puntuación 3.99 Satisfacción Gral. 5
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.75
Estimulación 4.55
Penetración 4.95
Estrechez 3.75
Efecto de succion 4.35
Realismo 3.05
Variación 3.9
Suavidad 4.45
Grado de orgasmo 4.65
Ruido 3.65
Uso de lubricante 2.7
Limpieza 4.45
Tiempo de secado 3.65
Cummer01744 Avatar

Cummer01744 Reseña

December 15th, 2023 por Cummer01744
Posee 16 mangas, 14 Valoraciones, 1 Reseña

Traducir Reseña

6.5x5.5 and I wait atleast 5 uses with every sleeve to review to give a break in period

Introduction: I am above average size at 6.5x5.5 circumcised. I have a total of 14 fleshlights and use my sleeves at least 5 times before reviewing them. My very first flashlight was lvl up.

Orifice: The lips on this sleeve are quite phenomenal, the lips are separated or I guess unfixed from the sleeve which is always awesome. As well as the lips when sitting normally are almost closed so to get into this sleeve you probably need to be rock hard. Which you should be for Kait. I get beyond vibes from the way these lips grip on your cock while inside the sleeve.

Texture: For me typically it takes me about 3 uses to really get used to a sleeve and be able to tell its full capabilities but wow was that not the case with this. First use I slid my cock in and within 3 minutes my cock was throbbing and getting near edging, the textures are described as medium intensity from some guys but for me this sleeve was incredibly intense and milking. The first section with the rib shaped things was my favourite taking long strokes was amazing.

Orgasm: my very first orgasm with this sleeve was probably a top 3 orgasm I’ve had in the last few months and it milked a big one out of me.

I think this is a must buy for people who like intense sleeves with great texture, has moved up to #1 in my collection within a couple weeks.

Puntuación 4.12 Satisfacción Gral. 4.85
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 3.2
Estimulación 5
Penetración 5
Estrechez 4
Efecto de succion 5
Realismo 4
Variación 4
Suavidad 5
Grado de orgasmo 5
Ruido 3.1
Uso de lubricante 5
Limpieza 5
Tiempo de secado 5
CoachM Avatar

CoachM Reseña

November 30th, 2023 por CoachM
Posee 16 mangas, 16 Valoraciones, 8 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

Measurements: Average
Fleshlights owned:17

I purchased Dreams Come Tru as a throw in with the Bombshell and was really excited for Bombshell, so this review is coming from a perspective of someone who was overlooking it a fair bit. This is a really great edging sleeve, maybe the best (probably recency bias but we'll see). It is a mid intensity sleeve with great stimulation.

This sleeve is all about the penetration and first section. It has a great looking lips and an initial pop as you go in. The first section is tight and off-centered a bit, so as you go in it kind of grabs you while stimulating, it has nubs that stick out that feel great to pass through in a twisting line kind of like how LVL-UP first section twists (My early thoughts are Stellar but tighter and spiralling LVL-UP vibes from this section, might have to revisit Stellar to confirm).

The middle section opens up which helps it from being too overwhelming intensity wise, but still offers enough stimulation to keep feeling good. The backstrokes through the first section are amazing and I kept wanting to go all the way out and back in for the full experience of the first bit. It has so much SUCTION and just hugs you, think Beyond.

I'll be interested to see how my opinion of this changes, so I'll probably update after more use. But I wanted to write this because of how surprised I was after my first few flights and hope this sleeve doesn't get overlooked with Blake's release.

Amazing edging sleeve that's mid intensity and amazing suction.

Puntuación 4.52 Satisfacción Gral. 5
Darle gracias a

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