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Resulta que uno de los culos más grandes del porno es también uno de los más apretados! Empuja en el botín de Violet y siente el apretón envolvente que sólo el sexo anal puede proporcionar. Diseñado con cuatro racimos de medio cristal separados por una serie de pasillos estrechos, esta textura le dará un golpe de puerta trasera suave y agarre que dejará los ojos rodando en la parte posterior de su cabeza mientras usted gime en éxtasis sexual.

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Violet Myers Headshot
Violet Myers

Violet Myers es la dulce, alegre, real-vida waifu hentai chica de tus sueños. Deliciosomente curvy en todos los lugares correctos, esta media latina, media estrella porno turca nació en Lo...

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Lapiz23 Reseña

May 7th, 2023 por Lapiz23

This was the first anal sleeve I bought and I came to the conclusion that it is by far my favorite texture of the 6 I have tried so far. I am pretty much dead average in size, length and girth so I find the tightness intensely pleasurable. If you are a little girthier I can see this sleeve being a little too tight, even with plenty of lube. If you're long and thin this will make your knees bu... Leer más

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Violet Myers


Fleshlight Girls


Violet Myers' Butt

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September 2022

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Fleshlight Ahegao Reseñas

Encontrado 8 reseñas en total

Intensidad 4.95
Estimulación 4.8
Penetración 4.85
Estrechez 4.8
Efecto de succion 4.5
Realismo 3.3
Variación 3.5
Suavidad 4.4
Grado de orgasmo 4.2
Ruido 3.7
Uso de lubricante 3.35
Limpieza 3.5
Tiempo de secado 2.7
Lapiz23 Avatar

Lapiz23 Reseña

May 7th, 2023 por Lapiz23
Longitud del pene: 5.4cm Circunferencia: 5cm
Posee 18 mangas, 12 Valoraciones, 7 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

What's up? I'm Lapiz, I'm a grad student, hoping to enrich the fleshlight experience for other users. As far as my penis goes, I am pretty average(If not slightly below) in every sense of the word. Five and a quarter Inches in length and just about 5 inches in girth. I will typically review 2 weeks after purchasing assuming usage habits remain consistent, testing includes the usage of the hands free mount. I’ll also test with and without the sleeve warmer, as it greatly enhances the experience in my opinion.

This was the first anal sleeve I bought and I came to the conclusion that it is by far my favorite texture of the 6 I have tried so far. I am pretty much dead average in size, length and girth so I find the tightness intensely pleasurable. If you are a little girthier I can see this sleeve being a little too tight, even with plenty of lube. If you're long and thin this will make your knees buckle, the tightness is INSANELY pleasurable and intense, I have tested it extensively with the wall mount and it makes my knees buckle every single time. In terms of lube usage, I personally don't find myself using as much as you would expect, but you may find different experiences here. I cannot undersell the intensity and tightness enough, for these reasons it is certainly the one I reach for the most. I have been edging the past few nights with it and it really becomes difficult after a few minutes. It might have honestly ruined other anal sleeves for me, I recently acquired Thunder and I think it pales in comparison to the glory that awaits in Ahegao. A thought I had last night was regarding the differences among circumcised versus uncircumcised, the rubbing sensation on that underlip is really what sets it apart from me and it may vary on your cut.

If you're not too girthy, BUY THIS. If you're wanting to try an anal sleeve, BUY THIS. It draws tablespoons out of you and has never let me down. A must have for any user looking for something intense.

Puntuación 4.09 Satisfacción Gral. 4.75
1 Darle gracias a
Intensidad 3.85
Estimulación 3.7
Penetración 2.6
Estrechez 4.4
Efecto de succion 4
Realismo 2.45
Variación 1.95
Suavidad 2.85
Grado de orgasmo 3.45
Ruido 3.45
Uso de lubricante 3.85
Limpieza 2.5
Tiempo de secado 2.55
IamAPrison Avatar

IamAPrison Reseña

January 4th, 2024 por IamAPrison
Posee 7 mangas, 7 Valoraciones, 7 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

My only anal sleeve that I got just to try a more tighter experience. It is good but due to the tighness a lot of nuance of the texture is lost for me compored to non-anal sleeves. On the other hand I still enjoy it as the suction effect is remarkebly strong. It needs quite a bit of lube probably as it is really tight and you feel the friction even more if you do not use enough lube.

Good sleeve but I cannot compare it to other anal sleeves as I do not have any. Still I am satisfied with this one and would try more anal sleeves if they go in the same direction as this one.

Puntuación 3.24 Satisfacción Gral. 3.7
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.75
Estimulación 4.85
Penetración 4.85
Estrechez 4.45
Efecto de succion 4.85
Realismo 2.5
Variación 3.4
Suavidad 3.2
Grado de orgasmo 4.9
Ruido 3.55
Uso de lubricante 4.55
Limpieza 4.9
Tiempo de secado 4.9
Unknown22 Avatar

Ahegao Reseña

December 4th, 2023 por Anónimo
Posee 33 mangas, 13 Valoraciones, 13 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

(Written after having written my reviews, so apologies for redundancy) I have 15 fleshlights, including 6 anal (Shameless, Tight Chicks, Cupcake, Ahegao, Too Good to be Tru, Boss Level, and Siren[haven't used yet, waiting for replacement]) and 7 vaginal (Waifu, Kumzumi, Amante, Cream [Waiting for a possible replacement], Tasty, and Creampuff). I have a preference for tighter anal sleeves. I have used all reviewed sleeves at least 10 times prior to review.

I have four other anal sleeves; Shameless, Cupcake, Boss level, and Tight Chicks. Ahegao is a fantastic anal sleeve, and holds up well against the others. the exterior is different from the others, and has much larger 'cheeks' that you can feel as you use it. Compared to something like tight chicks or cupcake, which are practically flat by comparison, this sleeve really feels like you're going between something rather than just straight into a hole. The orifice itself is pleasant to look at and penetration is fantastic. The interior is very tight with a very stimulating texture throughout. While there isn't as much variation as some other sleeves, the repeating pattern is rotated as you go deeper, and every inch feels new.

Very good anal sleeve. I recommend it to anal sleeve enjoyers that want to combine good stimulation with a tight entry. this sleeve combines a lot of good design elements that makes it one of the best for sure.

Puntuación 4.33 Satisfacción Gral. 5
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.8
Estimulación 4.5
Penetración 4.95
Estrechez 3.6
Efecto de succion 4
Realismo 4.2
Variación 3.75
Suavidad 3.6
Grado de orgasmo 4.4
Ruido 4.05
Uso de lubricante 3.8
Limpieza 4.25
Tiempo de secado 3.75
Just_Lookin420 Avatar

Just_Lookin420 Reseña

November 21st, 2023 por Just_Lookin420
Posee 15 mangas, 15 Valoraciones, 15 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

For review purposes: I’m about 6 inches (on a good day, Adderall sometimes holds me to 5-5.5) with a 6 inches in girth. I use Gun Oil water lube and start with 3 drops. Too much oil loses sensation and details of the sleeve.

This is my first anal sleeve and I wish I would have chosen a worse one because this is now the standard. I love this sleeve. And knowing it’s a mold of ms. Myers bootyhole makes me want to play with it as soon as I’m done with this review. Get it if you’re debating. So worth it

It’s going to take a lot for me to find another sleeve to compare to it but glad it was my first Anal sleeve

Puntuación 4.11 Satisfacción Gral. 3.95
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.95
Estimulación 4.75
Penetración 4.65
Estrechez 4.45
Efecto de succion 4.7
Realismo -
Variación -
Suavidad 4.7
Grado de orgasmo 4.8
Ruido 4.9
Uso de lubricante 4.8
Limpieza 4.9
Tiempo de secado 4.45
snazzyboi69 Avatar

snazzyboi69 Reseña

January 5th, 2023 por snazzyboi69
Longitud del pene: 7.5cm Circunferencia: 5.5cm
Posee 44 mangas, 40 Valoraciones, 40 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

I am a 22 year old male. I am 7.5" long on average, with a girth of 5.5". I have over 20 Fleshlights in my collection. This is what I think of this sleeve:

Ahegao is one of my favorite sleeves. The butt looks amazing outside, and the texture itself is incredibly tight. I really enjoy pushing through the small chambers throughout. The texture is fairly simple, but very pleasurable. Ahegao is in my top 5 textures and should absolutely have a place in your collection as well

Great sleeve, in my top 5, should have a place in your collection as well

Puntuación 4.74 Satisfacción Gral. 4.8
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.45
Estimulación 4
Penetración 3
Estrechez 4.7
Efecto de succion 4.15
Realismo -
Variación 2.1
Suavidad 2.75
Grado de orgasmo 3.95
Ruido 3.05
Uso de lubricante 3.05
Limpieza 2.65
Tiempo de secado 2.55
SirDefcon2 Avatar

Ahegao Reseña

January 3rd, 2023 por Anónimo
Posee 3 mangas, 3 Valoraciones, 3 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

My current favorite sleeve, bumpy texture that is very intense and hard to last with. Big cheeks that look attractive but take a few inches from you to get to the actual texture. The first few uses the orifice is so tight that it wants to push you out. The orgasms are very intense and it might be a bit painful to keep thrusting, at least for uncut guys.

Very intense and tight texture. Difficult to edge with but not impossible. Only bad thing I can say is that it takes more time than others to clean and dry.

Puntuación 3.42 Satisfacción Gral. 4.05
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.1
Estimulación 4
Penetración 4.25
Estrechez 4.3
Efecto de succion 4
Realismo 4.3
Variación 4
Suavidad 3.5
Grado de orgasmo 4.6
Ruido 4.5
Uso de lubricante 4.3
Limpieza 4.5
Tiempo de secado 4.5
revtwentyseven Avatar

revtwentyseven Reseña

December 20th, 2022 por revtwentyseven
Posee 72 mangas, 52 Valoraciones, 50 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

Welcome to another review by yours truly, revtwentyseven!

A few points of info when reading my reviews:

I am circumcised, use Gun Oil H20 lube, and generally FLy several times with each sleeve, including once immediately prior to the review. Most of my reviews reference how that review FLight was accomplished.

Now on to the review for the: Violet Myers Ahegao!

How I got it: I bought this in September 2022 upon the release of Violet Myers as a FLG. I also got Waifu as well, and that review has been out for a while now.

Aesthetics: The Butt molding of Violet Myers is quite a sight to behold. The anal entry itself is almost covered by the outer sleeve that mimics Violet's ample rear. And yes, before you ask: I did (somewhat gently, didn't want to send the sleeve fully into the case) slap the "cheeks" a couple of times.

Lube: As mentioned in the intro, I use Gun Oil H2O, which is a water-based lubricant. DO NOT USE the original silicone variant of lube or any silicone or oil lube. Because this is an anal sleeve with shifting "elevations" of texture, it's best to use more lube with this sleeve.

Noise: If you unscrew the cap slightly, the Ahegao does emit some noise, but unless you are FLying with your room open or someone actually in the room, it's probably not audible outside the room. I will note that the Ahegao was a little more audible than the Waifu.

Penetration: Entering the Ahegao is a interesting and exciting experience. After the initial entry, you are treated to a cylinder of bumps, and this feels nice before you push through a narrow canal into another cylindrical chamber of bumps, and then yet another narrow canal before another cylinder. Very well endowed penises could reach a fourth cylinder, but getting to the third one was about as far as I could go, and that was only at full mast. Going in reverse feels just as good, especially as the bottom of the glans pushes through all those narrow canals in reverse.

Intensity: While some Fleshlight users usually would bill an anal sleeve more intense than the vaginal counterpart, I believe it's in reverse in the case of Violet Myers' sleeves, but not by a whole much. Waifu is a intense sleeve that tricks me into going max effort and finishing quickly... I'm still trying to figure how to last with that one. Ahegao is just a little less intense, giving the possibility to edge or extend the session a bit longer. But don't think this is a dull sleeve at all: It's not long into the FLight that the intensity starts to build, and those bumps really start to prove the point of the sleeve: to get you off. You then have a choice - try to slow down and hold on, or let go. In my FLights, I've dabbled with both and while the end result is always enjoyable, if you can hold on with Ahegao, the payoff IS better.

Orgasm: With a FL, there are three orgasms that tend to come about (pun intended). One is a gentle buildup that leads to a nice orgasm. Another is one that causes you to cum without warning. The last is a "when you blow, you know." The Ahegao is in that final grouping, but still has elements of the first type. Each time I finished with Ahegao, I knew I was going to finish and when I finished. But on the couple of occasions I pushed on a little more, that additional buildup was nice, with an appreciable improvement in the finish.

Cleanup: A good steady stream of warm/hot water will easily remove all of the lube and aftermath, but do take some time, and perhaps run your fingers through the narrow areas to make sure everything rinsed out.

Now, if you have the Fleshlight AIR, drying is a breeze. Dry the outer sleeve and the case, put the sleeve back in the case, with neither lid on and screw in the FL to the AIR and turn the AIR on. Given the narrow canals of the Ahegao, I'd go for three presses of the on button (60 minutes) to ensure your sleeve is totally dry. Unscrew from AIR, recap the FL and it's ready to go again. If you don't have a AIR, Paper Towels (and quality paper towels, not store brand economy towels) are your next best friend. Run them through the canal a few times (be careful not to tear them). Then leave out in open air to dry (if you need to conceal the sleeve, stick in a old (but clean) t-shirt loosely to allow air to vent.

While the Ahegao is not as intense as the Waifu, it is plenty intense for a anal sleeve. Besides being a practical "must-get" for the fans of Violet Myers and anal sleeve enthusiasts, the sleeve design itself makes Ahegao a solid choice for those sporting a challenge for endurance FLying. Definitely a worthy purchase, maybe even a top/first ten purchase for many FLyers.

Puntuación 4.26 Satisfacción Gral. 4.8
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4
Estimulación 1.5
Penetración 4
Estrechez 4.5
Efecto de succion 2.5
Realismo -
Variación 2.5
Suavidad 2
Grado de orgasmo 3
Ruido 3
Uso de lubricante 2
Limpieza 3
Tiempo de secado -
Ian678 Avatar

Ian678 Reseña

November 30th, 2022 por Ian678
Posee 13 mangas, 27 Valoraciones, 25 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

For some context, I'm just over 6" and just under regular girth. As an indication of preference, I'm not the biggest fan of overly tight sleeves because it's more difficult for me to discern the textures, even feel them for that matter. I prefer vaginal to anal sleeves, and usually use a sleeve at least a few times before reviewing. Drying time and realism are negligible ratings to me, since the Fleshlight dryer finishes every sleeve in an hour, and no Fleshlight that I've ever used feels similar to sex. My current top five is Beyond, Cream, Lvl Up, Dreams Come Tru, Utopia

For some context, I'm just over 6" and just under regular girth. As an indication of preference, I'm not the biggest fan of overly tight sleeves because it's more difficult for me to discern the textures, even feel them for that matter. I prefer vaginal to anal sleeves, and usually use a sleeve at least a few times before reviewing. Drying time and realism are negligible ratings to me, since the Fleshlight dryer finishes every sleeve in an hour, and no Fleshlight that I've ever used feels similar to sex.

Had a lot to say about Waifu. Don't have that much to say about Ahegao. As a bit of a disclaimer, anal sleeves aren't really my favorite in general, so if you're an anal sleeve connoisseur and enjoy that more snug feeling, this review can definitely be disregarded. Along with this sleeve, I bought two other anal sleeves because I had never tried an anal sleeve before, and reviews on the others will probably come sometime soon.

I bought this sleeve along with Waifu because I bought into the Violet Myers release craze. I don't regret buying Waifu at all despite its inconsistency, because it's a great sleeve. Ahegao on the other hand...I regret being swept up in the moment.

Ultimately, the sleeve is way too tight for me, like insanely tight. It's tight to the point where I'm unable to feel any of the stimulation that Ahegao has too offer. If I try to remedy the lack of sensation with more lube, the texture smooths out since there aren't any noticable protrusions; if I try to use less lube, I simply cannot use the sleeve because if how tight it is. I have actually gotten soft in this sleeve from being so distracted by its tightness and upkeep, which was the first time something like that has ever happened.

The texture itself is just off center, with three slight openings even spaced throughout that contain diagonal nubs. Inbetween each of those openings are...uneven...connecting canals with small rectangular engravings (it's actually really hard to describe these lol). There's no internal texture variety in this sleeve, but rather variety of location, as each connecting canal is at a slightly different height, while the openings remain consistent. It creates that feeling of movement within the sleeve despite the masturbatory motion being a static one.

And for me, that's honestly it. I've used this sleeve maybe six to seven times, and it's simply too tight for me to derive a sense of enjoyment. That's even down to the orgasm, where sure its fairly intense, but there's no sensation to me while it happens that elevates it to that leg shaking, barely lucid status that tighter and more intense sleeves usually have. It's more like a single grip throughout the whole shaft. The whole point of me buying Fleshlights was to move away from the grip of my own hand with more nuanced texture. Of course Ahegao has a texture, but between the anal orafice gripping far tighter than the vaginal orafice, and how insanely thin the rest of the canals are, there isn't all that much of a difference to me.

2.4/5. Ahegao taught me that too much tightness is a bad thing. Everyone is different, but if you're someone like me who enjoys a little more space in their sleeves, then Ahegao is not the choice for you. If you like a relentless squeeze and shifting in your sleeve while using, then I would definitely consider this one to chase.

Puntuación 2.87 Satisfacción Gral. 2.4
Darle gracias a

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