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Intensität 2.5
Stimulation 3.5
Eindringgefühl 2.45
Engegefühl 1.95
Saugeffekt 2.45
Realismus 0.7
Abwechslung 1.9
Glattheit 4.8
Orgasmus-Bewertung 4.8
Geräusch 3.85
Gleitgelverbrauch 3.85
Aufräumen 4.05
Trockenzeit 4

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September 17th, 2022 (Throttle Texture)

I've had the fleshlight turbo throttle for a couple years. Use it frequently for a week or two and then it sits in a drawer for several months.

It's my first and only fleshlight and I really enjoy it. Provides really good orgasms, and it's nice to switch up my usual masturbation routine.

My only comments are:

1) It doesn't feel very tight. This might be because I'm a prolific bater, so my dick may be desensitized from my deathgrip lol. That being said, i can still get to orgasm no problem, just takes a bit longer. I have more enjoyment when I put it under a pillow and "fuck" it rather than using my hand to work it.

2) I wish I had bought a fleshlight that looked like an orifice. Specifically wish I bought one that looks like a vulva, I think that would add a lot to the experience. The turbo throttle looks a little too futuristic/inorganic for my tastes, and it's very apparent I'm fucking a toy. ie. I don't get any sense of a simulated pussy/asshole/mouth.

3) There's a ring at the opening that's separate from the main hole, i don't feel it adds anything and it's kind of a nuisance to line my dick up with it and thread it in every time I pop out.

One thing I /love/ however is the transparent material, it is really sexy to see my penis sliding into it, and seeing the cumshot/cum pooled inside after a session.

Just some small complaints, overall I've enjoyed it and I plan to keep using it :-)

Good toy, missing the simulation of a human orifice, and it's not as tight as I'd like. You'll be happy with it, but you might want to go with another model you've been eyeing.

Punkte 3.26 Zufriedenheit 4.9


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