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Sie werden nicht in der Lage zu verkleiden, wie viel Sie eine unserer verrücktesten Texturen jemals lieben werden – Maitland Wards Tight Chicks. Die gesamte Hülse ist ein Rollkoaster mit intensiven Stimulationsperlen und Reihen von Vergnügen-Pumpen. Ihre Schlange will ihren Weg durch jeden Zentimeter Maitlands Hinterland schleichen, bis alle Geheimnisse offenbart sind. Tight Chicks ist eine schwänzernde Reise mit vielen glücklichen Enden.


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Maitland Ward Headshot
Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward ist eine amerikanische Pornostar und ehemalige Mainstream Hollywood Schauspielerin. Sie ist am besten bekannt für ihre Rollen als Rachel McGuire in den letzten drei Jahreszeit...

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BrownBanana87 Rezension

May 31st, 2020 von BrownBanana87

I have let myself use this four times now so I feel I can give a decent first impression. To preface, any review I ever give is always going to be unbiased in regards to the porn star Because I only buy my toys for overall texture and practical usage. To be honest, 98% of the girls fleshlight chooses to “replicate” are not remotely my type and if I was to focus on them, it would be dif... Weiterlesen

Vereinigte Staaten Europa Kanada Australien
Sleeve Only$59.95€64.95$89.95$81.77

Fleshlight Girls


Maitland Ward's Butt


May 2020



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8 Rezensionen gefunden

Intensität 3.25
Stimulation 3.85
Eindringgefühl 3.35
Engegefühl 4.5
Saugeffekt 3.95
Realismus 3.7
Abwechslung 2.45
Glattheit 4.25
Orgasmus-Bewertung 4.05
Geräusch 4.4
Gleitgelverbrauch 4
Aufräumen 3.25
Trockenzeit 3.6
BrownBanana87 Avatar

BrownBanana87 Rezension

May 31st, 2020 von BrownBanana87
Besitzt 7 Inserts, 1 Bewertung, 1 Rezension

Rezension übersetzen

I have let myself use this four times now so I feel I can give a decent first impression. To preface, any review I ever give is always going to be unbiased in regards to the porn star Because I only buy my toys for overall texture and practical usage. To be honest, 98% of the girls fleshlight chooses to “replicate” are not remotely my type and if I was to focus on them, it would be difficult to orgasm or even maintain an erection. All this is to say, when I talk talk about fleshlights, there is no glossy nostalgia tied to it. It feels how it feels, and that’s it.

For reference, I’m a grower not a shower so I’ll just give you my average stats. 8 long, 6 girth. Fleshlights I own for comparison are, *Anal*: Punk, Texas tornado, Sinner, Shameless, Forbidden, and now Tight Chicks. *Vaginal*: Obsession, Destroya, Indulge, Bump N’ Grind, Outlaw, Pink Lady.

This is definitely an interesting and I would say rather complex fleshlight. Some things I loved, others not so much. It has like ... layers of sensation, even with the mono texture. The entrance is tight, but not as tight as sinner or even as tight as shameless. Still, there is a pleasant pop when you enter, even if it didnt Wow me. It has ... low cheeks. Meaning, there isn’t much “ass” to cushion your groin. That makes for more balls deep ballsdeepiness but less overall enjoyment from the impact of my thrusts, and since its all one texture I don’t care how balls deep I go in the first place.

Once inside though, it’s a different story entirely. Something about the inside of this toy was, almost magical to me. It’s crowded in there. For me, it is one of the softest, smoothest, but also ingeniously textured fleshlights I’ve ever felt. The textures don’t hit you separately so much as they do in one big harmony. It’s like hundreds of fresh play-dough people were all waiting for me to stick my dick in their village and they all just begin massaging me with swift, clear, whooshing motions. Is that a fantasy of mine? No, it’s honestly terrifying, but I’m trying to make a point here.

Even though its a one note texture, the note it provides is extremely soothing, inviting, disarming and just stimulating enough. I think it is a fantastic edging fleshlight, and one that is probably felt best when you go a bit slower with it while increasing the cap suction. When I go too deep too fast, I kind of lose feeling of much of the texture due to my girth, it’s crowded inner tightness, and it’s continuous one note presentation, but it may just require more breaking in.

It’s unique, and may have mysteries that still need unearthed, but right NOW it is not my FAVORITE fleshlight. My top three are a tie between sinner & shameless for 1st and 2nd place, and now I have a tie for 3rd and 4th place between punk, and tight chicks. Punk and tight chicks are polar opposite‘s in terms of intensity and method of stimulation, but they both feel uniquely wonderful in their own right.

Thanks for reading.

I think it is a good purchase. It has a mild intensity, a very thick and lush softness, a decent orgasm rating that You can pace, a moderate stimulation, low noise, and upper ranks quality,

Punkte 3.76 Zufriedenheit 4.05
4 Danke
Intensität 3
Stimulation 4
Eindringgefühl 4.75
Engegefühl 4.95
Saugeffekt 4.55
Realismus 4
Abwechslung 3
Glattheit 3.55
Orgasmus-Bewertung 4
Geräusch 4.55
Gleitgelverbrauch 4
Aufräumen 1.95
Trockenzeit 2.45
tahmidwadud Avatar

tahmidwadud Rezension

June 13th, 2020 von tahmidwadud
Besitzt 9 Inserts, 1 Bewertung, 1 Rezension

Rezension übersetzen

On the matter of Maitland Ward's Tight Cheeks

Just thought I would post this review here to give anyone some notes on my recent purchase and to generate some discussion. It is edited from a comment I just made. I received M.W.'s Tight Chicks ("TC") about a week and a half ago, and since I have used it four times. Twice as an orgy and twice by itself.

TC is an interesting and inviting sleeve. For reference the other sleeves I have are: Flight Pilot, Utopia, Lvl Up, Insatiable, Ice Lady and Destroya. TC is like none of those, it is unique. First I'll address the texture, then I'll address the structure (what you're looking to hear).

The texture is unique (as feck). One side (I can't remember if the top or bottom side, by which I mean the side facing the back or vagina, respectively) has an array of tickling nobbles along the whole texture, and the other side has a "racing stripe" of three lines that goes along the whole sleeve. The nobbles are of a length of about 4mm each and are noticeable and the racing stripe is noticeable for another reason. The reason is that the start of these racing stripes begins at about 2cm into the sleeve and they are of a sufficient length such as to feel like a "ring" that strokes your tip as you enter (even though they are only on the bottom side); it almost feels like your whole tip is encompassed by this ring - it is amazing. You'll only feel this when you're rock hard and stoke slow though, but if you're going for an anal sleeve I am sure you won't be jack-hammering.

The structure is what you are here to read about. It is tight. From the get-go the booty-hole is significantly tighter than any other sleeve I have (NB. I only have vaginal and oral sleeves otherwise). It is slightly "gaping", for want of a better word, though only by about 2mm radius circle. You would not expect otherwise for a tight booty-hole, as a point of engineering it seems impossible. As a result you have to be hard to enter this. But when you are the "pop" as you enter is sensational. Sometime I hold off for 2-3 days just to feel this "pop", it really is incredible. Again, this is my first and only anal sleeve, so it is novel.

Remaining on the matter of structure. Now onto the shape. There are two ways of referring to this, as "mounds" deviating from the tunnel, or as a snaking-tunnel. I'll use the former as it helps to have a reference to describe. There is such a "mound" as soon as you enter 3-5cm into the sleeve that, when facing down (i.e. is on your frenulum) really pushes the nobbles into it. It feels so, so, so, so good. Its like when a girl gives your a hand job and uses her thumb to massage there, though in this case parallel to the shaft. EXCEPT here you have the tightness of the sleeve wrapping around you and all of the other goodies. As you progress after, it almost "opens" up again and feels looser, for a moment. And it feels good, it is a relief from the almost numbing affect of the first mount (NB I am 5.7inches girth, approximately so may differ among people). But this relief is short-lived as you push through to the next mound. (At this point I can't reach my fingers here so I can't comment on the exact texture, but my phallus tells me it is consistent as before). This mound then rubs against the front side of your head - whilst the first presses against halfway down your shaft - and with the glory of the nobbles it feels good. They are noticeable, but especially so when you stroke slowly. If you jack-hammer it looses its wow and just becomes a tight hole (don't jackhammer, feel your sleeve!). The mound structure continues (I think 5-6 times, can't remember) and they become less noticeable as you go deeper in, probably because the Fleshlight, like all others, becomes flimsier as you progress away from the entrance. The structure is incredible, it is unique, and it is "milking".

Overall this is an incredibly unique sleeve (have I used that word before?). It is nothing like the other 7 I have and I do not regret buying it. I am glad I bought an anal sleeve after the vaginal ones, because my preference, I have learnt, is for looser sleeves. But this remains in my collection and I am happy I bought it. It is a once-a-week sleeve for me, not a regular (sometimes I can use 2-3 times a day), because it is tight and it really shines when you are most turned on. Fleshlight really hit my balls out of the park with this one.

Some comparisons to my other sleeves: it is as detailed as Insatiable; it is tickling, but to a lesser extent than Destroya; it is tight, more so than Lvl Up; its nobbles are like the ones on Utopia, but work better because of the varying pressure points due to the mounds; it is nothing like Ice Lady or Turbo Thrust whatsoever. It is unique, despite these similarities, but I am just trying to point out some pointers that you might be able to relate to. Perhaps one could say that the ring-effect from the start of the racing-stripes is like the internal ring of Turbo, it does have a similar feelings, but it is more tickling-sensational rather than a penetrative entrance point.

I hope this helps you in your purchase decision. I whole-heartedly recommend Tight Cheeks.

Fleshlight really hit my balls out of the park with this one.

Punkte 3.78 Zufriedenheit 4.2
1 Danke
Intensität 3.95
Stimulation 4.65
Eindringgefühl 5
Engegefühl 4
Saugeffekt 3.6
Realismus 3.05
Abwechslung 0.7
Glattheit 1
Orgasmus-Bewertung 5
Geräusch 4.05
Gleitgelverbrauch 5
Aufräumen 5
Trockenzeit 5
BoogerSugar Avatar

BoogerSugar Rezension

January 10th, 2023 von BoogerSugar
Besitzt 1 Insert, 1 Bewertung, 1 Rezension

Rezension übersetzen

I've owned five different sleeves, and this one tends to be my go-to. The asymmetric design means it will feel very different depending on how it's oriented during entry. The cross cut image isnt a great depiction of the texture inside the sleve. The dorsal side of the sleeve uses texturing that is similar to those found in the Empress, and the ventral side is bumpy similar to Crush. Rotating it will change the intensity level, which for me is great because I'm basically a twist away from climax.

The circumference is consistent, and the texturing doesn't lend itself to lube retention. That lack of retention makes rinsing and drying quick and simple.

It's hard to go wrong with this sleeve. It should tolerate a variety of cocks. The wavy canal is a lot of fun to experience especially when you get it dialed in on your preferred angle.

Punkte 3.90 Zufriedenheit 4.6
Intensität 4
Stimulation 3.75
Eindringgefühl 4.6
Engegefühl 4.9
Saugeffekt 4.25
Realismus 3.7
Abwechslung 2.9
Glattheit 3.2
Orgasmus-Bewertung 3.85
Geräusch 4.2
Gleitgelverbrauch 3.4
Aufräumen 4
Trockenzeit 4.7
Purrito Avatar

Purrito Rezension

December 6th, 2022 von Purrito
Penislänge: 8.5cm Umfang: 6.5cm
Besitzt 31 Inserts, 24 Bewertungen, 13 Rezensionen

Rezension übersetzen

Preface: I haven't used that many textures, so my ability to compare one to another isn't robust. I measure about 8.5" in length and about 6.5" in circumference (when especially aroused it can be closer to 9in and 7in around, which can 'bottom out' textures).

8.5Length, 6.5Circ;
Tight Chicks lives up to its name. The tightness is the most prominent feature of the sleeve. However, it's not *merely* tight; the texture that runs along the underside of the sleeve is pronounced enough that it can be felt even with an abundance of lube. This means that an aggressive cleat will be felt on whichever side the user wants. Suction on the sleeve is supreme, and if the cap is fully closed it will pull itself all the way back down. The penetration on this sleeve is not the tightest of all sleeves (I think Wonderland is probably tighter), but the full length of the sleeve being as tight as it is means that the squeeze felt by this sleeve is unparalleled.

It holds heat very well and because of the tightness/pressure it distributes heat back to the user quickly. So much so that I found I need to heat it less than most other sleeves in order for the sleeve to not become too hot. It's a pretty simple texture but it's only average with cleanup and dry time because the inner texture tends to hold moisture and doesn't allow a high volume of airflow.

Very tight with a noticeable asymmetrical texture. If I wore this one out there's a good chance I'd replace it, but I find that Boss Level does a lot of the same things that Tight Chicks does and I tend to prefer that sleeve over this one.

Punkte 4.00 Zufriedenheit 4.5
Intensität 5
Stimulation 3.8
Eindringgefühl 5
Engegefühl 5
Saugeffekt 4.4
Realismus 4.5
Abwechslung 2.7
Glattheit 3.9
Orgasmus-Bewertung 5
Geräusch 3.9
Gleitgelverbrauch 3.1
Aufräumen 2.65
Trockenzeit 3.1
FleshlightFan Avatar

FleshlightFan Rezension

December 30th, 2021 von FleshlightFan
Besitzt 12 Inserts, 8 Bewertungen, 12 Rezensionen

Rezension übersetzen

Very tight anal sleeve that twists around as you go deeper. It almost feels like your "snaking" your way in with all of the direction changes. It feels great! The entrance is nice and tight as one would hope for out of an anal sleeve and you can feel yourself push inside with a "pop". Really nice and relaxing sleeve that feels like it's massaging you like a wave as you go deeper.

The twisting, snaking design of this tight anal sleeve is really relaxing and makes you feel like you're being massaged!

Punkte 4.08 Zufriedenheit 5
Intensität 5
Stimulation 4.05
Eindringgefühl 4.1
Engegefühl 5
Saugeffekt 4.45
Realismus 3.6
Abwechslung 3.3
Glattheit 3.65
Orgasmus-Bewertung 4.2
Geräusch 4.55
Gleitgelverbrauch 3.75
Aufräumen 4.6
Trockenzeit 4.5
formerlyknown Avatar

formerlyknown Rezension

December 10th, 2021 von formerlyknown
Penislänge: 6cm Umfang: 6cm
Besitzt 2 Inserts, 2 Bewertungen, 2 Rezensionen

Rezension übersetzen

- amazingly tight, feels perfect when you use the right amount of lube

- having the cap on and off provides a different experience but feels equally great either way

- I love the look of the asshole

- It's pretty noisy if the cap is on, but this is actually a plus for me because I get turned on by things like that lol

- cumming inside has so much sensation and it feels like heaven

All in all a great toy if tightness is your top priority!

Punkte 4.24 Zufriedenheit 4.65
Intensität 2.5
Stimulation 2.85
Eindringgefühl 4.4
Engegefühl 4.95
Saugeffekt 4.9
Realismus 2.9
Abwechslung 1.75
Glattheit 3.4
Orgasmus-Bewertung 4.6
Geräusch 3.2
Gleitgelverbrauch 1.65
Aufräumen 2.95
Trockenzeit 2.5
SupernutTrunks Avatar

SupernutTrunks Rezension

December 29th, 2020 von SupernutTrunks
Besitzt 22 Inserts, 15 Bewertungen, 11 Rezensionen

Rezension übersetzen

A wise man once said that you need a couple of Flights in order to properly review a sleeve. And for Tight chicks, this couldn’t be closer to the truth. My first Flight with this sleeve sucked ASS, to the point where I thought I wasted my money. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, this sleeve is great.

This sleeve is tight as hell so you probably need a full mast in order to enter it, with my young virile self this isn’t a problem, but for some of you old geezers be warned (I joke of course). It’s a constant texture and the cheeks aren’t that prominent so the orifice is a bit meh, but the constant texture makes the experience consistent. This is a good thing because when you enter you completely surrounded by a soft soothing and quite tight texture that pulls you in and massages you. I think the twists in it make it feel more meaty and pillowy, while the nubs are pretty low intensity making this a great edging sleeve that’s not too boring. At first, this just felt tight and boring, but the sensations really grow on you and are quite subtle the more you use it. It could also have been that I was going too fast initially as others have said, I think this sleeve works best when going slower, in order to fully take in what it has to offer.

I think this is a really good sleeve and one of their best recent creations, great for edging and going slow. Can’t recommend for pound town sessions though.

Punkte 3.35 Zufriedenheit 4.35
Intensität 3.5
Stimulation 4.2
Eindringgefühl 4
Engegefühl 4.15
Saugeffekt 3.45
Realismus 1.8
Abwechslung 1.85
Glattheit 3.55
Orgasmus-Bewertung 4.3
Geräusch -
Gleitgelverbrauch -
Aufräumen -
Trockenzeit -
miamifawkes Avatar

miamifawkes Rezension

December 25th, 2020 von miamifawkes
Besitzt 43 Inserts, 39 Bewertungen, 39 Rezensionen

Rezension übersetzen

General preference is blowjob sleeves, then anal, finally vaginal. Preference for intensity is generally high. Generally use each sleeve at least 5 times before providing a rating

I was concerned this sleeve would be overhyped. It's rated high, and is quite new.
Recency bias? I gave it a shot anyways as I was on a fleshlight spree.

It's very tight, and has more stimulation than something like boss level.
It has a unique texture that you can appreciate and has good suction.

This is a hall of famer sleeve for me. Tight, good stimulation and moderate intensity. Used on a regular basis. Would recommend.

Punkte 3.57 Zufriedenheit 4.9

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