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Textured waves along the length of the canal provide a powerful sensation while providing the control necessary to fully appreciate the Fleshlight experience.

The Wonder Wave insert has a canal diameter width similar to that of the Original insert. A bell-shaped chamber is located at the canal entrance and is followed by another 14 cylindrical chambers that extend to the end of the insert. The chambers are formed by circular constrictions at an interval of 0.6 inches (15 mm). The inner canal diameter is 0.5 inches (15 mm) at these constrictions and 0.6 inches (18 mm) at the chambers.

Product Measurements:
Canal Diameter: 1.5 cm inch
Length: 25.5 cm
Diameter: 10 cm to 6.5 cm

Pink Lady Pussy, Pink Mouth, Pink Butt and Pink Cheeks

To clean the Wonder Wave canal thoroughly, you should briefly turn the insert inside out because some sperm and lube residues build up between the ridges. Drying however is quick, thanks to the relatively wide canal diameter.

First Release around February 2002.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 31 user-ratings.

This texture has 9 variations:
Pink Butt Wonder Wave
Pink Cheeks Wonder Wave
Pink Lady Wonder Wave
Pink Mouth Wonder Wave
Brooke Skye's Wonder Wave (Discontinued)
Kat Young's Wonder Wave (Discontinued)
Lia19's Wonder Wave (Discontinued)
Raven Riley's Wonder Wave (Discontinued)
Vanilla DeVille's Wonder Wave (Discontinued)

There are 15 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

FLair's Review

The Pink Lady version of the Wonder Wave Original series is a great texture all round, the texture features small bumps that wrap around the whole texture and are fairly spaced apart from eachother with smooth sections in between them repeated throughout the entire length of the sleeve. The sensation is quite stimulating in a smooth way so it's not an intense sleeve, however this particular sleeve...

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fleshhippie's Review

WW ICE, pussy (not a FL girl): the orifice of this is really tight. It feels great right from the beginning. Obviously there is no variation in the texture, but through the cap and adjusting speed, you can have fun with this sleeve. I do not use it very often (got it as a freebie in my first order earlier this year), but when I do I enjoy it. I like using an ice sleeve in a clear case! I do not re...

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throwawayfleshquests's Review

This was my first sleeve back in 2008 and it is still one of my favorite sleeves to date. Originally it was said to be the closest to a BJ feel and I got this one along with the 2 Stoya sleeves (Destroya and one other, lotus maybe). This sleeve has been my most used by far and considering getting another one if it ends up losing it's texture because I enjoyed it that much. The other originals didn...

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Excelsior37's Review

The Wonder Wave is a great starter sleeve with it's own pros and cons. I would rate it as low/mid intensity depending on how you have the end cap twisted. The ribs feel great passing over your manhood and feel fairly tight. The cons (at least for me) are having this texture in a pink lady Fleshlight instead of a FLG. I'm mostly into the FLG line currently so my Wonder Wave only gets the occasional...

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throbinvanpussy's Review

The wonder wave feels fantastic. The orifice is the classic lady, not so special. The inside there are nobs that massage your penis with areas of larger diameter. The wonder wave feels like the most realistic vagina. It is incredible how close it feels to it. The orgasm feels mediocre compared to the punk fleshlight.

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captaininsaneo's Review

The wonder wave was my second Fleshlight after the disappointing STU. The wonder wave is constant throughout but its a good feeling. The suction and sensation it creates rivals the new ones created today even though its so old. Good for guys with a medium size and don't like too much intensity

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YesSamS's Review

This is the first Fleshie I bought and it provided many years of covert lovin' either when single or when my wife was away. It was an Ice one which I don't think is available anymore and although very fun to watch, the ice sleeves are very sticky. The intensity was good allowing you to either make it a nice long session or plough on through as quick as you like. I usually found that orgasmic sati...

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TMoD7007's Review

A little about my background at the start: I'm an average build circumcised guy and I'm really into strong sensations. Because of a very extensive style of circumcision it can be hard to reach orgasm multible times in a row. I'm sexually quite active with a pretty adventurous woman at my side, that luckily finds Fleshlights and me using them pretty hot. ;) At the Wonder Wave sleeve: This was my v...

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Rayne's Review

Background: I bought this texture way back when ILF had just released a new design for the fleshlight case (the one you know now). They were doing a special where if you buy two sleeves of your choice you'll get a pink lady speed bump sleeve and the new case for free. Wonder Wave seemed well liked at the time so I went with that. Granted this was way back when there was only the original, super ti...

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multisystempaper's Review

The Wonder Wave is a cult classic amongst fellow Fleshlight users. Funny how a few strategically placed rings can create a world of difference compared to the original. I did not expect much from this sleeve even with the large amount of positive things I've heard about it; I was happy I set the bar low because it exceeded my expectations and then some. The lube use is great, has just the right...

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onlypostssexyheels's Review

This was the first fleshlight that I wanted, and truly enjoyed. I ordered it along with the speed bump and the super ribbed, and the wonder wave saw WAY more action that the other two. In fact, I think I used the speed bump about 5 times before I gave up on it after holding onto it for two years or so. The wonder wave is what I judge all other textures on, and to this day, I think I only enjoy...

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fl4life's Review

This was my 1st FLG purchase with Raven Riley wonder wave back in the day(still think her orfice was and is the best and prettist). Wonder wave is pretty much great for a FLG experince. It isn't so intense you are done in a minute but just enough there you don't go so long you have to add more lube and still have a good ball draining again and again.

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HeresJohnny's Review

Ah the good ol' Wonder Wave. I'd like to start off by saying I own the Pink Butt orifice variant of this sleeve which is why I have rated the penetration so high. The Wonder Wave is my to-go-to textures to use when I am looking for a good, long and pleasing orgasm. Penetrating this sleeve is so stimulating, it beats most of my other textures. You are greeted by a tight entrance that opens up to...

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Casquetero's Review

The Wonder Wave texture is one of the classic Fleshlight textures - it was the first revision of the Original - and it is still one of the favorites of the user forum. After reading review after review of satisfied users, I pulled the trigger and bought it. The texture is simple: a smooth texture in a canal 1/2 inch in diameter with equally spaced ribs (about 1 inch apart). At first impression, th...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

If memory serves me correctly this was the first textured insert available in the FleshLight and it still is a very good one. As the name implies, there are many sequential waves lining the insert. I was a little skeptical of this insert since the FL community hailed it as one of the all-time favorites and that sets the grounds for a big possible let down. Yet again my worries were thwarted after...

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