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Tera Patrick
Fleshlight Girls

Tera's Twisted texture offers a single ring which twists around the full length and circumference of the canal slowly drawing you deeper and deeper into this Twisted experience. The canal tightens up as you slide further along the length of the sleeve. The ribbing is spaced perfectly to allow you to experience just as much stimulation as you can handle.

The inner canal of the Twisted Insert has a diameter of 0.5 to 0.8 inches (12-18 mm) and is thus relatively wide. A very distinctive 0.2 inch (5 mm) single rib runs throughout the entire canal, spiralling along the side walls of the sleeve. The spiral rib forms, at a distance of 0.6 inches (15 mm), a total of ten medium-sized chambers, which become increasingly tighter toward the end.

Tera Patrick Butt, Tera Patrick Pussy (Discontinued)

This Texture was previously known as Twista, and was only available with Tera Patrick's Pussy orifice.

First Release around March 2009.

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This texture has 2 variations:
Twista (Discontinued)

There are 6 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

masterjedishane's Review

Not the worst thing in the world but this didn't fee real or even close. Probably why the discontinued this and turned it in to the Anal Twisted. I'll just be straight up, it's better suited for the backdoor then the front but it's still not a great texture in the first place either way. I think if it was way tighter then maybe it would have been an awesome sleeve. But, that's how these things go!

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Rayne's Review

Background: I bought this sleeve along with Raven Riley's lotus back in May of 2009. ILF hadn't introduced fleshtone color yet and twista was the only exclusive signature FLG texture available at the time. All other FLG's were stuck with either lotus or the soon to be discontinued from FLG's wonder wave. Impressions: Tera's pussy mold is nice to slide into. The texture itself feels fairly loose,...

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onlypostssexyheels's Review

This was the first FLG that I really enjoyed. It is looser than anything else I'd owned, and to be honest, I didn't mind at all. The texture was just as equally consistent as it was surprising. In my opinion this was a slightly more interesting wonder wave. It was slightly more subtle, but a little less intense, which meant I could use it for prolonged sessions. The entry isn't my favorite lo...

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FriendlyFlyer's Review

I got Twista before they renamed it and moved it to Tera's butt. I really enjoy this sleeve. To me, it feels sort of like a toned down version of the super ribbed; the spiral feel more like spaced out ribs. This is good, as the super ribbed can be a bit too much. It's a fairly loose sleeve through the majority of the length, which I enjoy for longer flights. This also allows for easier cleanup and...

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Casquetero's Review

The Twista has a single spiraling ridge that goes the whole length of the sleeve. The ridge is similar to the one found in the Wonder Wave with the difference that the Twista's is a single ridge twisted inside the tunnel. The tunnel also has another characteristic - it has a decreasing diameter after the 4 inches mark, meaning that the deeper you go, the ridge will stimulate you more and more. Add...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

The Twista was one of the first FLG signature textures available and it still remains one of the best. From the cut-away you can’t tell that the spiral actually is a single continuous ridge running the length of the sleeve. The diameter reduces as you venture deeper into the texture along as does the distance between the spiral. You may think Cyclone is a variant of this texture, but it only sh...

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