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Teagan Presley
Fleshlight Girls

The Trigger texture is lined with generous fingertips that massage and stroke your shaft each time you traverse the length of the sleeve. Filled out by a series of smaller, supple nubs, this canal will activate your senses for a truly thrilling ride.


Teagan Presley Pussy

First Release around March 2015.

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ohhey's Review

I got this sleeve when it first came out, the larger reverse pointing numbs offer a nice feeling when pushing past them, but are best when pulling out, between the direction they face and the suction it's like it tries to pull you in. I'm not fond of the smaller nubs, they seem to stand out to much and I have to use extra lube to not notice them as much, I may end up snipping them out. The orifi...

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FLair's Review

Teagan Presley's signature texture Trigger Finger is a very tight very intense sleeve, featuring large nubs throughout the entire texture complimented by smaller, pointier nubs throughout aswell. The entry is also relatively tight and smooth which leads into a slightly more open tunnel, until you reach the combination of large and small nubs, which fill the chamber and give the increased sensation...

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aaron's Review

The texture is definitely an intense one, the most appealing element within this sleeve is the massaging finger type bulbs within spaced close together. It is tight and soft, as you thrust the finger-like bumps massage your penis head and glands, especially the tips of your penis. It is a very pleasant sensation indeed, and it keeps you wanting more. It is difficult to contain one's self within th...

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Cyberwolffe's Review

Trigger is the new texture for the Teagan Presley vagina sleeve, replacing Love Humps (which has been renamed Bulletproof and moved to her butt sleeve). The texture consists of fingers (or triggers if you prefer) that point toward the back end of the sleeve and smaller nubs in between them. The triggers are bigger than the fingers in sleeves like the Bliss or Barracuda and not as densely packed....

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