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Lupe Fuentes
Fleshlight Girls
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The Wall (aka Tight Squeeze) is Lupe's Fuentes' signature texture. The wall is created to simulate what it would be like to "bottom out" inside Lupe's tiny body. The micro rib entry goes throughout the sleeve and narrows into the tightest opening we've ever offered.

The canal opens with a narrow entrance, which widens into an elongated chamber with a diameter of 16 mm. The walls of the chamber are covered with a fine structure of transverse ribs, each 1 mm wide. At the end of the chamber, the canal narrows down to 10 mm.

Product Measurements:
Sleeve length: approx. 9.0"
Orifice depth: approx. 1.25"
Inner texture length: approx. 7.75"
Case length: 10"

Lupe Fuentes Pussy

Also known as The Wall

First Release around May 2010.

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This texture has been discontinued.

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ThePowerHouse's Review

I hate to report that, for me, the TS is the biggest let down since the Forbidden. I expected it to be like the Original as you slide in followed be the sensation of the Super Ribbed and ending with your head in a Ultra-Tight canal. Well, you can forget the Super Ribbed sensation. It feels like an Original that ends in an Ultra-Tight. The ribbed patch produces no sensation for me and I believe tha...

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