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Alexis Texas
Fleshlight Girls

With its twister-like canal, Alexis' signature texture, the Texas Tornado, will suck you in. Take shelter in it's deep indentations as you ride out the storm of pleasure. But be fore-warned: you won't be safe from the wake of bliss it leaves.

The coils of the spiral ribs are perfectly aligned for men with average penis lengths (5.9 inch / 15 cm) and they can easily reach the first four constrictions of the initial first five chambers of the insert, which is absolutely sufficient for experiencing the optimal stimulation. And even with a shorter penis length, you won't miss out on any of the important textural elements because after three inches (7 cm), the twisted texture repeats.

Alexis Texas Pussy and Alexis Texas Butt

First Release around October 2012.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 84 user-ratings.

This texture has 6 variations:
Alexis Texas Butt Tornado
Alexis Texas Pussy Tornado (Discontinued)
Pink Butt Tornado
Pink Cheeks Tornado
Pink Lady Tornado
Pink Mouth Tornado

There are 22 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

Sensa's Review

About myself: I am average length and girth, and Im very sensitive especially during orgasm. Thus I prefer smooth, gentle and less intense textures. I quickly came across Texas Tornado, because it seemed just right to me. At average length, I cant profit from different chambers back in the end. Here I wouldnt miss out anything. Also because I am very sensitive, especially during orgasm, I was loo...

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FacialFreak's Review

Alexis Texas, for those of you who live under a rock, is one of the most popular pornstars in the world. Well know for her truly beautiful booty, it should come as no suprise that she has a sex toy line. The great people over at Fleshlight molded her ass and pussy to add her to their ever expanding Fleshlight Girls line up, and boy does this toy deliver. I bought the Texas Tornado sleeve years ag...

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FLair's Review

The Pink Lady version of the Tornado Original series is an incredible sleeve with an extremely stimulating texture that has a very realistic vaginal feel to it. The texture itself consists of an alternating canal diameter and scattered dents or pockets with long spirals throughout the entire length of the sleeve. The alternating diameter of the canal and the pockets throughout the sleeve are the v...

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fleshhippie's Review

Orifice (Texas anal) is fairly loose and not too interesting. You should immediately notice a nice, subtle suction effect that is, in my opinion, the highlight of the sleeve. It is not very tight or stimulating, so you can fly for a long time. This sleeve as a reputation as being very realistic, and I am not sure it is fairly earned. Next to a lot of other sleeves that do stand out as 'unrealistic...

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girthreviews's Review

–Reviews For Girthy (or more-sensitive) Guys– TL;DR sleeve summary: 10/10, outstandingly realistic and mellow, extreme gentleness without the lack of stimulation of the Original. Sleeves work completely differently depending on girth, so these reviews are here to help average-length girthy guys find the textures that fit best. Those with sensitive members may also find this info helpful, as...

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Cgars's Review

I wanted this texture because I heard many people claim that out of all of the textures ILF has created so far, this is the one that feels closest to a vagina, which took me off guard considering the Lotus and Mini Lotus were meant to do just that. Not to mention the inside of this thing hardly looks anatomically correct. But my curiosity got the better of me and I bought it. One thing to note is...

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ohhey's Review

One of the first 3 I owned and I'm not disappointed. It's a very real feel not just in the texture but through some voodoo or something it squeezes you back much like an actual vagina does. The sensation of the of the dimples on my head along with the changing width makes this my goto realism sleeve and one of my favorites.

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throwawayfleshquests's Review

Personally this one is decent on the inside but the butt orifice for me is way too tight. I posted on reddit about possible breaking it in period of the butt variety (i'm larger and used all mouth/lady until this sleeve based on ratings). So Far I do enjoy the sleeve but my satisfaction is not high due to how tight it is for me right now.

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Ultraspank's Review

Got the Alexis Texas Tornado Vagina as a bonus "mystery" sleeve with my big Valentine's day order. I was thrilled as it was on my wishlist here at fleshassist, though I never imagined that I would be able to get my hands on one since it has been previously discontinued. As of now, the tornado texture is only available with the anal orifice, which regrettably doesn't appeal to me. Problem solved...

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FLfan's Review

The tornado texture is one of the most realistic feeling textures out there. It does a good job of not over stimulating you during your experience. It is one of the more basic, yet easily over looked textures on the fleshlight line. I would recommend it and it is good for daily use.

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siliconelover's Review

I wanted to love this sleeve, I really did. However, as I feared- the smoothness of the large areas on the inside of this sleeve proved to be its undoing; at least in my honest opinion. I could not get this sleeve to stay lubricated, the spiral trenches would spirit all the lube away from my skin. The smoothness of the texture, even lubricated does not stimulate. I do like the counter pressure eff...

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fathead3110's Review

Oh man, this texture. I love it. It's subtle but strong. The inverted nodes provide suction, while the channel teases you all the way up and down. Because the whole canal waves, the alternates pressure on you, and just feels amazing when doing full strokes. It's one of those ones that your finish sneaks up on you, so you can just be flying and then bam, you're at the point of no return, with...

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pornaccount9876's Review

For me, the Texas Tornado is a difficult sleeve to review. Despite owning it for several months, and using it at least two dozen times, I haven't found much worth saying about this sleeve. For one thing, it is the loosest and least intense sleeve I own, but I wouldn't describe it as either "too loose" or "too tame"; it just lacks the qualities of tightness and intensity that I've come to appreciat...

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Alex_K_USA's Review

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I really didn't like this piece when I first tried it, for reasons I discuss below. You have to have the right set and setting to get the most out of this FL. PROS: This is not a loose piece or a low intensity piece, as you might assume from the side-view. The spiral ridges really do form a tornado of contact lines that you can feel very well if you pay attention, and you're...

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slim_shaky's Review

Background: I ordered this sleeve at the same time as Destroya so that I could try one low-intensity sleeve (this one) and one high-intensity sleeve. Orifice: I have this texture with the vagina orifice. Alexis's labia are nicely spread out and very inviting. They're a little unrealistic (I've never seen any that stay spread like that in real life), but once you enter they look nice. There's n...

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mrbean's Review

THE ORIFICE. Unfortunately ILF decided to switch Alexis' Pussy mold with her Butt for the Tornado texture. So here's both: THE PUSSY: I think ILF did a pretty good job of matching her lips, they're even covered with creases and folds just like Alexis! I was surprised to see that. Now this may seem like a minor complaint, but to me this is important. The clit is too small! When touching it, you har...

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Rayne's Review

Background: I purchased this sleeve as part of the buy 2 sleeves get 1 free deal (also known as 342) during a promotion where you get a free mystery sleeve with orders over $79. Impressions: Tornado's indented spiral design provides decent pleasure as they stroke across your cock while thrusting in and out. It's by no means an intense texture, the edges if you would call them that are rather subd...

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nightborn's Review

Very smooth, subtle texture. It feels looser than average FLs and is somewhat uninteresting when first penetrating it, although good nonetheless. But after a while it really grips me... WHOA, it makes me so hard I believe I'm 16 years old again! The milking sensation of this sleeve is just wonderful. With this texture I can edge endlessly (although I can finish earlier if I want to) and the orgas...

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TheWorldsStudent's Review

I have the Alexis Texas Pussy Tornado... While it is now discontinued, there is still an Alexis Texas Butt Tornado. In any event, this is the first FLG texture I purchased that I felt like it was pulling me in. The entrance is okay, but once inside you start to feel it sucking you into the texture. I had heard others discribe this texture the same way before having bought it, but I didn't fully un...

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FriendlyFlyer's Review

I bought the Texas Tornado as Alexis' vagina before they moved it to her butt. It is easily one of the most realistic textures. As such, it doesn't provide much in the way or intensity or variation. It also isn't extremely tight. I can only imagine how much better this texture would be with the tighter butt orifice. Lube use, drying time, and cleanup are all really good with this sleeve because of...

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T's Review

The stimulation that the Texas Tornado gives is the most realistic stimulation in the fleshlight arsenal that is as close to a real vagina as possible. Multiple users along with myself have attested to the Texas Tornado being the most realistic texture even more so than Vortex. The three waves twisting around the sleeve create a very “live feeling” to the texture. I say that because with hav...

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Casquetero's Review

As you can see in the picture , the Texas Tornado is a texture with a pretty wide, curvy tunnel, surrounded by twisted ribbons of material with indentations that gives the Tornado a Swiss cheese look. The texture by itself seems to be a low intensity texture, perfect for long sessions. The Tornado resulted slightly more intense than expected, but it is still a low-intensity texture. Most of the...

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