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The most realistic oral sex experience in existence. Starting with a moderately tight opening, it drives your cock wild with the intense stimulation of our Super Ribbed texture. Halfway through you'll encounter the back of the throat, finishing with a super tight canal.

The Forbidden canal consists of a 5.0 inch (13 cm) elongated chamber with a diameter of 0.6 - 0.8 inches (15 - 20 mm), which passes into a tight 0.4 inch (10 mm) wide canal. At the entrance of the chamber is a ring of six cubical bumps followed by a highly dense rib texture. At the end of the chamber is a cone-shaped widening with another bump ring, consisting of six wide hemispherical bumps. This is followed by a tight 0.4 inch (10 mm) wide canal with textureless smooth side walls.

Fleshlight Girls Mouth and Fleshjack Boys Mouth

First Release around April 2010.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 67 user-ratings.

This texture has 26 variations:
Anna Lovato's Swallow
Asa Akira's Swallow
Austin Wilde's Swallow
Bibi Jones's Swallow
Brent Corrigan's Swallow
Brent Everett's Swallow
Cody Cummings's Swallow
Dolph Lambert's Swallow
Dylan Ryder's Swallow
Dylan Ryder's Swallow
Jean-Daniel Chagall's Swallow
Jenna Haze's Swallow (Discontinued)
Jesse Jane's Swallow
Jessica Drake's Swallow
Jimmy Viscontis's Swallow
Kevin Warhol's Swallow
Kris Evans's Swallow
Lisa Ann's Swallow
Misty Stone's Swallow
Pierre Fitch's Swallow
Riley Steele's Swallow
Samuel O'Toole's Swallow
Stoya's Swallow
Teagan Presley's Swallow
Tera Patrick's Swallow (Discontinued)
Tori Black's Swallow

There are 30 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

fatblunt's Review

I got this sleeve as a mystery gift for my black friday sale purchase. I don't think it's realistic feeling as in being deep throated. The most realistic part about it is just being in the mouth orfice. The ribbing is very intense though and hitting the choke point feels nice. But this feels like putting on a ribbed condom more than it feels like getting a blowjob. This sleeve is very loud around...

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rich28988's Review

First thought that the mouth orifice thing looked a bit creepy but once I got past it, it was kinda fun having the lips slide up and down my shaft and sticking my dick in between them. The ribbed texture is stimulating as usual, and the tight canal adds to the suction effect. It's a pretty decent sleeve but I much prefer the other Fleshjack Boy textures.

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Cgars's Review

I wanted this sleeve for a while because I had the SIAC Mini version, but found it to be just a tad on the tight side. I put off buying this full size version for a while but made the purchase because I'm fairly certain it's going to be discontinued soon. Not much is different from this in regards to my Mini Swallow review. The ribbed portion is the main attraction here and creates a surprising a...

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PapaPalpatine's Review

Words can't really express how much I underestimated this sleeve. I got 2 as mystery sleeves from 2 purchases I made during the sale, and while I had no intention of purchasing one directly I am stoked about having them. This sleeve kind of blindsided me on my first time using it, just when I thought I'd be able to enjoy a few more minutes of use turned into maybe 5 more thrusts as each thrust fel...

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pandaman's Review

This sleeve feels mostly like receiving a blowjob and I would say it is as close as you can get to having your member sucked. Unfortunately, I am not long enough to reach the deep throat section of this sleeve, but I would still recommend it if you are a fan of blowjobs. I have used it several times and enjoy using it with the shower mount the most. It can be a little noisy with the shower mount,...

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randolando's Review

Aesthetically, this is a very enticing sleeve. I love the material they use, it's weird but it seems to be slightly softer than a normal sleeve. The lips are nice and pouty, so I was really excited to use it. I actually used it in tandem with my launch, and the experience was okay. Took a lot of lube and at times it was pleasurable, but sometimes the stimulation just wasn't very intense. Not a bad...

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Frankie's Review

Got this as a mystery sleeve, though it would be worth purchasing if they had it in my region. The texture itself doesn't exactly simulate an actual blowjob, however it does manage to get somewhat close to what you would feel from someone deep throating you. Uses a little more lube than other sleeves, however it is easy to clean and still provides an enjoyable experience.

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JSmith765's Review

I am a fan of more realistic sleeves. The Swallow was rated very high for realism by FA. I was lucky enough to order one (Riley Steele) on black Friday and received a 2nd one (Teagan) as a mystery gift. There are three distinct textures in this sleeve. First the lips should not be overlooked. I enjoyed them like foreplay. It was a massive turn on watching them going up and down my shaft. Th...

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throwawayfleshquests's Review

Personally I don't enjoy this sleeve due to the tightness of it after a certain point. Given my size and girth when I hit the 2nd area of the sleeve (where it constricts) it is actually slightly painful and I have to use half the sleeve for enjoyment. It's possible that in the future if it breaks in (used it a decent amount in hopes it gets better due to the high reviews of being a realistic BJ sl...

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seeds_of_ruin's Review

The Swallow was one of the textures I purchased together (Destroya, Swallow, and Forbidden, all 'Stoya' variant); to clarify, I am a man of slightly under average length (5 1/4") and average girth. The Swallow was quite the intense sleeve, and is one that I regularly return to. It's not something I use every time I reach for the Fleshlight, but it's got staying power by virtue of its realism, powe...

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sbaby's Review

With the big premise of simulating blowjobs, I always feel that swallow still does not feel like the real thing, but maybe that's just me. It is definitely one of the tighter sleeves. I have very average girth and even I feel that my cock is completely wrapped by the texture. As it is on the intense side, I personally do not find it a good sleeve for a long fuck to build a strong orgasm. It works...

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RustlerMaster's Review

FEELS JUST LIKE A BLOWJOB. The ribs feel like the roof of a mouth and the entrance will have you reeling as it miraculously slides you into the ribs. The thing is loud... but you will be too when you change speed fast and slow and look down to see your Fleslight girl and here pretty lips wrapped around your cock. As you go in and out it simulates a choking sound and if you're one to imaagine, you...

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revtwentyseven's Review

I got the Teagan Presley swallow sleeve as the "Free Mystery Sleeve" during the 2016 BF/CM Sale. Although I was a bit disappointed (at least initially) in the sleeve choice by whatever random generator used, a free gift is a free gift. On to the review! Aesthetics: As a fellow FA member commented, aesthetics should be considered with the overall review. I agree, and the mouth of Teagan Presley lo...

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FLfan's Review

The swallow texture is my most used fleshlight. It is a great flight if you want something that is not so strenuous and overly sensitive. It is a bit noisy, but I believe that is due to the open nature of the toy. It does not use much lube at all though! And, the lips look fantastic on the Riley Steele variant.

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Excelsior37's Review

The swallow can't replace a real life blowjob but it's a great oral simulator! Place the sleeve in a bowl of warm water to warm the sleeve first. Entrance is a little loose and the ribs feel great, not too rough. The end of the sleeve mimics deep throat which is a great tight feeling. It's great to use with your favorite oral porn. I haven't had any issues with lube drying out on this sleeve eithe...

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Danny's Review

I own the Jenna haze swallow and I got it in a sale at a really good price, I've used it a few times and have to say that it feels absolutely amazing, I've tried it cold the first time I got it because I couldn't wait to use it and didn't think much of it, thought it was ok. Once I warmed it up it was a completely different story.... wow what a difference this thing feels amazing and super realist...

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siliconelover's Review

Oh my god what intensity! This texture is crazy stimulating and sets me off powerfully. Lubrication tends to leak back out the entrance as I stroke, so this one can be messy. I don't prefer to use this one hands free, as it is easier to re-lube (if I last that long) when stroking by hand. If you enjoy watching pornography in conjunction with your fleshlight, this is a great texture to simulate bei...

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TMoD7007's Review

A little about my background at the start: I'm an average build circumcised guy and I'm really into strong sensations. Because of a very extensive style of circumcision it can be hard to reach orgasm multible times. I'm sexually quite active with a pretty adventurous woman at my side, that luckily finds Fleshlights and me using them pretty hot. ;) At the Swallow sleeve: During that review I will...

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fathead3110's Review

The swallow is fantastic. It really is the closest thing to an actual BJ you can get. In terms of comparison, it's more ribbed than most mouths I've been in, and is probably a bit tighter, but it makes similar sounds and feels almost as good. The ribs feel amazing against the shaft and once you break through them, it feels like you're starting to go down the back of a throat. This texture is a...

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mrbean's Review

The Swallow (Stoya and Misty Stone) THE ORIFICE: Well it all depends on who's lips you like the best (there's a variety you know). Stoya has that naughty lip curl that drives me crazy and Misty has those luscious thick lips. THE ENTRY: Since it's smooth and not extremely tight, the biggest thing about the swallow is how amazing those lips look wrapping around your head and shaft. ILF sure gave it...

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nightborn's Review

Reviewing Misty Stone version. Misty's lips are so meaty and full, I just love how they feel when I slide inside. No other FL in my collection feels so good in penetration. In addition, the material seems to be a bit softer than other FLs, really velvety smooth. Swallow is a bit looser texture than average (if not counting the throat section at the end), but I really like that. The ribbed texture...

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Z3r04747's Review

This was my first fleshlight purchase after wanting one for a long time and I must say I made the right decision. The swallow feels so great it makes me want to try other textures. This is a great first fl and if you love blowjobs it's a must. I have to say that it is actually better than some real bjs I have received. I got the Jenna haze swallow a few years ago and now I want the Lisa Ann swallo...

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dekker's Review

This was among the first textures I ever slid into. Prior to this, I had one FLight each with original and Alien, and still had Death Grip Syndrome pretty bad. This was the first texture I really felt. That first stroke into these lips was that "WOW" moment for me that let me know fleshlights were the shit. I've got a little more perspective now, so let's have a real review shall we? I love t...

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seadog's Review

Swallow is a texture available exclusively with a mouth orifice and is meant to replicate the stimulation from a blowjob. As a matter of fact, it seems like it does it really good. The teeth at the beginning are a nice welcome and are followed by the super ribbed section which is pretty stimulating but you are in control for the whole time, it won't drive you over the edge if you don't want it to....

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TheWorldsStudent's Review

The Misty Stone Swallow is one texture that while I do like it, its not as good as i had originally hoped. This texture with this specific FLG's mouth orifice is decent. As i said, the texture is okay.. Its ribs on the inside pull against your shaft. After the ribs you have a wavy texture that feels really good. The sleeve doesn't have as much suction as i would like, but overall if you like BJ's...

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beerke69's Review

The fourth sleeve I purchased was this Swallow with Stoya lips. I choose for Stoya as her lips seemed the most appealing to me and looked as to provide for the most narrow opening of the different mouth orifices. Although the first few inches with the bumps and ribs are the most stimulating part of the texture, one can not resist to go as deep as possible into the sleeve. In my case I only reach t...

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FriendlyFlyer's Review

Of the three textures designed to replicate the experience of the real versions of their respective orifices, I think Swallow is the closest to doing that. Does it feel like a real blowjob? Not even close. I can definitely see the resemblance, and commend ILF for the effort, though. I own the Riley Steele version. After entering, you can feel the ribs massaging your head, like the grooves on the r...

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ToeKnee's Review

I received the Misty Stone swallow from the 2014 black Friday mystery sleeve. I personally think this is the best mouth orifice with the size of the full lips. The swallow texture has many features towards the back that I do not reach but the supper ribbed entrance is nice and the sensation is realistic in terms of suction. However, I do not find the sleeve to be that great in terms of penetration...

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Casquetero's Review

The Swallow was originally a FleshJack texture (the ILF division dedicated to the gay community) and after much pleading from the straight forum members, ILF added it to the FLG offerings. The Swallow is a combination of bumps at the entrance to simulate teeth, a Super Ribbed section to simulate the tongue, and an array of larger bumps (simulating the back of the mouth?) followed by an Ultra Ti...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

The Swallow is one of those inserts you wouldn’t expect to be so intense, but it certainly is! Ever since the first time I slipped into this texture I really enjoyed it. It feels great to pass through that first set of bumps and then into the ribbed area. I am happy to report that it does not feel at all like the Super-Ribbed texture. I don't think I can reach the tight canal after the large arr...

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